Senator Scott Demands Meeting w/ FBI Following Release of Mueller Report

Over the course of my 4 year career, for whatever reason, one of the topics I’ve covered most heavily are the US elections hacking/tampering campaigns of 2016 – and US voter hacks in general. In fact, this topic was the first article I ever covered here for Rogue Media Labs, following a voter registration leak of 35 million records less than a month before the November elections of 2018. Perhaps this is why I happen to find a recent letter from Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) particularly interesting. In it, Scott is essentially demanding that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation make public any/all records they have in regards to voter fraud and/or election interference in the state of Florida, after information contained in the Mueller Report was redacted.

More specifically, according to the results of the Mueller Report, approximately 120 different election officials throughout Florida were found to have had their personal email addresses hacked by foreign threat actors – though the report never did specify whom exactly or what counties around Florida they represented. Consequentially, this is also what Senator Scott would like to find out – in order to predict which areas of his state may be most susceptible to voter fraud and/or tampering next year, ahead of the 2020 elections.

For those of you whom might be unaware, Florida is quite literally the United States most “transient” state, with the highest population of active residents residing outside of that state – at least depending on the time of year. Generally speaking, Florida is also considered the have the US’s single largest and most undecided/unpredictable voter bases – making it the US’s largest “Swing State” election after election. Because of this, and for literally all of the same reasons, it theoretically makes Florida voting systems and records the single easiest to fake or tamper with at the same time. For the time being, it appears as though the FBI has agreed to meet with Senator Scott to address these issues, though an exact time and date have not been set.

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