Venezualan Army, Air Force & Ministries Hit by Massive Data Breach, 113MB of Compressed Data Leaked Online

Earlier today I managed to stumble across an interesting leak from my friends working over at Anonymous CyberGuerrilla, from a source known asSpectre” – a hacker whom used to regularly make international headlines throughout the course of 2017 – 2018 for various exploits/source codes. Today’s leak is substantial, including classified information stolen from Venezuela’s Army, including detailed files of Army bases and military personnel, along with countless other documents stolen from various Ministries across President Maduro’s Government. For example, I think every member of Venezuela’s Army and Air Force were doxxed via Microsoft Excel files contained in the leak, and that was only two folders.  Honestly, there is so much information I would rather not list it all off here, instead, I just invite you to download the data and browse through it for yourself.

Rogue Media Labs now owns the data, has compressed all the files into a single zip file and personally certifies that the downloads available below are non-malicious and safe. Perhaps more importantly, the leaked files will not be taken down because I own them and refuse to work for/with any governments, foreign or domestic. Enjoy!

File Download (113 MB Compressed): :

In a message attached to the leak, Spectre stated:


I have leaked sensitive intel on a certain number of governments on to my site for free and for the everyone to see. The information on my site includes classified Venezuelan government documents, MQ-9 reaper drone documents, loads of databases and much more sensitive info. I have done this so that people can access this information and learn from it. I believe that the public deserves to know the truth and everything that their governments do in secrecy. This is the only reason i did this and unlike Julian Assange i will not hesitate to release any sensitive data on any government.

If anyone has any intel that they want to release to the public then they do so through my site. I will do my very best to release as much sensitive data on the shady activities that governments do behind the scenes as possible.

Yours truly,


Spectre’s Website (DarkNet): http://intel2iy3ky6hegf.onion/


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