Mayor of Rome, +30,000 Members of Italian Bar Association Exposed In Massive Data Breach

Earlier today, unrelated to leaks released by LulzSec_ITA yesterday, in direct response to Israeli air strikes carried out in Gaza over the weekend, Anonymous Cyber Guerrilla (CgAn) and “Anonymous Italy” (@Anon_ITA) decided to expedite a leak of high ranking Roman officials – including Mayor Virginia Raggi. To be more exact, the leak encompasses more than 30,000 members of the Italian Bar Association, which Mayor Raggi just so happens to be a part of, including their account usernames and passwords – in addition to much, much more.

Believe it or not, the hackers have been holding onto this data for quite a while now, and I say this because I once covered a previous leak from Anonymous Italy dated March 8th 2019, during which they first hinted that they had come in possession of this very data. It appears as though the results of a new operation being undertaken by “Lulzsec Italy,” in conjunction of Italy’s support of Israeli bombings, was enough for the hackers to publish the data this morning. In response to today’s leaks, in a posting to Twitter, Mayor Raggi simply stated that there has been “Very serious breach of privacy against me and my colleagues in the Rome Bar Association” – such as you can see below, lulz.

Original Press Release (Italian):

File Download/Backup – Should Original Be Destroyed:

Browse Leak – LINK MEGA con TUTTO:!5LJU2Qhb!WqUXAu84t6-h_Ebgr52riQ

PEC login:
Admin login: (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)
User login: (POA_ROMA_NEW.UADB)

In a message attached to the leak, Anonymous hackers stated:

Hello Italian citizens,

Today Anonymous, with this operation and with the approaching anniversary of their capture, wants to remember the old Aken and Otherwise Friends arrested in May 2015. Do you understand that Anonymous has no leader? Arrest 2 and another 100 are born.

We continue our struggle, and despite the arrests we refuse give up.

Yesterday, for the first time in history, we witnessed a country responded to a cyber attack with hundreds of missile warheads on a civilian population – a dangerous precedent.

After years of attacks you still don’t understand who the real villains are.

Your lawyers are part of the Justice System that defends the rich and condemns the poor.

‘Lawyers defend thieves. He knows how it is … among colleagues. ‘(Totò)

But in this case perhaps it would be better to say “The more corrupt a state is, the more laws it creates.

We leave you a glimpse of our weapons, so that you can understand that nobody is invulnerable to this world.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.