Responding To IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence’s Report Claiming Anonymous & Hacktivism are Dead

A couple days ago I said I was going to write a “retort” to IBM‘s new ‘investigative report’ surrounding the state of hacktivism over the course of the last half decade, so I suppose I have to do it – right? Truth be told, I only learned of their report following two other publications by Catalin Cimpanu of ZDNet and Perluigi Paganini of Security Affairs. As they and IBM are quick to point out, hacktivist events are said to have dropped as much as 95% since this time in 2015 – at least according to IBM’s so-called data, that is.

However, diving into their X-Force Threat Intelligence report myself, I quickly discovered that, according to IBM‘s data, the multi-billion dollar agency claims that only 2 Cyber Attacks were carried out at the hand of Anonymous and international hacktivists during the calendar year of 2018. This figure is in comparison to 35 Cyber Attacks carried out by the same groups in 2015, providing them with their figure of a 95% decline in cyber activity.

Now, I am not exactly sure who(m) IBM is trying to fool here, but that figure is just downright pathetic – laughable at best. For example, Anonymous hackers were responsible for the breach of 1 million users of Lenovo, a breach of and websites, a leak of Sudan’s Ministry of Defense, leaks of the Italian National Agency of Regional Services and Department of Pharmacies, leaks of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Vox Political Party, a leak of Atlanta’s International Airport, leaks from the French National Association of Police Officers, FBI and MI6, along with multiple Integrity Initiative Leaks from the UK’s Institute for Statecraft, a two day crash of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, hacks/leaks of EuroPalestine, TIVIT Television service of Brasil, New York Taxi systems and separate leaks of the French Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defense. And that’s literally just from December 2018 alone!!

Don’t believe me? Check the tape, I’ve been running this website since October 2018 and all of those incidents above were not only covered by yours truly, but they are also certified by Google News and received international press worldwide! I really wish I were exaggerating, but that’s also maybe only half of the cyber attacks I covered in December 2018 alone.

Check The Tape:

To be fair, I guess, IBM predicates their data set by claiming they only included attacks which were deemed to have caused “significant damage” – without explaining exactly what that criteria entails. However, that hasn’t stopped some of the tech’s worlds biggest names from declaring that “hacktivism is dead“and “Anonymous has died a slow death” – specifically citing IBM‘s data in their conclusions.

However, some might call the doxxing of thousands of members of the FBI, MI6, or the crashing of a Central Bank during a weekday, or the leak of 30,000 members of a Spanish political party, or the Bank Accounts of UK military contractors pretty significant – namely me. Therefore, despite those sorry excuses for researchers working for IBM‘s X-Force Threat Intelligence labs and all of the ill educated reports who covered IBM‘s report without actually reading the full copy, Rogue Media Labs declares that Anonymous and international hacktivist are alive and well! You just have to know where to look to find out where. It should also be noted that IBM‘s full report isn’t technically available for public browsing – so Anonymous has taken care of that as well😉.

Download IBM:

Copy of IBM’s Full Report:

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