#OpPulizia: Anonymous Italia – CyberGuerrilla Release Leaks of Italian Union of State Police Workers, 4 Other National Organizations

Earlier today, May 21st 2019, “Anonymous Italia” and CyberGuerrilla announced hacks, leaks and defacement’s of 5 websites across Europe. More specifically named in the hacks/leaks were the Italian Union of State Police Workers, National Union of Arma Carabinieri, Civici Carabinieri Lugano, an international firearms company, as well as the Core Civil Protection of Rome. Not only were each of the websites featured below defaced, but hackers also too the occasion to leak and/or mirror the databases of 3 of the sites as well.

Target: hxxps://silpcgil.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?8463587040fe842f#iZK0WdwcyAOoRej/sBBqPX8Q7GrTpvbPZhohKdogEXQ=

Target: hxxp://unionecarabinieri.cc/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?f9eaa0a58489ad7d#kyCyXIV7vJyX1C2GTKTn+viYK+d84dqj5mWsEHa9tos=

Target: hxxps:/civicicarabinieri.ch/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?219e8481c7c2f791#lQgQMmYRIx9qRm73puzSxgiT4YHY5cgAE02Q8wTogoM=

Defaced: hxxp://carabinieri-unione.it/
Defaced: hxxp://carabinieri.tv/

In a message attached to the hacks, CyberGuerrilla stated:

Hello people,

Today we publish a bit of information snatched from our beloved champions of justice, mindless slaves, for no other reason that they only obey their masters!

The same people who say they should protect us, and instead take advantage of their uniform to kill, to uphold their positions for their own corrupt practices. Unfortunately, they are always on the wrong side, loading up on students, old women, helpless women as if they were animals to slaughter.

Oops, our mistake! The ones who should protect us are the lawyers – right? Poor things, we blocked his PEC and went to let off some steam on the blog of Anon Italia’s friends. We have read the delusional comments, interesting, not even good enough to make us chuckle.

Who says we were wrong to ‘attack lawyers’? That we should instead attack the banks, and other absurd amenities. Do you believe that we do not know the employment situation of both lawyers and the Dis-Order forces – the police?

We are only twelve years old from the Middle Ages, and if we have been here for so long, it means that we will continue to be there forever. 🙂

Do you believe you have ever done something to combat this situation?

Some of you have made really interesting comments, but do you believe that we have not succeeded?

We create moment of chaos, made so that you may have no idea who we are, or who you are dealing with. Follow us, comment on our articles, follow our Twitter, you will find us the next time the newspapers write about us.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.