CYB3R S4GE of Backbone Squad Hacks 6 Companies Across India, Portugal & UK, Releasing Poems With Each Leak

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Over the course of the weekend, January 26th – 28th 2019, a hacker going by the name of “CYB3R S4GE” of the Brasilian based hacking group “Backbone Squad” announced the hack and leak of 6 businesses across Portugal, India and the United Kingdom. Not only did Cyb3r S4ge manage to leak the root login information to 5 of the 6 websites, but they also took the hacks as an opportunity to publish what appears to be personally written poems accompanying each data leak – something which is certainly unique. Originally written in Portuguese, I have done my best to translate each of the poems into English, but may not have been able to do them all true justice.

The hacked companies in question include Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática (Portugal), Niraj Polymers Private LTD. (India), Orthoflex Medisys (India), A.K. Industries (India), Nemichem Industries (India) and Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants – located in the United Kingdom. You can read more or browse through each of the leaks for yourself via the information provided below.

Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática

The hack/leak of Cheaptrade Lojas de Informática includes the ID numbers and email accounts of 12,886 customers, along with the login credentials (usernames and passwords) of two site administrators, granting access to all of the websites online databases. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

Behold, I walk on this dirt road, seeking the one who will stone and roll that razor I call the sword. For what purpose will I use this sword? I still do not know. I just hope I can cut the stolen diamonds. I can not forget to try and cut off the head of a “President” who idolizes himself as if he were a God. False Messiah? Perhaps. I just hope you stop trying to be God, because that’s not your job. This is not who you really are. Mr. Smith, could you sharpen my blade, please?

All that is above, is below, as well as that which is below, is above. Just 0’s and 1’s scattered on all sides. Why are so many cars stopped, operating in static mode?

Raw Data Leak:

Niraj Polymers Private LTD

The hack/leak of Niraj Polymers Private LTD includes the root login user name and password of a singular site administrator, granting access to various files and designs published/produced by the company. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

That glare which once gnawed through the sky can now hardly be identified. We all thought it could’ve been a simple comet, meteor, or something that could wreak havoc, but behold, one of us came out of it, without even telling us where they came from …

Raw Data Leak:

Orthoflex Medisys

The hack/leak of Orthoflex Medisys once again revealed the root login username and password of a singular website administrator, granting access to all files and file logs uploaded onto the website. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

The Chronicles of the Cybernetic Sage Act IV – The Path.

9 houses forward, 2 houses back, as if playing an old board game. No wonder some of us are all living the same way. This all just sounds like some “Crazy Race,” with each competitors fighting to see who knocks down the other one first as we advance towards the finished line. It’s such a shame to the pureness of gold produced by our Earth shining light on another Earth, following us in the same path towards the collective ends of out time.

Raw Data Leak:

A.K. Industries

The hack/leak of A.K. Industries was a little less exciting, offering nothing for anyone to really grab onto or access for themselves. Rather, the leaked information mirrors the folders that only the hackers were able to see/access for themselves – essentially comprising of various media files and folders published by the website. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4g3 stated:

Love vincit omnia – That was the phrase that perhaps many believed would the salvation of mankind a long time. It’s sad how human beings have become deaf to the point they can not longer listen to their inner selves. It’s incredible that so many human beings have become blind to the truth that shows itself right in front of their faces. That’s because I did not mention the mud played cruelly and fraudulently by Vale … Anyway … Only time will tell when to play my cards on the table.

Raw Data Leak:

Nemichem Industries

Most notably, the last hack of Nemichem Industries revealed the root login email address and password of one site administrator, granting access to all the files contained within the sites databases. The leak also features the login user name, email address, contact information and password of 16 website users/clients. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4ge stated:

The Chronicles of the Cybernetic Sage Act II – The longing.

“There are those out there who are expecting a revolution to come from those sitting behind machines, yearning for light in these dark times. Do not be a mere byte amid statistical data ,computed by a system you yourself have not created. All that is my boredom. My enemies can see my light without understanding its color. They try to decipher a code that is not SHA-256, but rather something ethereal. Do not try and decipher what only silence can interpret.

Raw Data Leak:

Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants

And finally, the hack/leak of Clark Brownscombe Chartered Accountants exposed the login username and password of a singular website administrator, granting full access to the websites back-end. In a message attached to the leak, Cyb3r S4ge stated:

A sound from the forest floor echoes from across a dark, empty, silent road. I think to myself: where does such melody come from? Songs about revolution in a kingdom where there has never been a possibility of hope of self-improvement. They spoiled us. There are those who say that the new is right, knowing full well how old the argument is, as well as how wrong their actions were. Why do we need all of this? Who wants to see us dead? It’s important to open your eyes …

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