Donald Trump Files Lawsuit Against Chairmen of US House Oversight Committee – Elijah Cummings

Interestingly enough, a day after publishing two leaked internal documents from Deutche Bank regarding a suspected money laundering campaign, one of which directly implicates Donald Trump’s ambitions to build a new Trump Tower in Moscow along with the help of VTB Group, a sub-agency of the Russian Government, Donald Trump officially filed motion in a Washington DC Court room this morning to block US Democrats from successfully subpoenaing a copy of his tax records from 2015 and 2016 – the same months/years  Trump was originally campaigning for Presidential office. More specifically, the lawsuit names Elijah Cummings, Chairmen of the US House Oversight Committee for his attempts to subpoena Trumps tax records – something which Trump argues is a gross overreach of Government authority, jurisdiction and/or power.

While I will not get into the whole “charade” here, Trump maintains that the Democrats requests for his tax records have “no legitimate legislative purpose” and claims that the Democrats merely want them to use them as a “political weapon” headed into the 2020 election season. Meanwhile, the Democrats say the documents are necessary because they contain “years worth of confidential information” that can either tie Trump to the Russians or prove his innocence – hence why it is so important that they become a matter of public record, especially after the ambiguity of the Mueller Report. Rogue Media Labs has attached a full copy of the motion filed in court this morning below for your browsing pleasures – enjoy!

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