Emails of 812 Members of Mossad, Office of The Prime Minister, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Justice Leaked Online

Yesterday, March 8th 2019, a hacker going by the name of “Neptunex3c” of “CYB3R C0V3N Security” released a data leak of several high profile/ranking members of Israeli Government. To be more exact, Neptune released approximately 812 emails across 4 Government offices – The Office of The Prime Minister (125), Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – Mossad (20), as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (226) and Ministry of Justice (441). The leak itself is over 1,600 lines, including locations of subdomains attached to these offices websites, IP Addresses, as well as the mirrored names of file folders attached to various databases affiliated with the Israeli Government.

In a message to Rogue Media Labs, Neptune claims to have assembled the data using different OSNIT tools, such as TheHarvestor, which leverages over 20 different search engines and platforms to scan for information such as this. I can also confirm that the list of emails in question is indeed real, because I sent emails to every single person on that email list – with only maybe 3 dozen emails or so bouncing back to out of the first few hundred. Interesting enough, while b.netanyahu‘s email didn’t work, the emails of propaganda@mossad and supreme-reptilian@mossad did 😂🤔.

Leak Backup:

Message I personally sent to all emails contained in the leak:

Hello, my name is Brian. I am also known as alias righteous of Anonymous.

The other day I was having a conversation with a man who was questioning my intentions, asking me if I was anti-Israel, if I was an anti-Semite, because I express support for the oppressed people of Palestine – that you are actively oppressing. I tried to explain to him that as a religious man I know scripture says that anyone whom stands against Israel shall perish. So how could I be against Israel? What I said to him I will now say to you, because quite frankly I think you all need to hear. I may not stand against Israel, but that doesn’t mean you all don’t need to take a moment for self reflection. I may never get this opportunity again, so I will leave it all out on the table…….

I am not anti-Jewish, I am not an anti-Semite. I believe what the Nazi’s did to you was monstrous – and they created a monster, yourselves. I also know it does not matter what I say, necessarily, if a single one of you disagrees with anything I say you can just label me an anti-Semite, and it will probably stick. It is your fallacy, shield and weapon, all at the same time.

I wholeheartedly believe that Zionism is blasphemy, including Christian Zionists. I believe that hundreds of years from now scholars are going to look back at 20th and 21st century and call our times the Zionist crusades of Jerusalem. I believe we are all witnessing a crusade of the holy Land at this very moment time.

The United Nations Partition Plan of 1947 called for Jerusalem to be an international city of the world belonging to nobody. However, today Jerusalem ‘belongs’ to Israel. This is a violation of the very treaty which founded the nation state of Israel in the first place. I believe the 6 days War was a false flag operation so to speak, a territorial land crab to expand Israeli borders and territory disguised as self defense, yet another violation of the partition plan which founded Israel.

I do not stand for the blockade of Gaza, it is inhumane, and perhaps the most passive aggressive war/military strategy in history. Don’t kill the ingenious outright, that wouldn’t go over well. Instead make all of them and their lives so unbearably miserable and impoverished that they all decide to vacate the area themselves. No one talks about it publicly, but we all know.

I don’t hate Jewish people or Israel. But I hate the fact that Israel is granted immunity for international crimes, its not just your slaughter and maiming of Palestinians around your border, I am talking about espionage and state sponsored hacking. Israel gets a free pass on the world stage for every crime under the sun simply for what happened to them during world war 2. When will this excuse end, if ever? Your snipers laugh and joke when they shoot. I seem to remember scripture reading “Though Shall Not Murder.” Not “Thou Shall Shoot Unarmed People from 400 Yards Away, Laugh About It and Spit On Their Graves.”

I believe that Zionists believe the world is ending sooner than later. Christians want the second erection of the Temple of Solomon to bring Jesus back, so that the end times can manifest, so that they will be saved and Earth brought back to peace after it is destroyed. Meanwhile, Jewish practitioners want to erect the Temple to finally hail their Messiah. Don’t you ever sit there in front of a microphone again and say that you do not expect the al-Aqsa Mosque to one day fall or be destroyed. We both know that for Jewish scripture to come to life, the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt. And for the Temple to be rebuilt the Mosque must fall. Saying that you do not want to see the removal of the mosque is the same as saying that you do not believe in your own scripture, or that it will ever come true, and we both know this is not the case.

I do not believe the world is ending, not even close. I believe that all forms of Zionism is blasphemy. Zionism is based on a principle than ‘man’ can somehow manipulate real world events, politics, and situations simply to make ancient scripture come true or to life. For this reason it is blasphemy, men whom have grown far too rich and powerful in this material world pretending to play God with peoples lives. The arrogance and hypocrisy of this practice should be obvious for anyone to see/understand.

Furthermore, Zionism itself has fundamentally led to the Islamic state and terrorism today as we now know it. Zionists re-founded Israel to make scripture come true decades ago, so now too have Muslims attempted to make scripture come true all the same. The Islamic State are blasphemers all the same as Zionists – you are all one in the same. Any man whom believes in creating a self-fulfilling prophesy is a blasphemer. I have written extensively about this phenomenon:

Also do not sit in front a microphone and try to deny this or me, you yourself have spoken of the words of scripture coming to life; of the vineyards in Israel being re-planted. We both know how steadfast you are in your belief of scripture, Mr. Netanyahu.

I hope this message reaches you all, and if nothing else you will take the time to reflect.

السلام عليكم

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