Saudi Cargo Ship Departs from European Ports Loaded w/ Weapons & Munitions Destined for Yemen

After stopping in Canada, US, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the UK from April – May 2019, a Saudi cargo ship has just departed Europe loaded to the gills with weapons and munitions destined for use in Yemen.

UN Investigation: The War In Yemen Has Killed 233,000 Individuals Between 2015 & 2019

United Nations Developmental Programme releases contents of a new investigation into the War in Yemen, discovering that 233,000 have died collectively, both on and off the battlefield in Yemen, since fighting began in 2015.

Court Rules Criminal Complaint Against UK Parliament for Arming Saudi Arabia In Yemen Civil War Can Move Forward

Human rights organizations worldwide are all teaming up together to do anything they can to stop the UK and USA from arming Saudi Arabia to keep carrying out War Crimes in Yemen.

Belgium Company FN Herstal Uncovered Empowering War Crimes In Yemen

Amnesty International investigation reveals Belgium weapons manufacturer FN Herstal has been supplying machine guns to the UAE, which have then been transferred to militia factions carrying out War Crimes in Yemen.

Understanding How The Global Arms Trade Leads To UAE War Crimes In Yemen

A newly released report from Amnesty International chronicles how arms dealers in Europe and the United States circumvent global Arms Treaties to sell weapons to the UAE, which are then used to carry out War Crimes in the Yemeni Civil War.

New Study: Only 24.1% of Yemeni Citizens Currently Have Access To The Internet

A new study by Recorded Future outlines the effects of years of War on Yemen’s internet infrastructure, as well as how the internet has been used/abused by Waring factions seeking to gain control over the country since the War first began.

My Interview w/ Project Hacktivism (Europe)

It may have been a couple months in the making, but earlier this month I finally agreed to an interview with a European based group of researchers known as “Project Hacktivism,” seeking to learn more about the underground world of hackers, who they are (so to speak), what motivates them, why it continues and why … Continue reading My Interview w/ Project Hacktivism (Europe)

Trump Revokes US Signature from Global Arms Trade Treaty, Which Bans The Sale of Arms/Munitions Into Known Conflict Areas

Two weeks after vetoing a Congressional resolution that would’ve banned the sale of weapons/munitions to Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump announced the US’s withdrawl from the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty.