PokemonGo Team Releases The Names & Contact Information of 22,013 US Citizens Currently on The FBI’s National Watchlist

Earlier this morning, April 14th 2019, a new group of hackers calling themselves “PokemonGo Team” released another data leak effecting the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – following a separate data leak implicating the FBI’s National Academy Association just a few days prior. Today’s leak is significant, exposing the names, email addresses, physical locations and contact information of approximately 22,013 individuals currently on the FBI’s national watchlist. So, if you have ever worried whether or not the FBI has been spying on you, today’s leak presents the perfect opportunity 😉. Rogue Media Labs has already downloaded and backed up the file locally, and can certify it’s 100% safe to the public – enjoy!

Download & Read: https://pokemongo.icu/?page=news&name=usersleak
Download Watchlist w/o Password: https://pokemongo.icu/files/users111.csv

As for why they are doing this, aside from promoting future leaks which the group intends on selling instead of just simply releasing to the public, PokemonGo Team says that they are demanding the release of Peter Levashov – whom is currently in US prison after being extradited from Barcelona, Spain where he was first arrested in 2017. For those of you whom might not be aware, Peter Levashov is also known as alias “Spamhaus,” a Russian activists credited with the creation of the Keilhos Botnet whom is well known for his central role in spam/internet trolling campaigns throughout the past. Until he is released from US custody, PokemonGo Team promises to continue releasing more data leaks implicating different US Government agencies.

Learn More – Peter Levashov’s Indictment from DoJ: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/russian-national-indicted-multiple-offenses-connection-kelihos-botnet


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