CyberGuerrilla Releases Integrity Initiative Leaks Part 7, Detailing The UK’s Use of International Espionage Unit Referred To as The EXPOSE Network

Leaked documents expose how the UK utilizes something referred to as “the EXPOSE Network” to conduct political espionage abroad, collect intelligence, and use the information they uncover to counter-act negative press coverage.

Anonymous CyberGuerrilla Releases Integrity Initiative & Institute for Statecraft Leaks Part 6

CyberGuerrilla releases Integrity Initiative leaks round 6, exposing how the UK gave millions to intelligence contractors to manipulate public opinion in Baltic nations, making them feel better about the West & worse about Russia.

Review/Download File Archives from Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-5

Documents contain PII on 50 members of UK’s military intelligence, along w/ classified docs outlining the UK’s strategy dealing w/ Ukraine & the international Muslim Community.

Op-Ed: Need Any More Proof The Integrity Initiative Leaks & Institute for Statecraft are Real?

Last night Rogue Media Labs was asked to take down information contained within Part 4 of the Integrity Initiative leaks by a UK Government contractor, serving as definitive proof of how real the information contained within actually is.

CyberGuerrilla Publishes Part 4 of Integrity Initiative Leaks, Exposing UK Military Operations & Propaganda Campaigns Throughout US & China

Anonymous CyberGuerrilla releases part 4 of Integrity Initiative leaks, revealing informational warfare operations, coordinated propaganda campaigns in the US & China, while shedding light into how the Institute for Statecraft was funded.

Scribd Took Down All Leaked Integrity Initiative Documents, So CyberGuerrilla Consolidated Them All In One Place

After international authorities took down access to leaked documents relating to the inner workings of the UK’s Integrity Initiative, Anonymous CyberGuerrilla only made it easier to obtain/download the information.

UK’s Integrity Initiative Directed by Christopher Donnelly, Funded by Institute for Statecraft, Leaked Documents Show

Anonymous CyberGuerrilla releases 3rd leak tied to the UK’s Integrity Initiative, revealing information about its funding from The Institute for Statecraft, as well as its leader and their plans/campaigns for various EU countries.

Anonymous Europe – Cyber Guerrilla Leak Files from Clandestine UK Operation “Integrity Initiative”

Anonymous Europe has leaked classified documents outlining a UK based cyber operation going by the name the “Integrity Initiative,” used to counter-act Russian Propaganda and wage Information Warfare.

WordPress Violates US Publishing Law To Assist UK Propagandists

WordPress support has taken down parts of the Integrity Initiative Part 4 leaks from my website, defending/assisting UK propagandists whom publish fictional information while punishing a US journalists whom publishes factual information.

Responding To IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence’s Report Claiming Anonymous & Hacktivism are Dead

Recently IBM declared that Anonymous and hacktivism at large is dead, citing 2 cyber attacks in the calander year of 2018. Here’s an article putting into perspective how wildly inaccurate their research really was.

In One Massive Cyber Attack, Kurdish Hackers Hack and/or Deface 530 Websites Across Turkey

Several groups of different Kurdish appear to have come together for a massive hack of public, private and Governmental websites against the people of Turkey for their continued offensive in/around Syria.

Op-Ed: The Upcoming Trial of Julian Assange Is Much More Than A Court Case, It’s A Symbol of Our Time

I woke up this morning and had this on my brain. Sometimes being a content specialist, news writer and activists gives you a perspective few can understand, so I attempted to do my best to put you all in my brain as I sit here today.