Bung Subdistrict Administrative Organization of Thailand Hacked by M1r0x of Ghost Squad Hackers

Earlier today, March 4th 2019, “M1r0x” of Ghost Squad Hackers made a brief return to the hacking scene with a hack/defacement of the Bung Subdistrict Administrative Organization of Thailand, a national organization tasked with developing community projects around the country – such as educational programs, appointing leadership roles, as well as localized infrastructure investment. It was M1rox‘s first hack/deface in nearly a month and half, dating back to a February 9th 2019 hack of Rahmatullah Techincal High School in the capitol city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

While Ghost Squad Hackers as a whole have been a little more underground than normal the last couple months, it doesn’t mean the group has been inactive either. For example, S1ege’s ISIS data dump this past February literally made global headlines, resulting in countless arrests around the world. Hax Stroke has been active hacking and defacing websites around Brasil, as well as building his own custom Botnets to launch against NGO’s and Governmental organizations alike – such as Github and the Government of Sudan. Similarly, 0x20k has also been active in a number of hacks/defacement’s over recent weeks just as well.

Target: hxxp://bung.go.th/
Deface: http://bung.go.th/download/index.html
Deface Mirror: https://mirror-h.org/zone/2085620/

Screen Shot of Deface:

No photo description available.

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