#OpNicaragua: Costa Rican Foreign Ministry & Government of Nicaragua Come Under Heavy Fire from International Hackers

Dating back to March 9th 2019, over the course of the last several days a host of Nicaraguan websites and government agencies have been targeted via cyber attack. The attacks themselves are being carried out on behalf of “Operation Nicaragua” (#OpNicaragua), an international hacking campaign against President Daniel Ortega, raising awareness on behalf of his countless human rights violations against students, activists and political protesters alike.

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As was reported by Defcon Labs on March 10th 2019, an unknown group of hackers working under the flag of #OpNicaragua announced a massive hack of the Foreign Ministry of Costa Rica, leaking personally identifiable information on over 730 Government officials online. However, it must be noted that despite the fact that the attack targeted Costa Rica, in a massage attached to the leak the hackers stated “Sorry Costa Rica for using your platform for this (we promise not to damage anything or compromise your government’s sensitive information), but this is an AID message! by the prisoners that Daniel Ortega kidnaps and tortures every day. Nothing is normal in Nicaragua.

Foreign Ministry of Costa Rica:

Target: hxxp://rree.go.cr/

Intranet: hxxp://
WebService: hxxp://
Backend: hxxps://www.rree.go.cr/login.php?site=intranet

Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/bwd7k/raw
Data Download: https://anonfile.com/taz4Gcw5be/Costa_Rica_Foriegn_Ministry_txt

This came in addition to two hacks and leaks posted by “Al1ne3737” of “Pryzraky,” whom managed to exploit the National University of Engineering in Nicaragua and Mayors Office of Somoto, exposing the names, emails, telephone numbers and student identification numbers belonging to 131 students, along with the root login information of three site administrators of the mayors office respectably.

UNI – Recinto Augusto C. Sandino: hxxp://www.norte.uni.edu.ni/
Leak: https://www.hastebin.com/sariqequhe.coffeescript

Alcaldía de Somoto: hxxp://www.alcaldiasomoto.gob.ni/
Leak: https://www.hastebin.com/gojiyakoto.cs

This also can in addition to a string of DDoS attacks launched by Anonymous hackers effecting the websites of Nicaragua’s National Police and Viva Nicaragua – Television Channel 13.

Targeted via DDoS Attack:

Policía Nacional: hxxp://www.policia.gob.ni/
Viva Nicaragua Canal 13: hxxp://vivanicaragua.com.ni/

We Nicaraguans are kidnapped by a murderous and terrorist government.

Protests against the government began on April 18, 2018 by a group of university students, however peasants and different sectors have protested against the government since 2010. because the way of governing Daniel Ortega (president) and Rosario Murillo (his wife and vice-president) it is merely authoritarian and since 2007 which governs Nicaragua does not allow people make manifestation, people who have tried, are now dead.

Now there are more than 600 people killed by the Nicaraguan police, by orders of the president. Among them, children 10 months of age, students, university students, women, and adults.

More than 1200 young university students kidnapped, and more than 2,500 missing persons that police probably killed them. In Nicaragua there is no normality, it is a crime to carry a blue and white flag in your hand, they criminalize you and the government accuses you of terrorist you are imprisoned, and if you are a woman you are raped up to 10 policemen.

Anonymous Nicaragua (@AnonNic on Twitter and #OpNicargua our hashtag) has been protesting since April 19 of 2018. We can not stop because we have a commitment of solidarity with our brothers and family. Attacking the government we show him that citizen struggle does not stop, more than eighty percent of Nicaraguans do not recognize him as president.

We urge a change of government, the civic struggle has been without weapons, just protesting in the streets, with a flag in our hands. We do not want war, nor more deaths, we suffer a lot in our country, we urge that the president be tried for crimes against humanity.

We need to attack government systems, not allow them to work, until they stop killing and leave, because they are not our rulers.

Government Media, full of lies and news manipulation
Medios del gobierno, llenos de mentiras y manipulación de noticias.

Lastly, Anonymous hackers left the following list of online websites they would like to see targeted via Operation Nicaragua…..


Government sites
Sitios del Gobierno



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