Trump Revokes US Signature from Global Arms Trade Treaty, Which Bans The Sale of Arms/Munitions Into Known Conflict Areas

Less than 2 weeks after vetoing a resolution from US Congress that would ban the sale of weapons and munitions to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump announced that he would be ending the United States membership as a signatory to the the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty of 2014. According to the UN, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was first established with the intent of reducing “human suffering caused by illegal and irresponsible arms transfers” by enforcing “common standards for the international trade of conventional weapons” and thus reducing “illicit arms trade” around the world. To date, the treaty has signatories in 130 countries worldwide – 129 after the removal of the US’s signature today.

Though disappointing, the move should come as no surprise. Under Commander In Chief Donald Trump US led bombing have increased worldwide, the DoD’s budget has increased at a rate greater than the combined defense budget of Russia every year annually since Donald Trump assumed office and the President has only continued to increase arm sales/transfers to countries actively engaged in armed conflict since 2016, including tp countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Nations Emirates – whom have each been sold billions of dollars worth of military equipment individually under Donald Trump.

Donald Trump did his best to spin his decision today as an attempt to protect American’s Second Amendment rights domestically here in the United States, even though the intent of the treaty itself has absolutely nothing to do with that – instead focusing on the movement of arms into known areas conflict or War around the world. Nonetheless, you can see Trumps full speech justifying his decision today via the video provided below.

Trumps Speech, Removing US Signature from ATT:

Full Treaty Text:

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