Kementerian Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral Republik Indonesia & Sistema de Gestión SUMAR Hacked by New World Hackers

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Yesterday morning, January 23rd 2019, two new members of New World Hackers going by the name of “Mizaru” and “Ftp” announced the hack and leak of two international Government agencies/departments. More specifically, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of The Republic of Indonesia (ESDM) and a branch of the Argentinian Ministry of Health known as Sistema de Gestión (SUMAR) were compromised by the breaches.

Once again however, just as with their hacks earlier this week, the leaked data is somewhat unconventional. Meaning that instead of leaking any data or information contained within the hacked databases, the hackers have instead chosen to leak the various SQL vulnerabilities used to compromise the databases in the first place – essentially showing others how the hack was physically pulled off for them to replicate, or for site administrators to patch.

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources: hxxp://
Vulnerabilities Leak:

Sistema de Gestión (SUMAR): hxxp://
Vulnerabilities Leak:

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