New Cyber Security Study Breaks Down +32 Million Cyber Attacks Across More Than 200 Countries Worldwide

Earlier this morning, May 1st 2019, I came across an interesting cybersecurity study produced by the Cyentia Institute in Virginia. Entitled the ” Internet Risk Surface Report: Exposure in a Hyper-Connected World,” the 25 page study broke down/observed 18,000 businesses across more than 200 countries worldwide – encompassing more than 32 million security vulnerabilities, exploits and/or attack styles. For no other reason than that, their findings are incredibly unique.

What researchers discovered is that there is a direct correlation between a businesses size and the rate at which they can successfully mitigate cyber attacks. More specifically, organizations which hold at least 100,000 employees were found to be far and away the best at mitigating cyber attacks. On the other end of the spectrum, organizations with fewer than 10 employees tended to be hacked at the highest frequency – establishing a direct correlation between an industries size and its ability to mitigate advanced cyber threats. Additionally, researchers concluded that North America, Western Europe and Western Asia are the 3 most advanced regions around the world when it comes to cyber security. On the other side of the spectrum, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia and Island countries tend to be the least developed in terms of cybersecurity. For example, according to some calculations, Eastern Europe is nearly 500% more vulnerable to the same cyber attack than their counterparts in Western Europe.

I’ve got to say, this study is certainly more interesting and detailed than most – which is why I’m including it here today. Feel free to download the report for yourself or read through it in its entirety below.

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