A Brief Look Into My Mentality Right Now & Motivations Over The Years

So, this article will be short and sweet. I wanted to write it after listening to a song I never heard before, because I wanted to share the lyrics somewhere and didn’t have anywhere else to put them. The opening part of the song is like my own emotions right now, that I couldn’t write any better if I wanted, so I’m including them below. Just to make this article a more unique experience, I’ve included a couple other videos that have inspired my ongoing mentality on through to today – because they make me angry and want to change things/people. Hope they may inspire you too.

Almost all my life they told me that I couldn’t
Dreaming every night, they told me that I shouldn’t
That I’ll never reach the top, no one knows I exist
But I kept fighting, kept grinding every day
And I kept writing everything I had to say
Now they wanna shut me up, shut me in, shut me out
But it’s different when you never had a voice
When no one ever listened, so you never had a choice
Never had a path, only people in your way
Never had a mask or a reason to be fake
All you had was you and a reason to succeed
All you had to do was keep believing in the dream
All you ever knew was being weak and on your knees
But you’re only gonna lose if you don’t learn from your defeats
Yeah, gotta make the world know my name….

….I wish I could go back, back when we were kids
When everything had passion with everything we did
Everything was honest, everything that we were promised
And the thought of what we wanted is what makes it so ironic
That it’s different than the shit we were told
How the rules were written, how the story really goes
“Everyone’s your friend, everyone has a chance”
So everyone pretends that they really give a damn
Man, fuck that, nothing’s ever what it seems
People stepping over people, people preying on the weak
‘Cause it’s business and we’re feeding the machine
Time is money, money’s living, so we live with the disease
What happened to the magic? What happened to the thrill?
What happened to the passion, the way we used to feel?
All we see is fashion, fame, and dollar bills
And now I’m looking back, I wish the world I saw was real….

….I woke up one day
With the world outside telling me I should walk away
But I can’t, I won’t break
I’ll make the world know my name