#OpZimbabwe: Anonymous Hackers Raise Awareness Against International Elephant Trade

Oddly enough, researching hacks and leaks between Pakistani and Indian hackers this evening I managed to come across a hack and leak associated with #OpZimbabwe, an Anonymous operation launched in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe as they fight against the ongoing injustices of the their Government. However, it must be noted that this most recent development technically falls under the umbrella of something known as #OpElephants, an operation I was previously unaware of, which appears to feature reconnaissance on various targets affiliated with the Government of Zimbabwe and different organizations/corporation tied to international Elephant and Ivory trade.

Learn More About #OpZimbabwe: https://roguemedia.co/2019/01/19/anonymous-launches-string-of-coordinated-attacks-in-solidarity-with-the-people-of-zimbabwe/

More specially, the leaked information contains the email addresses of 241 individuals, organizations, corporations, parks and Government agencies known to be actively involved with Elephant and Ivory trading, as well as detailed information relating to the virtual hosting providers of these parties websites, including detailed information on their email and domain name hosting servers.

Original Press Release w/ Recon: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ypqp6
Data Download: https://anonfile.com/W0y667vab6/ZWL9qrKR_txt

In a message attached to the hack/leak Anonymous explained:

Greetings citizens of the world, We are Anonymous.

The capture of baby elephants is just one in a number of operations that have taken place in Zimbabwe and across the continent over several decades. Young elephants are being captured in Zimbabwe for Chinese zoos. Live elephant trade is now a million dollar business.

According to wildlife authorities elephant sales to China have raised $1 million so far. The cruelty of the capture of baby elephants from their families in the wild has been revealed in disturbing photos and videos secretly taken in Zimbabwe.

These captures are usually kept as secret as possible. First, a family herd is selected. Then operatives in a helicopter pick off the younger elephants with a fire from a riffle. As the elephant collapses, the pilot dive-bombs the distressed mothers to keep them away and a ground-team bundle the calves up and drags them on to trailers. Young elephants are being forcibly separated from their mothers which is highly damaging for them.

In the wild, elephants are completely depend on their mother’s milk until they are two and are not fully weaned until the age of five. A number of the captive calves, were displaying a stress-induced activity as a trunk twisting, trunk curled under, face touching, foot swinging, head-shaking, ear-cocking, displacement feeding, amongst others.

This year plans by the government of Zimbabwe are to export as many as 35 baby elephants to China. Under Cities, trading live elephants is legal, with a few stipulations and requires it is Appropriate and Acceptable, and that the sale must benefit conservation of elephants in home country but there is no monitoring of the requirement that a sale will benefit conservation.
Brothers and sisters of Anonymous. We ask that you stand along side us.
Join our tweet storm to spread awareness. Join us in combined attacks on Web sites and databases.

We are Anonymous
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

If you aren’t a hacker, you can participate in #OpElephants by signing the petition below, demanding that Japan ban the sale of Elephant Ivory along with China, Hong Kong and soon to be Singapore. You can also share this article, their press release or anything else you would like to release about #OpElephants on your social media channels as well.

Sign Petition Here: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/705/013/969/demand-that-japan-bans-the-sale-of-elephant-ivory/?taf_id=60553813&cid=fb_na

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