DeClassified Docs from The CIA: Part 1 (PsyOps)

The following are a list of guides taken from declassified files from the Central Intelligence Agency and US Army. For the purposes of this article, I would like to include internal documents and subject matter discussing the use of so-called Psych-Operations “Psy-Ops” out in the field, as well as a review of the psychology of … Continue reading DeClassified Docs from The CIA: Part 1 (PsyOps)

Declassified Documents from CIA Reveal US Political Interference South America Throughout The Cold War

CIA wraps up 3 year long Argentina Declassification Project originally commissioned under Obama, revealing new insight into US Cold War Strategy.

Understanding The Weaponization of Modern Cyberspace & The ‘Secret World’ of International Corporate Espionage

A world that exists right in front of our eyes, that no one seems to see.

Google Fined by Russian Telecom Authorities, Faces Potential Banishment from Country

Within a 24 hours time span, Google faced Congressional inquisition/criticism for complying with National blacklisting laws in China, whilst getting fined in Russia for refusing to comply with theirs.