Op-Ed: As The US Military Begins Its Withdrawl from Syria, Here’s Why We Cant Just Abandon The Syrian People

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Early in 2017 I remember writing an article entitled “Why Mosul,” explaining why the Islamic State had strategically decided the city of Mosul, Iraq to make their infamous “last stand.” I explained how, literally interpreting Islamic scripture, battles signifying the “end times” or “End of Days” will one day take place in and around the ancient city of Ninevah – present day Mosul. I explained how, given my experience tracking and infiltrating Islamic State circles online throughout the past, I had come to the understanding that ISIS was an end-times cult of sorts, dead set on manifesting the end of day by using scripture as a road map to manifest/create real world events – as to enact a self fulfilling prophesy by bringing scripture to life.

Essentially, if you believe the words of the Bible and Koran, you know that the end times are eventually going to arrive one day, as well as that there will be a series of events signifying its arrival. So, from the perspective of a religious extremist, why not try and make those events come true? The conception in regards to the actions of ISIS is not much different than that modern Zionists, the philosophical train of thought leading to the re-establishment of Israel around the Holy city of Jerusalem following the conclusion of World War II. In fact, members of ISIS only got the idea of creating a “self-fulfilling prophesy” in their heads based off the foundation of Israel decade ago, a self-fulling prophesy enacted/implemented by Christian and Jewish religious extremists/fundamentalists.

Jeremiah 31:1-6

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In my 2017 article I explained how, living in a post Saddam Iraq, growing up in the Middle of a War zone, getting bombed into oblivion by foreign invaders for nearly a decade on end whilst also simultaneously living in an arid desert region with no water, food, resources or electricity, surrounded by death, famine and destruction in all directions, one might actually begin to believe or fantasize that they are actually living in/through some type of end times scenario. For example, there are plenty of Americans whom also believe the end times are real and will manifest itself within their life times, and these people haven’t faced an ounce of the tragedy, struggle, trials or tribulations that any of the the people living in Iraq or Syria have.

Put another way, our Wars in Iraq and Syria are exactly what led to people in Iraq and Syria to begin believing that the end times were real or coming to life – creating states of chaos and tragedy allowing for depressive or destructive trains of thought to flourish. For example, do you see the destruction of Mosul below? If you had lived your entire life in this city and then this became your new reality, would you not believe something evil was happening? Would you not be depressed and/or angry too?

With that established, it is then important to understand that prophesy is not just isolated to Israel or Iraq, but the greater Middle East region/Levant in general. For example, it was not for naught that the group called itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and targeted these area’s so heavily, and it was for a very specific reason that they targeted Damascus, Syria so heavily at the beginning phases of their religious campaigns………

ISIAH 17:1-3

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With that established, you must understand how this all started. Now, I have no intention of turning this into some sort of partisan article on the subject, but it all started with Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq on December 18th, 2011 – essentially creating a giant ‘vacuum of power‘ inside the region, ultimately leading to the unchecked rise of religious extremist militant groups inside the country. As such, the Islamic State was born and by 2013 the group had already cemented control over nearly all major transportation routes across the country.

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Now, I only bring this up to establish a very important point, which is that fact that in our rush to get out of Iraq we completely and utterly abandoned the people of Iraq, essentially hanging the Government we left behind out to dry while compromising all of the resources left behind to support them. Essentially, after 8 years of full military invasion and War, in an effort to bring “peace,” the USA just simply up and decided to leave one day, directly leading to the unchecked rise of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State.

Because of our reckless line of thinking/planning, not only did terrorists manage to rise to power by defeating the Iraqi military, but they also managed to seize control over much of the assets and equipment left behind by US forces for the Iraqi military to defend themselves – claimed as “Spoils of War” by terror groups, further advancing their power. Combine this with control over oil fields previously liberated under Hussein, ISIS had all of the funding and resources it needed to become one of the single greatest threats in the world – the rest is history.

Office of Government Accountability Report How US Arms Transfers To Iraq Ultimately Wound Up In The Hands of Terrorists: https://www.gao.gov/assets/690/684935.pdf

I am bringing all of this up on the heels of Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all troops from Syria, another US conflict the US military has been heavily engaged in dating back to 2013. However, just as with Iraq, I fear that a brash pull out of our military could result in the same catastrophic series of events once witnessed in Iraq. As such, it is critically important to learn from the mistakes of the past as to not repeat them. I fully support the pull out of US troops in Syria, but that doesn’t mean we can just abandon the country entirely either.

There is a reason why the Islamic State and religious extremism spread throughout Iraq and Syria, because of the US military’s decision to go to War with and invade these countries in the first place. Barack Obama’s decision to fund the Syrian rebels to wage a Civil War against Bashar al-Assad has already led to the deaths of +500,000 Syrians since 2011. And George Bush’s decision to overthrow the Government of Sadam Hussein has led to the deaths of +450,000 more. There is a reason everyone in the world hates the US and US culture, we invade other countries, throw their governments and societies into a states of complete chaos, blow things up, kill their countrymen, friends and family, then return home as if nothing happened to drink our beer, watch football and look at pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass online.

Not only have these sorts of decisions led to the deaths of millions collectively, they have also directly advanced the rise of terrorism and religious extremism at the same time. I am not sure what the US’s long term strategy for Syria should look like, I just know that we cant go in, kill 530,000 and then just say ‘oopsie daisy‘ and leave. The world doesn’t work like that, and if we do not remedy the mistakes of the past, surely they will come back to haunt us in the future. This is exactly why it is necessary to begin investing in other countries instead of going to War with them. We already release hundreds of billions of dollars around the world in financial aid, then spend hundreds of billions more making bombs, going to War and destroying things. All dollars, time, money, effort and resources sowing death and destruction instead of something more positive.

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