#OpSudan: Corporate Data from Tirhal Taxi Service Hacked by Mr. Sniper

In conjunction with the ongoing web attacks launched in solidarity with the people of Sudan as they launch a new revolution against their Government, a hacker going by the name of “Mr. Sniper” has announced a hack and data leak effecting a Sudanese company known as Tirhal – the self proclaimed Uber of Sudan. While not much is known about the hacker or hack in question, nor how much data was physically stolen from Tirhal servers, Mr. Sniper has released several screen shots of the hack as he browsed his way through the databases compromised – providing small insight into the breach.

Analyzing some of the pictures from the hack/leak, it appears as though he was able to steal sensitive information tied to Tirhal taxi drivers, including but not limited to their names, state drivers license numbers, registered car makes and models, as well as individual license plate numbers – along with trip logs from some of the drivers customers/clients. Rogue Media Labs has reached out to Mr. Sniper for comment on the hack or access to the leaked information, but as of January 24th 2019 has yet to receive a response.

Website Compromised: hxxp://tirhal.net/

Screen Shots from Hack:

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