Presidency International School of Bangladesh Hacked/Defaced by M1r0x of Ghost Squad Hackers

Late last night, during the early morning hours of May 5th 2019, “M1r0x” (@M1r0x_) of Ghost Squad Hackers announced the hack/defacement of the website belonging to The International School of the Presidency in Chattogram, Bangladesh. It’s not exactly known how M1r0x was able to compromise the site, all we know at this point is that they were able to edit the websites ‘About Us’ section with an advertisement for Ghost Squad and all of the groups members – an edit which is still visible to the public at the time of this article. In a message attached to the hack, M1r0x also stated that they ‘were back‘ – perhaps indicating that more hacks are on the way.

This is also M1r0x‘s 3rd such hack, deface and/or data theft of a South Eastern Asian institution within the last 3 months, adding to a hack of Bung Subdistrict Administrative Organization of Thailand last month, and a hack of Rahmatullah Model High School in Bangladesh a month before that. Prior to that, M1r0x had been making their presence felt in conjunction with the ongoing operations surrounding #OpSudan.

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Hack of Presidency International School 5/5/2019

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