Study: Researches at School of Physics at Georgia Tech Calculate That A Hack of Only 10% of All IoT Connected Cars Could Cause National Gridlock

Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to talk about a highly intellectual academic study with hints of an inevitable “Dystopian Future” and/or “Zombie Apocalypse” and/or both! But a new research paper was introduced to the public last week by Skanda Vivek of the School of Physics of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. The paper itself discusses the vulnerabilities effecting most all internet connected cars these days, as well as how these vulnerabilities could theoretically be exploited by hackers or other threat actors in the present and into the future.

Perhaps most interesting though were Vivek’s statistics indicating that a major hack effecting only 10% of all internet connected cars in a city such as New York for example, would be enough to cause gridlock and shut down all transportation across city streets entirely. His full findings were released in a new research paper entitled “Cyber-Physical Risks of Hacked Internet-Connected Vehicles,” presented to an audience of his peers at the 2019 American Physical Society summit in Boston last week. You can browse through and/or download his whole research presentation below – you’re welcome 🤓.

Download Full Research Paper Here:

Read for Yourself:

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