#OpVenezuela: International Hackers Team Up As The Onslaught Against Maduro’s Government Continues Into The Weekend

Over the course of the last 24 hours or so different hackers and hacking groups from all around the world appear to have come together in a coordinated effort to launch a massive round of cyber attacks against the Venezuelan Government. The attacks themselves are being carried out under the banner of “Operation Venezuela” (#OpVenezuela), an international hacking campaign largely attributed to the Anonymous Hacker Collective, originally launched in retaliation for Venezuelan President Maduro’s abysmal human rights record and brutal treatment of students and protesters alike throughout the recent past.


Starting on the night of March 1st 2019, “Ergo” of the Brasilian based hacking group known as “Pryzraky” began launching a series of DDoS attacks against the Bolivarian Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities, attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology. The attacks themselves were carried out using Ergo‘s very own custom made botnet code-named “Poseidon,” which is quickly becoming infamous for taking down various website worldwide ever since first being introduced to the public just a few weeks ago.

In a message attached to the attack, Ergo left behind a message for the Bolivarian Army reading “F*ck You! You failed with this nation, we are on the population side. Pryzraky is here to help Venezuelans.
Site’s #TangoDown’d:

Ejército Bolivariano de la República Bolivariana: hxxp://ejercito.mil.ve/
Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales: hxxp://abae.gob.ve/


Al1ne3737” on the other hand, another member of Pryzraky, managed to hack the websites of 3 South American television stations and networks, dumping the contents of their databases and/or vulnerabilities online. For example, through the leaked information provided below you can find the login credentials of 8 administrators belonging to TV NaGaragem, the names, user names, email addresses, telephone numbers and passwords of 255 registered users of TV Caiçara, as well as the SQL Injection vulnerabilities effecting the website of Sky TV.

Folha de Alphaville: hxxp://sk.tv.br/
NaGaragemTV: hxxp://nagaragem.tv.br/
TV Caicara – Audiovisual Brasileiro Independente: hxxp://tvcaicara.tv.br/

Raw Data Leak: https://pastebin.com/raw/WZqEvHC0
Data Download 54.15 KB): https://anonfile.com/Y4u8A7v1b4/hackeddates_txt


Another member of Pryzraky, “PopTart” has claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack effecting the Ministry of People’s Power of the Office of the President – presumably via Layer 7 DDos Attack, their primary attack style of choice. While the attack was originally launched close to 24 hours ago at the time of the release of this article, March 3rd 2019, though the site is back online, it’s still functioning abnormally slow.

Ministerio del Poder Popular del Despacho de la Presidencia: hxxp://presidencia.gob.ve/


Prince” on the other hand is an independent hacker working under the general umbrella of Anonymous, claiming an attack on the website of Venezuela’s Book of Opportunities for Studies – which was still down at the time of this article. This is also the second such hack/leak effecting this website over the course of the last week alone, adding to an entirely separate data leak released to the public on February 28th 2019.

Libro de Oportunidades de Estudios: hxxp://loeu.opsu.gob.ve/

Original Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/2z6j4
Leak Backup: https://pastebin.com/raw/TEtFCQ3K


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