DDoSecrets Publishes “The Dark Side of The Kremlin,” Over 254 GB of Leaks Stolen from Kremlin Servers

One of the most common/re-occurring questions I keep getting asked from people is why doesn’t Russia get hacked like the rest of the world? How come we never hear of any hacks or leaks coming out of Russia like we do other countries? Well, the answer is rather simple – kind of.

First off is because Russia has much harder/stricter internet controls and/or regulations in place than most Western countries, especially the United States, and it is therefore much harder for outside countries to get into Russian network infrastructure than it is for Russia to get into theirs. For example, Russians can freely advertise here in the United States, essentially unrestricted, but it is almost impossible for me to reach Russian citizens with an advertisement from here in the US – at least it would cost me astronomically more to do so. Second is because, starting in 2016, the Russian Government abandoned Microsoft products, including Windows, essentially switching over to their own prototypes, literally running software, Operating Systems and machines that no one else in the world has or has even seen for that matter. Thirdly is the fact that if you ever get caught leaking sensitive material in Russia, about Russia, forget going to trial, you are probably just going to wind up being shot in the head and/or assassinated – something which is usually not the case in Western democracies, Jamal Khashoggi not withstanding.

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With that established however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Russia’s systems are infallible either. For example, last Friday, January 25th 2019, a new publishing outlet formed in December 2018 going by the name of DDoSecrets published a new series of leaks entitled “The Dark Side of The Kremlin” – two massive data dumps comprising of greater than 258 Gigabytes of data stolen from various servers belonging to the Russian Government (Kremlin).

As was explained by DDoSecret co-founder Emma Best in an article with The Daily Beast, the first international news outlet to cover the leaks, the information stolen from Kremlin servers includes “stuff from politicians, journalists, bankers, folks in oligarch and religious circles, nationalists, separatists, terrorists operating in Ukraine.” They also contain “hundreds of thousands of emails, Skype and Facebook messages, along with lots of docs.

As was also explained by reporters at The Daily Beast, DDoSecrets has managed to compile “more than 200,000 emails into a spreadsheet for ease of searching.” Adding that “in all, its cache now contains 61 different leaks totaling 175 gigabytes, dwarfing, by quantity at least, Russia’s leaks against the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign.” The collection also “includes files from Alexander Budberg, a Russian columnist married to Dmitry Medvedev’s press secretary; Kirill Frolov, vice-director of the Kremlin-backed Institute for CIS Countries; and Vladislav Surkov, a top aide to Vladimir Putin who was hacked by CyberHunta in October 2016,” in addition to much more. You are invited to learn more by browsing through the leaks/links provided below.

For those of you whom are unfamiliar how to navigate the DarkNet, the location where these files/archives were originally stored, member of Anonymous have done their best to backup and reload the torrent files via the ClearNet and AnonFiles.com so that anyone/everyone in the world can have access to the content. Over the course of the last week there has also been 3 leaks tied to the Kremlin and/or Russian-based email domains. Though there is not telling how old/antiquated the information may be, they consists of over 3,300 emails along with their login passwords – over 3,000 of which allegedly belonging to various members of the Russian Government/Legislature.

You can search all files and emails from all 5 of the leaks below. If you need to download Tor first, you can find a download link here: https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html

Original Publication (DarkNet): http://ddosecretspzwfy7.onion.to/data/asia/#russia

Search Through Entire Kremlin Email Archive: https://search.bivol.bg/kremlin/

File Download 1 (Darknet): http://ddosecretspzwfy7.onion.to/DarkSideoftheKremlin.torrent
File Download 1 (ClearNet): https://anonfile.com/CaPcYdrfbe/DarkSideoftheKremlin_torrent
File Download 1 Backup:

File Download 2 (DarkNet): http://ddosecretspzwfy7.onion.to/DarkSideoftheKremlin.csv.torrent
File Download 2 (ClearNet): https://anonfile.com/0aP2Y5r7b6/DarkSideoftheKremlin.csv_torrent
File Download 2 Backup:

Additional Russian Email – Password Dumps:

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