Anonymous Italy Announces String of 5 Hacks/Leaks Effecting The Cities of Trento & Vento, Italy

Earlier this week, February 10th 2019, “Anonymous Italy” announced a hack and leak of 5 websites across two Italian cities – Vento and Trento, Italy. The hacks were carried out under the banner of something known as “Operations Green Rights” (#OpGreenRights), an Anonymous operation designed to raise awareness on behalf of important issues and events effecting the global environment, ecosystem and climate, as well as to punish any/all parties responsible for doing harm to it.

In a press release made available to the public via their website, Anonymous Italy announced a hack/leak effecting the public library system, informational archives department and Union of Cooperatives (UN.I.COOP) in the regional city of Vento, Italy – “a local association operating to promote the development of cooperation and mutuality within the city.” The hackers also took it upon themselves to hack the official online web portal of the city of Trento, as well as the cities Center for Technological Assistance. As for why Trento was specifically targeted by these rounds of cyber-attacks, the hackers explained how their actions were carried out in response to the city’s decision to begin developing a new set of railroad tracks over the course of the next three years – tracks which will essentially industrialize forests and regions previously undeveloped by man, therefore jeopardizing the local ecosystem.

Additionally, in a message to the public directly attached to the hacks and leaks, Anonymous Italy stated:

Hello Italian People,

After a long time, despite our best efforts, were are one again back here to talk about one of the many wounds currently effecting our society. In 2019 now, it is still unfathomable that we have yet to create a world in which human peacefully co-exist with animals and the environment.

As for this particular instance, we are here to talk about our wolf friends whose habitat is once again at jeopardy thanks to the political actions of the local fauna. Dating back to 1970 wolves have become a protected species here in Italy, and actions which has ensured their continued survival – otherwise that would have been condemned to extinction. 

Today, almost 50 years later, we want to once again update the rules of coexistence with one of our countries most symbolic species, shifting the balance of power out of the hands of politicians and back into the hands of our beloved mother nature.

We say no to this in hopes of over turning any/all legislative policy decisions which have done damage to the animal world, which have been enacted without the regard for all the inhabitants of this planet – including animals. From this moment forwards our politics mustn’t be based around the extermination of species in the name of advancing the human race, but instead upon peaceful solutions for coexistence.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us!


All Hacks/Leaks 02/10/2019:

Veneto Region Library Section:

Target: hxxp://

Council of Veneto Archive: 

Target: hxxp: //archivio.oe.

Unione Italiana Cooperative Veneto:

Target: hxxp://

Provincia autonoma di Trento:

Target: hxxp://

Centro Assistenza Tecnica:

Target: hxxp://

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