Mecz1nho Markov Takes Down US State Department, 4 Other National Institutions & Government Agencies Across Venezuela

This weekend “Mecz1nho Markov,” founder of the international hacking group known as “Pryzraky,” went on something of a small rampage, shutting down major websites across North and South America. The attacks themselves were carried out using Mecz1nho‘s own personal botnet, lovingly referred to as “F*cking Botnet,” which has been used to carry out several high level DDoS attacks throughout the recent past – including attacks on, and many others.

This weekends attacks specifically targeted 5 high profile international Government organizations and internet hosting providers, including Can TV in Venezuela, one of the countries largest internet service providers, The Petro, a Venezuelan organization attempted to “Sow Internet Sovereignty” across the country, as well as Venezuela’s National Institute of Statistics and National Assembly. Chief among his victims however was, the official website of the US State Department – which was successfully #TangoDown‘ed for the better part of 3 hours Saturday night.

In a message attached to the attack against the US State Department, Mecz1nho stated that this is “a small demonstration of my botnet, I can call it F*cking Botnet. It can known down servers using layer 7. It has already launched (and overturned) mass attacks against servers at,,, among other large servers. This force can not be measured in these DStats.” As a demonstration of his botnets capabilities, he then proceeded to launch an attack against NFO servers, which logged his attack topping out around 390 GB per second.

Targets 3/02 – 3/04:

US State Department: hxxp://
Can TV Venezuela: hxxp://
The Petro: hxxp://
National Institute of Statistics: hxxp://
National Assembly of Venezuela: hxxp://

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