LulzSec Italy Hacks, Leaks and & Deface The Italian Academy of Privacy

Yesterday, May 27th 2019,” LulzSecITA” (@LulzSec_ITA) announced a hack and leak of the Italian Academy of Privacy. Not only did the hackers manage to deface the website, but they also released a list of site users, their usernames, emails and passwords, and mirrored file folders of locations stored on their databases. In a message attached to the release, Anonymous hackers stated:

Dear GDPR and its Lawyers, as well as the the Italian Privacy Academy … you mentioned us in many of your news publications (just from one of these we also entered your database) and speak of us in a very bland way. Too boldly you have pointed to your government, systems, security and privacy with carelessness and lack of the necessary investments needed to ensure the security of your personal data and information – at least those of the Italian people.

This is what we are trying to make everyone understand. Having said that, we’ve ‘allow’ ourselves to edit two lines on your site, as a reminder that your security measures are not reliable. You can classify Anonymous cyber criminals, kids full of themselves or what you want, but once and for all we tell you that we are part of the people who want truth and privacy, so we can all live our lives in peaceful serenity.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

Original Press Release:

Target: hxxps://
Defacd Mirror:

System Users:



System Tables: