Omar al-Bashir Disbands Parliament, Declares State of Emergency, Announces He Will Not Run for Re-Election in 2020 Amidst Ongoing Protests Online & Off

I want to be very careful writing this next article because I do not want to take away from all the people on the ground inside Sudan risking their lives every single day to protest, fight for and stand up for what they believe in. But for those of you whom might not be aware, President Omar al-Bashir officially disbanded his countries parliament, announced that his ruling party will not be running for re-election in 2020 and declared a year long national state of emergency – essentially declaring martial law over the country of Sudan.

His decision comes on the heels of strings of massive National protests over the course of the last 3-4 months, protests which have only grown larger and larger the longer they have lasted. From day one, protesters have been demanding that the regime of Omar al-Bashir be disbanded from power and that the President himself, whom has lead the country for the last 29 years, remove himself from political office and open up the country to national democratic elections – elections that will finally let the citizens of Sudan have a say over the leaders of their country. Essentially, yesterdays announcements could be considered one step in the right direction.

Now, I say this might be a step in the right direction because martial law is no small thing to scoff at. In fact, a large part of the reason why these protests keep growing larger and larger is because more and more people are offended/outraged at the number people being killed, beaten or arrested at the hands of al-Bashir’s security forces – forces which are now also being bolstered by Russian soldiers imported from Moscow to help crack down on some of the larger protest movements around the country. Under a declaration of martial law – id est military rule – there is a serious risk that the use of lethal force used by Sudanese/Russian military contractors could only become more pronounced over the course of the next year.

With that established, I now want to draw attention to the success or role of international hackers in this whole scenario. As someone once explained, “Why do we attack government websites? We attack the sites to support people fighting for their freedom. We are against dictatorship and oppressive regimes. We are not criminals. We are freedom fighters! Why do we launch DDoS Attacks? DDoS attacks are a form of protest when we cannot be there in person. Many people thinks we are criminals. Are we? Well if helping others, fighting corruption, oppression and fighting terrorists and pedophiles is being a criminal. Then YES, I am a criminal and I am proud of it!

However, I once again want to be careful how I word this because I whole heatedly believe that al-Bashir would have never arrived at this decision yesterday if it weren’t for the work of Anonymous and the international hacking community at large – which has been shutting down, hacking and leaking databases from al-Bashir’s Government since December 2018. I also don’t think it’s any small coincidence that al-Bashir has decided to shut down and disband his Government/Parliament either, especially given the fact that international hackers have essentially rendered Government systems inaccessible over this same time period. If you would like some example of this, I invite you to please browse through any/all of the articles provided below.

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Timeline of Events from Rogue Media Labs:

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1/24/2019 | Sudan’s National Intelligence Security Service Hacked, Revealing Wide-Spread Paper Trail of Corporate Corruption/Espionage:

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2/17/2019 | More International Hackers Sign Up for #OpSudan As 3 Month Long Online Onslaught Against al-Bashir’s Government Continues:

With that established, it is also important to understand that the fight has just begun. It is not enough for al-Bashir to just simply announce his government wont be running for re-election next year, everyone has to keep the pressure on him to ensure that this ultimately comes to fruition. Moreover, we have to be as careful/vigilant as ever to ensure that brutalities against Sudan’s protesters do not get any worse – at the hands of Russia, al-Bashir or any one else for that matter. It is also important to understand that with parliament now disbanded and martial law enacted, many of the departments, ministries, offices and agencies previously targeted by hackers will no longer be valid. Instead, hackers should focus more on national police, military and banking sectors.

For example, over the course of the last 48 hours alone, hackers have already crashed two of Sudan’s largest national banks, 17 domains attached to their international embassy’s and 27 sub-domains affiliated with the Office of the President – in addition to much more. As “Dext3r” of Pryzraky also told Rogue Media Labs this morning, “#OpSudan is not over, it is just started!” A sentiment echoed by hackers around the world. Without distracting from the efforts of all the people on the ground inside Sudan, I dare say this is one of, if not THE most successful hacking campaigns the world has ever witnessed.

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