Civilian Journalists Document Abuses of Omar al-Bashir’s Security Forces Following Last Weeks Declaration of Martial Law

Late last night the same source whom originally leaked me documents tying the Government of Omar al-Bashir to the use of foreign intelligence contractors to spy on his own citizens came forward with a new round of information, this time exposing police brutalities carried out at the hands of Sudan’s Bashir’s Security Forces after last weeks declaration of martial law. Below you can find a copy of the letter/message they sent to me, along with pictures and screen shots of video’s taken in live time during the attacks on local universities around inside Khartoum.

Original Leak 02/26/2019:

Today’s Leak In Full:

Hi brother,

I am sorry for my late reply. Today, two citizens were shot and wounded in the head. There were arrests and beatings of female students, bullets hit students inside universities.

I apologize for the pictures, but witnesses:

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No photo description available.

Video of University Students Being Beaten & Shots Being Fired:

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Video of More Beatings of University Students:

Image may contain: one or more people

This is what happens in the Berri area of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum by security personnel. It can only be described as terrorism in the sense of the word.

Blasts .. Detain .. Inspect cars and pedestrians .. Violations .. Heavy firing of tear gas canisters inside the house .. The firing of live bullets in the air,
Attempts to terrorize people in various ways.

We want the world to see how quickly the Sudanese are suppressed. Now Sudan is in a state of emergency. There is no law and there is no accountability for killing. There are no courts giving orders to kill and arrest.

Please move quickly. I want you to publish it on satellite channels.

Now a neighborhood in Khartoum is besieged by the battalions, firing bullets, gas snakes and cutting electricity on the family and children. I will show you the unit.

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