US Senate Releases Open Letter Urging US States Department To Talk Egyptian Military Tyrant/Dictator al-Sisi Down from Passing New Constitution

US Senate is calling on State Department and Trump to advise Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi against passing provisions to a new version of the countries constitution.

Egyptian Government Implicated In Massive Phishing Campaign Targeting Journalists, Political Activists & NGO’s Alike

Amnesty International has uncovered the footprints of a massive cyber-espionage campaign launched by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to hack, track and record the cyber activity of political activists, researchers, journalists and human rights workers.

How French Weapons & Political Support Enables Egypt’s Continued Human Rights Violations

Earlier this week Emmanuel Macron visited with Abdul Fattah al-Sisi in Egypt, shinning a bright light on how French weapon sales and political support enables/empowers Egypt’s continued crimes against humanity.

Encrypted Chatrooms & VoIP Applications

Encrypted chatrooms and VoIP services, such as like WhatsApp and Telegram, are not only great for business communications, but they critically important for human rights defenders and political activists fighting around the world – especially in at risk or oppressive countries. It is important to understand that even if you are living in a country … Continue reading Encrypted Chatrooms & VoIP Applications

Here’s A Translated Version of Jared Kushner & Donald Trumps Leaked So-Called “Deal of The Century”

Earlier this week a leaked version of Jared Kusher and Donald Trumps proposed Middle East Peace Plan was leaked online in Hebrew. Here’s the English version of this leaked document.

Declassified Documents from CIA Reveal US Political Interference South America Throughout The Cold War

CIA wraps up 3 year long Argentina Declassification Project originally commissioned under Obama, revealing new insight into US Cold War Strategy.

Exclusive: Understanding What’s Happening Inside Sudan from Those Currently Living Through The Revolution

3 part event including updates of crimes against humanity as the protests in Sudan continue, an interview with a political activists blacklisted by Omar al-Bashir, as well as the most recent developments surrounding #OpSudan

Year In Review: State of Human Rights In North Africa & Middle East 2018 – 2019

Amnesty International has released a 77 page report summarizing the state of political affairs and human rights around the geographic areas of North Africa and Middle East from 2018 to present.

Understanding How/Why Non-Governmental Organizations Worldwide are Increasingly Coming Under Attack from Their Governments

Amnesty International releases a new report detailing how Human Rights groups and other Non-Governmental Organizations like them have recently begun coming under political assault worldwide.

Amnesty Investigation – State Sponsored Hackers Launching Massive Hacking Operations Across Middle East & North Africa

A world class research report published by Amnesty International highlights a massive phishing and email hacking campaign currently underway, targeting encrypted email service providers and bypassing Google/Yahoo 2FA.