OurMine & Qurlla of New World Hackers Team Up To Hijack Twitter Accounts Belonging To International Celebrities

After taking a brief break away from the hacking scene over recent months, it appears as though the “OurMine” hacking gang and “Qurlla” of New World Hackers are making a comeback of sorts – at least momentarily. I say this because last night, both groups teamed up together to hack the social accounts belonging to Shiamak Davar, a famous international choreographer making his home in India, but with multiple Twitter accounts/handles across the US and Europe.

While one of his accounts was hacked and erased to feature the logo and name of OurMine, a separate account hijacked by Qurlla has essentially become his new de facto Twitter account – instantaneously giving him access to well over 53,000 fans internationally, lulz. To this effect, in the time since first hacking the accounts a little over 24 hours ago, Qurlla has been using the account to post a brief bio about himself, as well as to release samples of all his most recent hacks/leaks – whilst also monitoring all of Davar’s incoming notifications/messages. You can see this information and more, along with access to the hacked account via the information provided below – enjoy!


Screen Shots of Hacked Accounts:

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