The Courage Foundation Publishes “The Assange Precedent,” Outlining The Dangers To Journalism Presented by The Trial of Julian Assange

The last article ever I published for Legacy Medi4 in June 2018 was an article about the ongoing dangers of the Democrat National Committee‘s (DNC) lawsuit against Julain Assange, explaining how, if the case was successfully argued, it would set a dangerous precedent allowing journalists all over the country to begin facing lawsuits themselves – including all the journalists working for papers like the Washington Post and New York Times for publishing all those White House leaks during Trumps first couple months in office, theoretically enough to potentially bankrupt these press organizations in the future. Independent of that however, I just cant help but notice how all of the same criticisms, misunderstanding or misconceptions of Julian Assange’s work are also applied to me and what I am attempting to do here.

People keep asking me, “how have you not been arrested for publishing all these leaks or talking to hackers?” To which I respond, “how are you so stupid?” People just do not seem to understand, publishing leaks is in no way, shape or form illegal. Nothing Julian Assange or I do is illegal. Sure, the information we obtain was illegally obtained, but we didn’t hack or steal it ourselves – did we? No matter how many times/ways it’s explained to them, people just cant seem to grasp the concept that publishing information is not illegal. What our sources do is illegal, but what we do with our sources information is not. It’s illegal to be the hacker/leaker, but its not illegal to publish the leaks – understand? Didn’t think so.

To this effect, earlier this morning, March 18th 2019, The Courage Foundation published an open source document entitled “The Assange Precedent: The Threat To The Media Posed by Trumps Prosecution of Julian Assange.” Honestly, I would rather just have you waste your time reading the document for yourself and drawing your own conclusions from it, rather than read a regurgitated summary of it from me. In that spirit, I have provided the full document for your browsing pleasures below. Happy clicking!

Download Document Here:

The Threat To The Media Posed by Trumps Prosecution of Julian Assange: