#OpCatalonia: An0nym0us Espana Launches Massive DDoS Campaign Against Spain’s Supreme Court & Judicial Systems

Starting early this morning, March 13th 2019, members of Anonymous in Spain and Catalonia belonging to a faction known as “Anonymous Espana” began launching a coordinated DDoS campaign against Spain’s Supreme Court and its online infrastructure. The attacks themselves are being carried out under the banned of “Operation Catalonia” (#OpCatalonia), in protest of the thousands of political prisoners currently being held by and facing trial at the hands of the Spanish Government, following the failed referendum/Independence movement throughout the course of 2017 and into 2018.

It just so happens that, at the present moment in time, thousands of political prisoners attached to this movement are currently undergoing trials – trials which are now entering their fourth week and by all accounts, not going particularly well for them. So, in protest of the Spanish Governments authoritarian approach to law enforcement and judicial proceedings, Anonymous hackers are doing what they can to stand up, raise awareness and fight the powers at be –  either through launching DDoS attacks, making postings on social media educating the international public, or hacking/leaking Government data.

Learn More About #OpCatalonia Here: https://roguemedia.co/?s=%23OpCatalonia&x=0&y=0

In a message attached to today’s DDoS campaign, An0nym0us Espana announced: “Let’s give a warning to the Spanish justice.. By the political pantomime they are doing in the Supreme Court.. A trial with the sentence already in question.. That’s why we decided to leave the entire Spanish judicial dome out of service.” For now, it remains to be seen if any Government systems have been hacked or breached, as well as what, if any, data the hackers have obtained.

Websites Targeted 3/13/2019:

Cogreso Genral de Poder Judicial: hxxp://www.poderjudicial.es/
Lexnet: hxxp://lexnetjusticia.gob.es/
Ministerio de justicia: hxxp://mjusticia.gob.es/
Tribunal Constitucional: hxxp://www.tribunalconstitucional.es/
Fiscalia: hxxp://www.fiscal.es/