Encrypted Email Account of Ukrainian President Porshenko’s Campaign Manager Hacked & Dumped Online 8 Days Before National Elections

Earlier this morning, March 22nd 2019, Anonymous hackers announced a breach of Vitaly Kovalchuk’s personal encrypted email account via ProtonMail. The entirety of the leak comprises of approximately 146 emails sent through the service to various international correspondances, including emails as recent as just two days ago – March 20th 2019. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Vitaly Kovalchuk is the current campaign manager of Petro Poroshenko – whom will be up for re-election is just 8 days time.

The leaks are significant, including exchanges between Kovalchuk and Germany’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs about combating or counter-acting Russia’s military presence in the Sea of Azoz – which is currently being blockaded by Russia. A sample of the exchange essentially calls for military action in the Sea of Azoz/Nord Stream, detailing how the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively trying to recruit European allies to stand by their side and fight Russia’s blockade for the future prosperity of Kiev. It’s certainly an interesting look inside geo-political relations as different nation states discuss active military strategy/agenda’s in live time – before they even happen.

You can try and download the file from the original location and do it all yourself, but Rogue Media Labs has already gone through the trouble of downloading the file, unpacking it, re-organizing it and packaging back up as an easily downloadable/browse-able zip file that everyone can use – your welcome @TheInternet

File Download: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Vitaly_Kovalchuk_Email_Leak.zip
Original File Location: http://www.filedropper.com/eml

As for the hackers behind the breach, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla have claimed responsibility for the breach. In a message attached to the release, CyberGuerrilla explained:

Hello world! Pre-election struggle is an internal matter of every country. However, at the moment some politicians’ interests are more often causing large-scale interstate conflicts and frame-ups as well as become a pretext for big geopolitical players to interfere into the inner policy of other states.

A zip-file of Vitaly Kovalchuk’s (campaign manager of Ukrainian President Poroshenko) email correspondence got available with us. In some documents it is referred to pressing upon Europe and particularly Germany on the issue of freedom of navigation in the Sea of Azov.

Obviously, it refers both to preparations by Kiev of another attempt to break through to the Sea of Azov blocked by Russia, and Germany’s reluctance to take part in it, which was confirmed once again by Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas. Why, the joint operation has been made up not for the sake of the country as well as free and secure navigation but to save the ratings of a specific presidential candidate – the current head of the state Petro Poroshenko whose only trump card in the electoral race is to get both American and European support towards a well-planned frame-up.

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Kovalchuk’s correspondent is a certain Pavlo Anatoliyovych who is in contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, must be quite a significant person. With a high probability it is head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

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The reference to the “friends” might mean the pressure by Washington upon Berlin, which has already brought a significant rating growth to Poroshenko after the EU accession to the previous package of anti-Russian sanctions.

As far as it can be explained, Germany and Europe as a whole are extremely discontent with the excessive politicization of the Kerch Strait issue in the framework of the electoral campaign in Ukraine, and they are not going to allow using themselves in the interests of one of the candidates. Expressing our solidarity with that position we consider it necessary to draw attention to inadmissibility of using any kind of political, economic and particularly military influence mechanisms for the sake of either a certain politician or a political power as these mechanisms were created to provide international security. The violation of that rule is fraught with severe reputation losses for all participants, and will cause irreparable damage to the steady democratic development of Ukraine.

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