Records from Over Two Dozens Local Police Departments Across The UK Hacked & Leaked Online by CyberGhost404

Yesterday, April 17th 2019, an independent hacker known as “CyberGhost404” (@CyberGhost404) of the “Philippine Cyber Eagles” (@PHCyberEagles) released a relatively large data leak effecting over two dozen police agencies across the United Kingdom. Though the exact location where they originally stole the data from remains unknown, contained within a compressed zip file posted online are various spread sheets and Microsoft Excel documents from dozens of local police offices/branches across England – including information such as local records, press releases and ongoing court cases. Rogue Media Labs has downloaded a copy of the file and can certify it is safe to the public.

Data Download (44.14 MB zip):

While not much is known about the hacker or their group, and they appear new to Twitter as of April 2019, the Philippine Cyber Eagles have also been active in a number of DDoS attacks across Europe – all carried out under the banners of #OpAssange and #OpUK. To date, included in their attacks have been the Barnsley News Council, Council of Mid & East Antrim, Bolton Town Council, Ryedale Town District, Council of East Riding & Yorkshire and the London Datastore. The group has also posted a hit list of websites around Ecuador, said to be targets of future cyber attacks.

#OpEcudaor Target List:

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