Sc0rpi0n Gh0s7 Hacks, Leaks & Defaces Several Government Websites Across Ecuador In Protest of Julian Assange’s Incarceration

Earlier today, April 25th 2019, an old friend of mine from Ethiopia going by the name of “Sc0rpi0nGh0s7” of “Shad0w Security” released a massive leak on behalf of #OpJulian – a spinoff the international hacking operations known as #OpEcuador and #OpAssange, all launched in protest of the arrest of Julian Assange two weeks ago. This was also their second such major hacking event of the last week, following a separate hack, leak and defacement of Geographic Management System of Ecuador on April 22nd. While the leak that day was taken down within hours of its initial release before anyone could back it up, fortunately, Rogue Media Labs has backup today’s release before anyone could touch it.

The database itself is large, featuring a 514 Megabyte zip file of various text files stolen from the servers of various Ecuadorian websites. Honestly, it’s too much data to all summarize here. So, if you you are interested in learning more, you are invited to download either of the files located below – both certified safe to the browsing public.

Target 04/22/2019: hxxp://

Data Leak 04/25/2019:
Data Leak Backup:

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