As The Peoples Democratic Party Seized Control Over Ankara & Istanbul Today, Here’s A Look At How President Erdogan’s Authoritarian Approach To Law Enforcement Led To The APK’s Lose

Prior to today’s elections, March 31st 2019, last night I came across an interesting paste from a group of online activists going by the name of “AnonyKurds” (@Guerillojova), detailing the state of freedom of the press inside Turkey and the true extend to which President Erdogan has gone to restrict/censor negative publications against him and his ruling party; the Justice and Development Party (AKP). More specifically, the Tweet includes 100 examples of Twitter account owners whom have either been sued and/or imprisoned by the AKP party for posting controversial/slanderous publications, videos or commentary critical of President Erdogan and his ruling Party.

Full Press Release from AnonyKurds:
Backup Twitter List:

However, following tremendous victories from the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) in Ankra and Istanbul, AnonyKurds went on to explain how over 30,000 Kurds alone have been arrested by President Erdogan all within the last 2 1/2 years dating back to the failed coup of July 2016 – a National crackdown which has seen the arrests of 160,000 collectively dating back to 2016. As they were also quick to elleude to, the HDP vitctories today can largely be attributed to these very efforts.

Full Press Release from AnonyKurds:

T. C. ISTANBUL ANATOLIA 7. SULH ALGERIA. Business. No: 2018/7576 D.İş

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s deputy requesting. Ahmet inezel 24/12/2018 With the request of the remittance; in the publications mentioned in the wishes of the applicant’s personal rights are violated, the person’s honor and dignity of the expression of offense, according to Article 299 of the TCK’ has requested to prevent access to the links in the links by stating that the insult mevcut has been committed.


For the first time, it was understood that our court was competent as of the applicant’s place of residence. First of all our Constitution Article 17 (protection of the person’s material and spiritual existence), article: 25-26 expression rate- Article 28 and more (press release) and article: 32 (right of reply and dissemination), 5651 on Internet Regulation Law and bun 4 castells v Spain Emin decision of the Court dated 23/04/1992, the decision of the Court of First Instance of the Court of Constitutional Court of First Instance (application no. 2013/2602 and decision date 23/01/2014), The decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals of the Supreme Court of Appeals dated 11/07/2006 on 2006 / 4-162 basis and 2006/181 and 2012/4 – 511 basis and 2012/1280 decree no. 2012/5834 of the Court of Cassation.

In the first part of the press and the Internet media in this context, the public is informed about the issues of interest to the public, the lighting service, the information gathering, the dissemination of criticism, commenting on the use of the rights of the European Human Rights Article 10 of this amendment recognizes the right to use these rights, which are enshrined in accordance with Article 28 of the Constitution and Law no. 5651, as a justification for law, and to disseminate, criticize and interpret information.

The fact that the information in the description, criticism and value judgment is real and bright, that there is a public interest in the use of public interest and its usefulness, and there is a connection between the subject and the subject. and the use of non-disclosure flags, the exceptions of expressions and Internet broadcasting should be interpreted in a narrow and convincing manner, which is of interest to the public interest. and that an explanation of ideas is supported by an objective description of the press, where the press-internet publication can exaggerate to some extent and even appeal to provocation. It is necessary that the evaluations in polemic nature cannot be considered as false and personal attacks. When the Internet publications are examined: x

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