Avaaz Network Discloses List of +500 Websites & New Outlets Allegedly Sowing Propaganda Ahead of EU Elections

Earlier today, just days before the start of European Union (EU) elections, the Avaaz Network released findings from a recent study/investigation, allegedly revealing over 500 Facebook pages and websites used to sow and spread political propaganda around the EU simply just to disrupt the legitimacy of EU election outcomes later this week. However, take the information with a grain of salt. I say this because George Soros, whom funds the Avaaz Network, is an open hard-left socialist – meaning that anything that is center to right-wing is considered propaganda to these people. The list itself is not much different than the now infamous “Prop or Not List” released by the Washington Post in 2016 – which later had to be retracted.

For those of you whom might not remember, my website and 4 of the websites I sourced content for were once originally included on that list 😏. Regardless, if you would like to see all of the propagandists allegedly operating around the EU at the present moment in time, you can learn more via the resources provided below.

Download Study: https://avaazimages.avaaz.org/Avaaz%20Report%20Network%20Deception%2020190522.pdf?slideshow

Browse Full Study:

Avaaz Report Network Deception 20190522(1)