Pakistani Journalists/Activists Whom Publicly Expressed Support for Slain Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi To Be Investigated by Pakistan’s Cybercrime Division

Last night I came across an interesting piece of information from Pakistan, a copy of a letter from the the Federal Investigation Agency, Cybercrime division, informing its recipients that they are all being investigated for publicly expressing support for slain Saudi dissident/Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi during Mohammad Bin Salman’s visit to Islamabad, Pakistan in February 2019. Sent to 6 journalists and 4 different political parties earlier this month, the letter informs its recipients that the Government of Pakistan is now officially investigating the incident, and asks for all involved to privately/confidentially submit their enquires/correspondences to the FIA for review.

As was explained by Middle East Eye yesterday, March 28th 2019, the journalists and political activists are being investigated for launching a coordinated social media campaign that conveyed disrespect to the Presidents guest; Mohammad Bin Salman – a guest who also visited to sure up a $20 billion dollar investment package with Pakistan. Regardless, the aforementioned journalists refuse to stand for allowing their freedom of speech and expression to come under such heavy scrutiny, and have leaked the letter below to serve as proof of the injustices of their government.

Download Copy of Letter:

Copy of Letter:

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