Agência de Tecnologia da Informação do Piauí Hacked by Shizen & Ftp

Shizen and Ftp of New World Hackers announced a hack of the Information Technology Agency of Piaui, Brasil, disclosing site vulnerabilities and SQL injection methods leading to the breach of 21 site databases.

l’academie de Grenoble Refused To Negotiate, So SHIZEN Dumps SQL Vulnerabilities & Exposed Databases Online

After days with no response, SHIZEN of Pryzraky releases website SQL vulnerabilities and site databases belonging to l’academie de Grenoble in France.

Central Bank of The Bahamas Crashed for +28 Hours by SHIZEN

This week hackers have launched cyber attacks against international baking institutions worldwide, and perhaps no bank was hit harder than the Central Bank of The Bahamas, which was taken offline for close to 30 hours by SHIZEN of Pryzraky.

San Jose State University Hacked, French National Police/DynDNS/Internet Brasil Downed by Shizen

This weekend Shizen was active in a string of international hacks, managing to leak database’s tied to SJSU and DoS French National Police, DynDNS France and Internet Brasil.

Baqai Medical University In Pakistan & French l’académie de Grenoble Hacked by SHIZEN

Earlier today a hacker going by the name of SHIZEN announced two hacks and subsequent leaks effecting l’académie de Grenoble in France and Baqai Medical University in Pakistan.

Responding To IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence’s Report Claiming Anonymous & Hacktivism are Dead

Recently IBM declared that Anonymous and hacktivism at large is dead, citing 2 cyber attacks in the calander year of 2018. Here’s an article putting into perspective how wildly inaccurate their research really was.

Hacker Doxx’s Suspect To Avenge Leak of Brasilian Federal Police

A hacker going by the name of Sharp3 leaks a full doxx of hacker Tr3v0r, sending his personal information to the inbox’s of all 249 police officers exposed by Tr3v0r’s data leak this morning.

Batticaloa Municipal Council of Shri Lanka Hacked, Site Databases Leaked Online

Hackers Shizen and Ftp of New World Hackers announce a hack of the Batticaloa Municipal Council in Sri Lanka, leaking administrator login credentials and the personal information of 100 officials online, including phone numbers, addresses, emails, passwords and more.

East Sac Community School District Hacked, Databases Leaked Online

Last night Shizen and Ftp announced a hack of East Sac County School District in Iowa, disclosing site vulnerabilities, root login information and sensitive information of school administrators online.

Rogue Media Labs Year In Review

Rogue Media Labs was created on October 20th. Over this time I have managed to more than double my site traffic month after month, and have officially gotten accepted for inclusion into Google news index and verified on Facebook to run political ads ahead of EU/US elections.

Academia Nacional De La Historia De La Republica Argentina Hacked by Pryzraky

Earlier today members of Pryzraky announced a hack of the National Academy of History of the Argentinian Republic, leaking client databases online.

Data/Telecommunications Firm Digitel Brasil Hacked, Hundreds of Restricted Access Account Owners Emails & Passwords Dumped Online

Earlier today approximately 255 restricted access accounts belonging to Digitel Brasil were hacked and leaked online following a data breach of their web servers, exposing confidential records, messages, payment plans – et cetera.