Brasilian Ministério da Saúde Hacked by L1r4, 1,200 Dados Records Leaked Online by Sr.Alto

In news first brought to my attention via Defcon Lab, a member of the hacking group “HYS Team” going by the name of “L1R4” has claimed responsibility for a major data breach effecting the Brasilian Ministry of Health. Included in a leak first published to Ghostbin by another member of HYS Team going by the name “Sr. Alto,” the document contains approximately 1,200 records – including CNES, CPF / CNPJ, addresses, telephone contacts, banking details and much more.

Additionally, as was explained by Defcon Labs, “there is evidence to suggest that the volume of data accessed exceeds 45,000 records from that database.” Adding that other than taking the hacker at their word, “there is also no information indicating that SUS systems were the at the origin of the data.” However, it is highly suspected that the hacker stole the data from various clinics, medical offices and hospitals across Brasil, all connected the SUS’s online web portal. The hacker also failed to disclose how SUS systems were compromised in the first place.

Raw Leak:

Leak Backup – Browse Through Leak:

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