Op-Ed: Understanding How The Future of Cyber & Data Security Is Directly Tied To History’s Strongest Banking Sectors

I haven’t really spoken much publicly about it yet, but outside of building my websites and publishing new material online, over the course of the last several weeks and months I’ve also begun the process of putting together different proposals in an attempt to launch my own cyber security business. More specifically, I’m interested in starting a data hosting/data security service with the possibility of launching a world class VPN service along side of it.

Knowing full well that this is a venture I can not successfully achieve here in the United States, I’ve begun approaching various international banking institutions and Government agencies worldwide to get a feel for how likely they’d be to stake and/or sponsor me with a business loan, as well as to gauge how different countries or Government agencies would react to my proposed businesses plan – which would essentially lock out all Government requests for data/information on all of my customers, something I’d also be unwilling to compromise on. This is also why I say that I could never operate my business in an ideal way inside the United States, because given this countries laws and current administration, it’s literally impossible to block to the US Government from seizing any/all corporate data hosted inside US borders or out if they really want it – just ask Microsoft or LavaBit about that.

To date, I have either sat down with or submitted proposals to representatives at Toronto-Dominion Bank here in New York City, the Bank of The Bahamas in Nassau, CBH Bahamas and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia. During my presentations I have essentially explained to each of them the same concept, which is the fact that one of the newest trends inside the cyber/data security industry is a switch over to countries with historically strong banking industries, because these countries actively host the most stringent business confidentiality and data privacy laws – something growing ever more precious for international cyber security companies, especially headed into the future.

Learn More – Country of Origin & How It Relates To Data Security Choices or Decisions: https://roguesecuritylabs.ltd/misconceptions-nationalism-and-security/

In my presentations, I’ve explained to them how it’s my intention to start a new business model capitalizing on data confidentiality laws in countries such as the Bahamas, by hosting data servers outside the reach or jurisdiction of invasive Government agencies – which are perhaps THE single largest threat to data security in the world today, right Russia? Think of the conception of my business in the same context as starting a new bank, only instead of securely holding money for customers I would be locking up and securing/guaranteeing data files. This is also a unique business model or selling point that no one on Earth is currently offering, which is why I believe I can be successful at it. For the purposes of this article, I will keep the methodology through which I intend to secure my customers data confidential.

As an example, here is a sample of an exchange between me and a representative of Toronto-Dominion Bank in New York City dated December 10th 2018:

Image may contain: text

And here is another sample of an exchange between me and representatives at the Bank of the Bahamas earlier that same day on December 10th 2018:

No photo description available.

And lastly, here is a sample of an inquire filed with Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 26th 2019:

No photo description available.

Needless to say however, despite however interested and/or fascinated they were by my proposals, no one has ever actually offered me a loan – and presumably never will. What’s interesting though is that I distinctly remember telling TD Bank in a sit down interview that I was afraid to put together a full research report for them, fearing that someone would think my business was a great idea, but would just reject my loan and use the information for themselves to advance their own agendas. As fate would have it, this also appears to be exactly what has happened – welcome to America.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I wake up and read a ‘new report‘ originally published by an Israeli based security firm known as Radware on February 7th 2019, entitled “What Do Banks and Cybersecurity Have In Common? Everything.” In it, researchers loosely explain how cyber security companies of the future need to begin thinking of their their brands, business and product much in the same way as banks do, employing the same safe guards to protect data as banks do to protect money. Essentially, their report is just a “bastardized” version of everything I had been presenting/proposing to international banks for month/weeks beforehand.

In other news, sure would like to see #OpIcarus keep rolling along……….. 😉

Exclusive: Remembering Ukraine’s Attempted Cover Up of Susan Rice & The UAE’s Illegal Weapons Shipments To Libya

Earlier this week I featured a report originally published by Amnesty International, discussing how various War Crimes are currently being carried by forces representing the United Arab Emirates in Yemen – primarily enabled by weapon shipments made available to them by the United States and European allies. As the report was quick to point out, nearly all of these arms transfers constitute violations of international law and various internationally negotiated treaties surrounding the delivery of weapons into War zones, especially in light of how these weapons ultimately wind up being used.

Now, I’m not exactly sure why it didn’t dawn on me until hours after publishing the original article, but the whole ordeal reminded me of a separate instance involving the UAE in 2017 – in which various international partners were co-conspirators in the violation of international law, also involving the illegal transfer of weapons and munitions from Western allies/powers to the UAE. For those of you whom do not remember, back in June of 2017 the UAE’s ambassador to the United States, Yousef Otaiba, had his emails hacked and leaked online by an unknown group hackers flying under the flag of “Global Leaks” – allegedly with close ties to Russia. Most notably exposed within the leaked material, at least in my opinion, were exchanges between Otaiba and then National Security adviser to Barack Obama, Susan Rice, discussing the arrival of “military equipment” to Libya in 2014 – equipment originally shipped from the United States but arriving in Libya via cargo planes from the UAE.

The Leak

While the emails have since been taken down, copies of the exchange between Rice and Otaiba read “MBZ asked me to inform you that we will be sending ‘equipment’ to our friends in the western part of Libya in the next 2-3 days. They will arrive in a UAE cargo aircraft and will be escorted by a UAE military contingent, just to insure safe passage. He just wanted me to give you a heads up this will be happening so that no one is caught off guard.” To which Susan Rice simply responded “Roger. Thanks.

As a report from Middle East Eye about the leaked material in question also outlined at the time, “while the words “weapons” or “arms” were not specifically mentioned, the 2014 correspondence roughly tracks a UN Security Council report leaked to MEE in June saying the UAE had illegally shipped weapons to rebels loyal to military leader Khalifa Haftar.” Explaining how “the UN has kept Libya under an arms embargo since the 2011 uprising that drove then leader Muammar Gaddafi from power, but the Security Council report details a “general increase in direct foreign support to armed factions in Libya” – including from the United States, the highest ranking member of the UN Security Council.

A later report presented to the United Nations in 2017 documented the arrival of 9 helicopters, 4 of which were heavily armed and designed for combat, a Mi-24 Hind gunship, a AT-802i single-engine light attack plane, as well as more than 500 military vehicles – including 90 armored personnel carriers. The report also details how, after its initial arrival, the AT-802i aircraft, originally designed to fight fires, had been re-fabricated and made into “a counter-insurgency and strike aircraft.” Moreover, following the conclusion of these initial deliveries, investigators also documented the delivery of 48 additional aircraft into Libya, all directly shipped to the country from the UAE between the years of 2014-2017.

As for where the ‘equipment‘ was actually delivered and to whom, the report indicates that the Libyan National Army (LNA) was the primary recipient – largely stationed throughout Eastern Libya, but heavily concentrated in the Eastern city of Tobruk. This is also particularly interesting to note because the country of Libya had been under a complete arms embargo by both the United Nations and NATO dating back to 2011 – quite literally making these shipments violations of international law.

Download Full 2017 Arms Report Presented To UN: https://anonfile.com/0db9idt1bd/pax-report-under-the-radar-arms-trade_pdf
2011 Arms Embargo from United Nations: https://www.legco.gov.hk/yr08-09/english/hc/sub_com/hs02/papers/hs02cb1-2642-1-e.pdf
2011 Arms Embargo from NATO: https://www.nato.int/nato_static_fl2014/assets/pdf/pdf_2011_02/20110927_110226-UNSCR-1970.pdf

The Cyber Attack Which Followed

Around that time, in September 2017, what I remember standing out to me most was coming under heavy assault from Ukrainian hackers – presumably for hosting screen shots of the leaked material well after Global Leaks had their domain shutdown and all of the content from it was scrubbed offline. I say this because the attackers attempting to launch cyber attacks against my website were all trying to leverage a single URL address, a URL address featuring my reporting on/of the leaked material described above. To this day, no one has ever gotten closer to hacking any one of my websites or social platforms than those Ukrainian hackers did that week, the week of September 15th 2017.

To accomplish this, hackers launched something known as an Edge Side Includes (ESI) attack in order to execute a CrossSite Scripting (XSS) attack via the syndicated connection between my WordPress publishing dashboard and Twitter account. In fact, if not for the legacy No Script browser extension installed on my Mozilla Firefox, first alerting me to the attempted attack, the hackers would have actually been successful in getting through. What’s perhaps even more interesting to note is that I managed to absorb and mitigate these attacks a little less than 9 months before they were first “discovered” by researchers working for GoSecure in April 2018.

Fortunately though, as fate would have it, there was no soup to be had for those Ukrainian hackers/dick eaters, and not a single one of them ever managed to get through or take down my site. Still though, I contend that I learned more about website security/vulnerabilities that week than any week prior. So, in a messed up kind of way, I guess I should almost thank them for what they did – though I never could quite figure why Ukrainians were trying so hard to cover for Susan Rice? I also wish I could remember or that I had saved it somewhere at the time, because I distinctly remember tracing one of the IP’s behind the attack directly back to a mayor’s office/address in Ukraine – though I can not accurately specify which or to whom accurately here today.

While I did have to blacklist the entire country of Ukraine to seal off portions of the attack at one point, Rogue Security Labs recently mitigated a similar Varnish Cache attack in October 2018 – essentially utilizing many of the same methodologies to mitigate the attack as I once did for Ukraine’s ESI and XSS attacks in 2017. If you would like to read more about these strategies, as well as how to implement them for yourself, you are invited to learn more through the threat analysis and security tutorial provided below.

Learn More – Advanced Caching Attack Spotted Targeting WordPress Owners: https://roguesecuritylabs.ltd/cache-attacks-wp-trashbin/

Browser Security Strategies – Including Mozilla: https://roguesecuritylabs.ltd/building-selecting-safer-web-browsers/

Transcript from IRC Chatroom Leaked Online Detailing Connections Between Guccifer 2.0, Donald Trump, Russia & The DNC

This afternoon I managed to stumble across an interesting transcript leaked online from an Internet-Relay-Chatroom attached to rizon.net. In the leak provided below, different hackers discuss Guccifer 2.0 and the 2015 hack of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), discussing different details surrounding the incident including how the hack was pulled off, what network infrastructure was compromised to make it possible, the different implications between the hack, Russia and Donald Trump, as well as how they are all related to one another.

The leak was interesting enough for me to post here today, especially because the transcript provides access to information and resources I have never seen before. For example, one of the URL’s attached to the transcript links directly to Guccifer 2.0‘s personal website, which has been updated as recently as within the course of the last month. This site also includes direct links to various file downloads stolen from DNC servers, as well as a whole host of other information chronicling the hack of the DNC, the media coverage which surrounded it and a timeline of events involving the hack and the prosecution of Guccifer leading up on through to today. Most notably included within the files are the DNC’s “Trump Report” and Barack Obama’s strategy guide for assuming Presidential office. Access to these websites and files is also provided below.

Transcript Leak from IRC Chat: https://pastebin.com/raw/xpmbHCM0

G-Space | Guccifers Private Website: http://g-2.space/
Guccifer 2.0 Year In Review – Published December 2018: https://disobedientmedia.com/2018/12/guccifer-2-0-game-over-year-end-review/

DNC Confidential Trump Report: https://anonfile.com/U9IfSds6b7/DNC_Confidential_Trump_Report_rtf
Obama Presidential Strategy: https://anonfile.com/Z8IdS2s4b4/Obama_Presidential_Transition_Strategy_rtf

How French Weapons & Political Support Enables Egypt’s Continued Human Rights Violations

(Le Monde) – On January 27, President Emmanuel Macron began his first official visit to Egypt. Relations between the two countries and presidents have never been warmer. Macron has justified France’s support for Egypt, despite the well documented human rights abuses by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government, by saying that France considers Egypt a bulwark against terrorism. Macron has gone as far as to say that “Egypt’s security is France’s security.

In the name of this friendship, France has sold many weapons to Egypt, overtaking the US to become Egypt’s main arms supplier between 2013 and 2017. In 2017 alone, it delivered more than EUR 1.4 billion worth of military and security equipment. France has provided warships, fighter jets, and armored vehicles, while French companies – with the government’s approval – have provided surveillance and crowd control tools. Last December in Cairo, French Defense Minister Florence Parly cut the ribbon with al-Sisi for Egypt’s first arms show.

When Macron has been criticized for his support for al-Sisi, his answerhas been that he wants to be pragmatic and “does not want to lecture” al-Sisi on human rights. But the issue here is not about France lecturing Egypt or a case of naïve activists unaware of the security risks in Egypt. The issue is about France directly enabling abuses and not respecting its own international obligations regulating arms sales, which prohibit arms transfers to countries where there is a substantial risk that they could be used to commit or facilitate serious violations.

The French authorities contend that they have only licensed military equipment as part of the “fight against terrorism” in Egypt and not for law enforcement operations. But as recent reports by Amnesty International and FIDH have demonstrated, French-supplied armored vehicles were used by Egyptian security forces to violently disperse peaceful sit-ins across the country. Amnesty International noted, “French vehicles were not merely assisting the security forces, but were themselves tools of repression, playing a very active role in the crushing of dissent.

Download Full 54 Page Report: https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/EUR2190382018ENGLISH.PDF

In response to the criticism, the French government argues that such exports were intended for the Egyptian military, not the police. But France should have monitored the use of weapons and equipment it exported, and there is no evidence that France put a stop to the weapons transfers once it became clear that Egypt had diverted their use.

In addition to its direct support for the military and police, the French government has authorized French companies to sell Egyptian authorities various surveillance systems for intercepting communications and controlling social movements. The Egyptian state’s ever-expanding surveillance has been used to target human rights and labor activists, LGBT people, political activists, and academics. Al-Sisi’s fear of social movements is so deep that in December his government even banned the sale of yellow vests in fear of copycat protests in advance of the anniversary of the 2011 uprising.

Even France’s claims that al-Sisi is essential to the fight against terrorism looks shaky on closer inspection. Egypt is indeed facing a dangerous insurgency by extremist fighters in the northern Sinai Peninsula, a historically marginalized territory. But the way the Egyptian security forces have countered this insurgency has been a textbook case of abuses that have not just violated human rights but alienated large segments of the local population that these actions are supposed to protect.

Egyptian forces carried out unlawful mass destruction of homes and forcible evictions of tens of thousands of residents in northern Sinai with little or no help or temporary accommodation for the people forced out of their homes. Human Rights Watch’s research shows that the Egyptian military and police have carried out widespread arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings, in northern Sinai while attempting to conceal these abuses through restrictions on independent reporting. Residents of the area told us that they no longer knew whom to trust. France is happy to whitewash these abuses in the name of the fight against terrorism.

In other parts of Egypt, the situation is not much better. Torture and enforced disappearances occur regularly, and overcrowded prisons with brutal detention conditions are becoming breeding grounds for radicalization, former inmates say. Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities have used the cover of counterterrorism to go after all forms of dissent. Egypt has not only banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but also secular groups like the April 6 Youth Movement, an activist group that played a key role in the protests organized against Hosni Mubarak in 2011. A March 2018 by the Interior Ministry portrays a threat to Egypt’s security emanating from groups ranging from ISIS to human rights groups, including Human Rights Watch.

By offering unconditional and uncritical support, France has made it harder to get Egypt to revisit its current approach. Despite the government’s massive military efforts, northern Sinai residents hardly feel more secure. Many displaced by the violence in past years have reported losing hope of going back home. According to data compiled by the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), the number of armed violent events in Egypt nearly doubled between November and December 2018 due to the escalation of the fighting between Egyptian forces and the Islamic State. According to ACLED, Egypt became the third-most-active country in terms of violence on the African continent in December, after Somalia and Nigeria.

In this context, one wonders who is being naïve in their approach to Egypt. The human rights groups who are documenting an out of control “war on terror” that seems to be creating more enemies by the day or a French government which keeps throwing weapons at a problem that seems to be getting worse? No one is asking President Macron to lecture al-Sisi, but rather to meet his own obligations to respect human rights. France should suspend all sales and provision of security-related items and assistance to Egypt until the government ends serious human rights violations, and Macron’s government should introduce effective end-use monitoring to ensure that France is not complicit in grave crimes.

This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on January 27th 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits & Tweets and videos added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

US Intelligence Community Publishes “Worldwide Threat Assessment” Report 2019

Yesterday, January 29th 2019, the US Intelligence Community released a 42 page report entitled the 2019 “Worldwide Threat Assessment,” explaining how cyber-threats continue to be the country’s single largest threat headed into the future- especially in regards to the 2020 Presidential elections. More specifically, the assessment decries that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran remain the US’s single largest cyber adversaries; the four countries most likely to engage in acts of cyber-espionage. Among other topics covered in the report include the ongoing tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, as well as discussions over the alleged demise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – a topic which has been hotly debated here in the US over the last couple of days, specifically because of the release of this very report.

Read Entire Report from US Intelligence:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2019-ATA-SFR-SSCI.pdf” title=”2019-ATA-SFR—SSCI”]

Exclusive: Hack of Sudans National Intelligence & Security Service Exposes Corporate Espionage

Earlier this week, January 24th 2019, I featured a report entitled “OpSudan: Corporate Data of Tirhal Taxi Service Hacked by Mr. Sniper” – explaining how Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on countless civilians/customers across Sudan had been compromised through a data breach effecting the Tirhal taxi service, including information on all of the companies sponsored drivers. At the time, I ended the report with a brief statement explaining how I had been unsuccessful making contact with the hackers behind the hack/leak – something which has since changed. Consequentially enough, this is also why I am writing this follow up report here today.

Read Original Report Here: https://roguemedia.co/2019/01/24/opsudan-corporate-data-from-tirhal-taxi-service-hacked-by-mr-sniper/

What I did not know at the time of my last article was that the information featuring Tirhal customers and drivers wasn’t stolen from the companies own servers. Rather, the hackers found/stole the information off servers belonging to Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS). Perhaps more importantly, while the hackers were inside their systems, not only did they find data from Tirhal being stored on NISS Government servers, they also found data from several other prominent companies operating within Sudan. For example, a separate taxi service operating out of Sudan going by the name of Alfalih.

In an exclusive interview with Rogue Media Labs, the hacker behind the breach and data leak, Mr. Sniper explains how “Alfalih taxi service is a company operating under the umbrella of a much larger corporation known as Alwasaaf – which is owned by the NISS with a controlling 60% percent share of the business.Mr. Sniper goes on to explain that his group decided “to hack the NISS to know the truth.” Adding that their hack of the NISS is how they first “discovered that Tirhal and Alfalih were leaking company data and information directly to the NISS.” For example, “these two taxi companies are sending everyday trip logs as daily reports to the NISS.

About the hack of Tirhal, Mr. Sniper explains that “we got company data from NISS servers first, which led us to information allowing for us to hack Tirhal directly.Mr. Sniper then explains how it appears to have been the intent of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service to develop a means of keeping track of people and/or their activities, movements and travel around the country – essentially for the purposes of domestic espionage. More specifically, Mr. Sniper explains how “the NISS was using their servers to build a system for tracking people using Tirhal’s data directly, using it to form Applications Program Interfaces (API’s).” Explaining that the information exposed by his groups hack includes “data on users info (customers), trips histories and live location/end destinations.

Mr. Sniper also explains how, in light of all the information his group has uncovered, they have no other reason than to conclude that Tirhal and Alwasaaf are essentially just undercover Government companies. This is only compounded by the fact that “the vast majority of Tihral and Alwasaaf’s employees all previously served in Kushite Integrated Company Limited, a corporation literally owned by the Sudanese Government.” Moreover, he explains, Tihral‘s CEO, Mohammed Elzakey is also “a youth leader in the Muslim Brotherhood” – a ruling political party within Sudan.

Further Screen Shots as Evidence – Tweets Since Deleted Offline:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 1 person

When asked if these companies are selling corporate data to the Government, Mr. Sniper explained “Basically they’re not selling the data,” rather “they just simply provide it to their business owners, aka the Government” – indicating widespread corruption at the private, corporate and Governmental level. Due to the large number of civilians involved in the data breaches, coupled with the fact that the hackers behind the breach of the NISS are Sudan Nationalists themselves, the group has declined to share the full leaks with Rogue Media Labs or the public in general, instead only releasing partially redacted sample screen shots of some of the data uncovered by his group.

Screen Shots from Hack:

In addition to data related to various customers and organizations across Sudan, such as was described above, hackers also managed to find the NISS‘s stockpile of various exploits, 0Days and hacking tools used to compromised other businesses both inside the country and around the world.

This is also the second such hack a major National Government Agency in Sudan, following a hack and leak of Sudan’s Ministry of Defense on December 28th by a hacking group known as the “Sudan Cyber Army/Sudan Revolution Soldiers” A hack which, among other things, revealed the personal email addresses of several Russian contractors being used by Sudan’s government for defense in the face of national protests calling for regime change.

Read More – Sudan Cyber Army Hacks Sudan Ministry of Defense 12/29/2018: https://roguemedia.co/2018/12/29/sudan-ministry-of-defense-hacked-by-sudan-cyber-army-site-database-leaked-online/

Download Data Stolen from Ministry of Defense (53.3 MB): https://mega.nz/#!xxFF2ABQ!DuDpFFnBgWmtI8fU-1YYFKfErUCD7Pi4IPLRFk7Cmgg

Example of Data Stolen – Since Taken Offline:

No photo description available.

WordPress Violates US Publishing Law To Assist UK Propagandists

Over the course of the last several weeks and months Rogue Media Labs has been heavily covering the Integrity Initiative and Institute for Statecraft leaks, going as far as to republish and back up as much information as possible from them onto my website to preserve the data. I did this for two reasons, first was to protect the information before it could ever be taken offline by international authorities and secondly, to prove a point as a journalist and show the world the type/quality of content I am willing to put out there.

I bring this up because on January 10th 2019 I was contacted by Dan Kaszeta, managing Director of Strong Point Security Limited in the United Kingdom, one of many parties implicated/exposed by the leaks. He had asked me to remove a section of the leak that contained his organizations emails address, name and bank account details, to which I responded that it is not Rogue Media Labs police to take down any publicly available information found on the internet – which remains a public domain; a public space. After being threatened with lawsuits and all that other “noise,” I explained to him how given that I am not the hacker whom hacked the documents, nor did I coordinate to hack, leak or obtain the documents myself, nor was I the original publisher of the leaks in the first place, I was under no legal burden to take the leaked documents down, nor would I face any legal burden for the information contained inside of them.

Therefore, whether Mr. Kaszeta liked it or not, the documents were staying online and there was nothing he could do about it – or so I thought. I say this because a few days after our exchange on January 17th 2019 I received the following email from WordPress, notifying me that they had corrupted my file, taken it offline and were threatening to take my website down in the future if I continued publishing more information/leaks like it in the future.

Email from WordPress:

No photo description available.

I have since made multiple attempts to reach WordPress support to appeal this decision, but have been unable to get through or so much as receive a response. I am appealing this decision because I am unsure how WordPress’s own Terms of Service are not in compliance with US publishing law, the same laws which legally allow me, and other like me, to publish leaks like this in the first place. I am not sure if they fully understand the gravity of their decision here, because WordPress is a US company and their ruling directly violates my rights as a journalist under US law. The problem should be clear for everyone to see.

I have attempted to explain to WordPress that there is a reason why US law enforcement authorities know they can not touch the file I published on my site or the website itself, as well as why they would have stonewalled the UK’s requests to take it down themselves. There is also a reason why law enforcement hasn’t even so much as attempted to contact me about any of the leaked files on my site, because they know US law and know that I am within my rights to publish them. I have attempted to explain to WordPress that they are simply being bullied and/or manipulated by foreign actors in an attempt to get them to disregard US law to advance/protect their own agendas. I have told them I take protecting that article and these leaks/files very seriously, as should they, because there is a principle involved here – knowledge is free and no one should be allowed to censor factual information no matter how rich or influential they may be, such as the case with Mr. Kaszeta.

In that spirit I also took the time to explain to WordPress that the Institute for Statecraft and Integrity Initiative are quite literally part of a UK propaganda operation, used to sow fake news/information across the world – including here in the US. I wanted them to understand that by taking down my file they were empowering/protecting foreign propagandists whom deliberately publish fake/fictional information, whilst punishing a US journalists for publishing real/factual information. Once again, a problem that should be clear for anyone to see. “Is that the stance you really want to take on this” I asked them? Apparently so, because not once have they responded to my appeal and the file remains down/corrupted on my website/media folder.

Regardless of whatever the big-wigs in the UK think or dislike about my website is irrelevant in this matter, and I do not care how much money/influence they pull. The fact of the matter is that my website is in compliance with US publishing law and I continue to demand WordPress re-instate the file on my website. This matter cuts straight to the heart of US journalism, and this is a fight I am not willing to lose – I dare any of the parties involved to be stupid enough to take me to court over this. If anyone reading this feels as strongly as I do, please express your concern/support to WordPress yourself.


Op-Ed: Need Any More Proof The Integrity Initiative Leaks & Institute for Statecraft are Real?

Over the course of the last several weeks I have heard many Americans around New York City skeptical of the Integrity Initiative leaks, essentially dismissing it as nothing more than just a “Conspiracy Theory” – typical America. People look at the name Institute for Statecraft and chuckle a bit, you expect us to believe that a classified Government organization would actually be set up to disseminate fake news and propaganda to boost up the English empire, and that it calls itself the Institute for Statecraft? That’s the dumbest thing anyone has ever heard of, sounds like something out of Harry Potter they say, so it must be fake.

This is exactly why I hate America, we are single-handedly the most unaware, oblivious and ignorant culture of people on planet Earth. Even when the truth is staring people right in the face, they still lack the intellectual processing power to see/understand it. After-all, this is literally the same population of people whom actually still believe that Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s own personal hand written emails are somehow Russian propaganda. Hmm, didn’t know that John Podesta and Hillary Clinton were Russian agents/propagandists! Whats that say about the Democrat Party then I wonder? Trying to teach the average American anything about the world of international espionage, or anything not related to sex, music or materialism for that matter, is utterly futile.

What’s The Rant About?

Over the course of the last 24 hours Rogue Media Labs has been in contact with the Director of Strong Point Security Limited, a defense intelligence contractor for the UK Government implicated within the Integrity Initiative leaks. While I will not reveal our entire exchange, in a message to myself, their acting director stated:

No photo description available.

This is not an isolated incident, I only had to personally back up these files on my website in the first place because they were being taken down all over the world – including on the very file hosting platforms they were originally uploaded onto. This is also a phenomenon which effected parts 1-3 of the Integrity Initiative leaks, which is why CyberGuerrilla had to republish them all again a second time consolidated into 1 singular file posted through AnonFile. This is also why I have had to personally host part 4 of the leaks myself, in a location where no one in the world could possible take it down – my personal website.

Integrity Initiative Leaks 1-3: https://roguemedia.co/2018/12/20/scribd-took-down-all-leaked-integrity-initiative-documents-so-cyberguerrilla-consolidated-them-all-in-one-place/

Integrity Initiative Leak 4: https://roguemedia.co/2019/01/05/cyberguerrilla-publishes-pt-4-of-integrity-initiative-leaks-exposing-uk-military-operations-propaganda-campaigns-throughout-us-china-2/

My rhetorical question to America is: if all of these leaks were nothing more than a conspiracy theory and the Institute for Statecraft isn’t a real thing, then why would the British Government be working so hard to try and scrub all of the material offline? Why would they even bother to contact and/or later threaten me?

On a side note, if you are not aware, I am currently living in a homeless shelter – where I also run this website out of. Just think about the gravity of what’s happening here. One of the UK’s biggest military/intelligence defense contractors, Strong Point Security Limited, is asking a homeless man for help. Moreover, they are asking a homeless man to take down factual information about a secret government agency used to spread fictional information. Do you see how hilarious and/or pathetic that is? Then they actually wonder why the Russian’s are eating Western Democracies for lunch and why I wont take down the information personally.

My Policy Regarding Leaked Documents

It is not Rogue Media Labs policy to take down any publicly available information found on the internet, which remains a “public domain” – a public space. Additionally, as Rogue Media Labs was not the hacker whom hacked the documents, nor did I coordinate to hack, leak or obtain the documents myself, nor was I the original publisher of the leaks in the first place, I am under no legal burden whatsoever to take the leaked documents down or face any legal burden for the information contained inside of them. Therefore, no matter how much Strong Point Security Limited wants to pout and complain and throw hissy fits, the documents are staying up.

Lastly, a message to the wise. You want to mess around in the world of foreign relations, geo-politics and international espionage? Best believe you are going to become a target yourself. This is something perhaps Mr. Kaszeta should have considered a little more strongly before sighing his multi-million dollars contract with the UK Government. He was only a target because of the immoral work he was getting paid so handsomely to sow for them.

Leaked Documents They Want Me To Take Down:

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Op-Ed: Understanding How Trump Was Accidentally, On Purpose, Elected by The ‘Mainstream’ Media

Step 1: How News Websites Make Money

To understand how this really happened, you have to understand how the online news industry makes money. Essentially, online newspapers make money by selling advertising space. The more people that visit your website and the more people that click on any given advertisement(s) contained within it, the more money that site makes. What you should also understand is that some advertisers will also pay “per-click” or per view, meaning that every time an article is clicked on or read, the website will generate a small bit of money for you having seen that advertisement featured on it – even if it is only a few pennies. Therefore, theoretically, the more articles you produce the more money you can make. That’s how many sites “mined” advertising revenue in the past and into the future.

This practice was at the heart of the “Fake News” epidemic and “Prop or Not List,” and I know this because I used to source content to 4 websites featured on that list from 10/2015-11/2016. However, it always used to bother me to see some of my most important articles featured next to advertisements like “Click Here: See Which Child Celebrities Grew Up To Be Obese,” or “8 Tips To Increase Penis Size” directly beside my work. In fact I hated it, but I also knew I was only getting paid to write those article in the first place because of those very advertisements – such is/was “Show Business.

Step 2: How To Generate More Money by Increasing Site Traffic

With that established, you then need to understand the art of “SEO” or “Click-Baiting.” While both can technically be considered skills, only one of which do I really consider a legitimate business practice. For the purposes of this article I would like to focus on the concept of baiting people to click on articles, by generating the most inciteful, over the top, belligerent and/or emotionally charged headlines as possible. This is done simply to cater to a particular audience, get people riled up and engaged, or make them excited/pissed off – ensuring that either way, whomever sees the article will want to click on it, even if for no other reason than to see what the hell is actually going on. Remember, the more people who click on any online article, the more money that article makes. That’s literally the only “goal” of a click-bait article, to get someone to click on it – the subject matter after that point doesn’t necessarily matter, really.

I once did an experiment. For example, who wants to read an article “How Political Partisanship Effects The Dynamics of Modern Democracy,” when they could read something like “Breaking: Hillary Clinton Fronted Child Sex Ring for Husband Bill.” It might be dirty, but I assure you the second article will generate at least 10x as many clicks as the first; 10x the revenue – that’s just the way the online/internet “culture” is, draw your own conclusions about society after that point if you really want. While that is an extreme example, I think it demonstrates the concept quite clearly.

Lastly, before you go ahead and judge, make assumptions or draw any wild conclusions about the websites I sourced content to or did work for, you should also understand that this was an industry-wide practice, from the largest American news corporations on down through the grimiest of Russian propagandists – and everyone in between.

Step 3: How Trump Coverage Was A Media Gold Mine

This concept is a little easier to understand. I mean, who is more polarizing than Donald Trump himself? Even on through today, just the mere mention of his name is enough to throw people into hysterical fits of rage and throughout the course of 2015-2016, perhaps no one in the world attracted/garnered more attention than Trump did. Keeping what you just learned about click-bait and pay-per-click websites in mind, Trumps media madness created a perfect, highly profitable, storm.

As I can personally attest, any article featuring something wild about Trump received astronomically more reactions, comments and reads than anything intellectual – thus those types of articles made astronomically more money. For example, here are two articles produced by myself in the summer of 2016, both featuring coverage of Donald Trump:

Intellectual Article:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Click-Bait Article:

Image may contain: one or more people and text

That was also not a fluke, that was the online news industry at the time. After long enough people almost couldn’t help themselves, Trump coverage generated higher ratings than any other topic – so people just kept on including/featuring it. The problem was that the money never stopped flowing in, and after month after month after month of non-stop coverage, soon enough America had managed to make it through the national primary and debate seasons, and there we were – left with Clinton v Trump for the US Presidency. As unbelievable as it sounds, no one knew exactly how it happened, I guess we all just got a little too wrapped up in corporate greed/money making and it just kind of sort of happened.

Controversy or craziness sells in the media, it is what it is really. Clearly that was what people in society liked/wanted, so news organizations felt obligated to give it to them – “Let Them Eat Cake!” The fact of the matter is that in 2015-2016 the news game was all about who could attract the most attention away from everyone else, there was nothing more to it than that. This phenomenon also wasn’t limited to online audiences, you best believe that from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to CNN and Fox News, all the major corporate news networks were in on it – Trump was a money making media goldmine for everyone.

Step 4: Why Foreign Actors Pushed Support for Trump

Russia. As for why Russia pushed support for Trump, there are two reasons. First was that the Russians knew full well how polarizing of a figure Donald Trump was within American society, and it has always been one of Russia’s primary objectives to disrupt American society – or at the very least make them feel “uncomfortable.” One of the primary means through which they go about accomplishing this is by going around sowing “Discord” or “Anarchy” around society. For example, remember when Facebook revealed that Russian advertisers had bought adverting space to heavily push support for Black Lives Matter protests, but targeted those advertisements directly at political conservatives and white supremacists online? Or when Facebook revealed how Russian advertisers had pushed heavy support for alt-right material, but targeted it exclusively to/at political liberals?

Read More – NATO’s Handbook of Russian Information Warfare: https://krypt3ia.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/fm_9.pdf

The second reason why Russia favored Trump was because Vladimir Putin knew that Trump would be more sympathetic to Russia’s concerns, and less likely to engage the country in various political battles or world affairs – such as has been the case in Syria. There is also no denying that Trumps political platform was certainly more favorable towards Russia than Clinton’s was, for example. In other ways, Vladimir Putin also suspected that he may have been be able to socially manipulate/engineer Trump, especially given Trumps “alleged ties” to Russian businesses and Oligarchs throughout the past. It also didn’t hurt than many of Russia’s closest allies also considered the theoretical election of Donald Trump to signal the literal downfall of the United States as they knew it.

China. In April 2016 I remember coming across a report featured by The Wall Street Journal, discussing statement’s given by China’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei in regards to the projections of the US Presidential election later that year. More specifically, Minister Jiwei stated that he believed Donald Trump was an “irrational type,” whose election “would make the United States no longer entitled to world leadership” headed in to the future. At the time, he was the highest ranking official within China’s Government to make any such remarks. That’s essentially it, really. There were several world leaders and countries all over the world who though the election of Donald Trump would be a giant joke, and the worst possible outcome for the American public – so Chinese social media farms and Russian propagandists went “All In” to try and get him elected – the rest is history.

Read More from Harvard University – How the Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument: https://gking.harvard.edu/50C

Step 5: The Accidentally, On Purpose, Election of Donald Trump

I don’t necessarily think anyone ever actually expected Donald Trump would eventually become President one day, let alone himself. In retrospect, our enemies were simply just trying to make fun of and divide American society, whilst also trying to set this country/international relations back decades by electing him. Here in America, advertisers, corporate executives and news organizations were all just simply trying to exploit him and profit off of all the attention/controversy he garnered, and Trump even once admitted behind closed doors that he only decided to run in the first place for “the lulz” of it all.

It may have all been a giant mistake, it may have been an accident, or maybe Donald Trump really did earn it – who am I to decide? All I know that the fake news fiasco, Russian propaganda nonsense and click-bait epidemic spiraled out of control and snowballed into a force that fundamentally altered the course of human history. All the world should now realize that, along with being the worlds single largest library, the internet is one of the worlds greatest weapons. It is not for naught my tag reads “Give me a website and platform big enough and I can move the world. The keystroke is mightier than the sword.” With that, I bid you adieu, stay classy mis amigos 😉

FBI & 10 US Federal Agencies Sued In Class Action Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit

Having been heavily entrenched in this industry for the better part of the last 4 years, one of the most interesting themes I keep running across are the outright illegal actions of the US Government, and how various agencies, offices and departments operating under its umbrella continue to get away with or justify their use of Black-Hat hacking in “law enforcement” and/or “national security.” What I mean to say is that in accordance with the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, any unauthorized access to another persons devices, online accounts or computers is a felony. Quite literally, that’s the law -at least if you are a US civilian, that is.

It is also a generally known fact that many, if not most of the worlds most dangerous hackers work directly for various Governments – including here in the US. In fact, you might recall a 2016 documentary by VICE News entitled “Cyber War,” in which a current NSA contractor accounts his first day at work, explaining how he was sat down in front of his computer and told by his supervisor nothing more than “go be a hacking God.

In that spirit, you might also remember how the FBI had to lobby Congress to pass new Amendments to Rule 41 after their investigations into PlayPen was ruled unconstitutional and illegal, allowing pedophiles to walk free? Or remember when the FBI payed Celebrite to hack Apples iOS in 2015 after the company declined to unlock their devices? Or when the FBI payed another 1 million dollars to develop an exploit to Tor? How about the fact that, under Barack Obama, the CIA was caught illegally wiretapping Angela Merkel and other US allies in Europe? Remember when the CIA hacked the FBI’s biometric databases while the FBI was actively engaged in a lawsuit for keeping this data secret from the US public? How about when the Russian Shadow Brokers stole illegal hacking tools and exploits from the NSA before selling them online? Or when Wikileaks released the contents of Vault 7, exposing dozens of illegal hacking tools and exploits used to conduct cyber espionage operations around the world and here in the US?

My point here is, our Federal Government is completely illegal and out of control – operating with absolutely no accountability or oversight whatsoever, breaking the same laws that they use to govern society. Not only have these agencies gone on to loose control of the very illegal hacking tools and exploits they’ve secretly manufactured, but they have also landed these tools straight into the hands of some of our countries greatest enemies – jeopardizing our very National Security because of our own reckless ambitions to “Clandestinely” ‘hack the world.’

Image result for hack the world

To this effect, the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU), Privacy International and the University at Buffalo Law School’s Civil Liberties & Transparency Clinic have recently just filed a class action Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against 11 US Federal agencies and department over what they deem to be their use of “legalized hacking” against US citizens. Officially filed in a District of New York court room on December 21st 2018, at the very least, the lawsuit hopes to discover what exactly the US Government’s logic is for carrying out so many hacking operations here in the US, knowing full well their actions would be considered felonies if anyone else in public did the same things. They also hope to uncover the methodology through which the Government goes about selecting targets and what safe guards, if any, are in place to prevent abuses.

According to a joint press release posted to their website, the ACLU explains that “the lawsuit demands that the agencies disclose which hacking tools and methods they use, how often they use them, the legal basis for employing these methods, and any internal rules that govern them. We are also seeking any internal audits or investigations related to their use.” The US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Justice, Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Border Control, Internal Revenue Service, Secret Service, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Treasury are all implicated in the lawsuit.

Download Lawsuit Here: https://www.aclu.org/sites/default/files/field_document/pi_v._fbi_-_hacking_foia_-_complaint_-_as_filed.pdf

Full Copy of Lawsuit:

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Citizens Count Caught Censoring Online Political Commentary

** UPDATE: Citizens Count did re-instate my first comment back on their page this morning **

If you’ve read my biography under the editors section here on this website you would see that I included a sentence or two about being a featured author on the New Hampshire based political website Citizens Count, formerly known as The Live Free or Die Alliance. Admittedly, after attempting to flee the country and move to the Bahamas this April, I hadn’t checked in lately. But today I decided to stop by and post my first comment in nearly 8 months, only to have it immediately deleted off the web page entirely.

Interestingly enough, I couldn’t help but notice that Citizens Count has also had their official Facebook verification badge removed/revoked since the last time I visited, suspected because of this very behavior. In retrospect, it was probably even a worse idea to delete my comment, the comment of a verified news website owner, because now I am going to throw a mini ‘hissy fit‘ about it and start writing a story about it. If they are lucky, I may even pay to boost it throughout New Hampshire – lulz.

While the message has since been deleted, I had wrote about why I stepped away from the website for so long. Explaining that I was forced to apply for political asylum in two countries after being endlessly persecuted by liberal extremists and corrupt police officers in Henniker, NH. Adding that I am now more focused than ever because of the experience, and now have every intention of coming for every single one of these peoples jobs in the future. If Citizens Count has any doubts as to the validity of my statements, I invite them to ask the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. In written statements on record, under penalty of perjury, I was willing to testify how the Henniker Police force was a corrupt and nepotists police department, full of officers whom refused to do their jobs or arrest people if it involved personal friends or family – statements I also re-affirmed with International Police in Lyon, France, also on record, earlier this summer.

The sad thing is that The Live Free or Die Alliance started out with intentions of being an open source community of citizens working together to resolve important political issues and debates out in the open – at one point they even offered to have me help build their online forums. However, years after the fact, after a new change of name, logo and direction, it seems clear that the website has only succumbed to the same political partisanship that has destroyed civil dialogue in this country for the better part of the last two years, and the website is now run by liberal activists simply trying to make other liberals seem more important or in charge of all political dialect – including the immediate deletion of my comment simply for being critical of NH Democrats. Such a shame.

Wikileaks Releases “US Embassy Shopping List,” +16,000 Procurement Requests/Documents Released from US Embassies Worldwide

Less than 24 hours after Twitter locked Julian Assange and Wikileaks staff members out of their online accounts, perhaps in anticipation of this very event, Wikileaks announced the release their latest leak. Officially entitled “US Embassy Shopping List,” the leak contains access to a searchable database of over 16,000 procurement requests posted/received by United States embassies around the world. While the majority of documents are rather mundane in nature, some of them shed light on some very interesting material/topics, including the US’s sponsorship of mass surveillance programs and operations – documenting the distribution of spy equipment to various countries around the world.

Not only do the documents shed light into what the US Government does with at least some of its seemingly endless foreign aid, it also shows the true extent to which so many countries and Governments around the world are utterly dependent on US assistance – having to suckle at the US Government’s tit for even the most basic of jobs/tasks. About the leak, as was explained by Wikileaks in a press release dated December 21st 2018:

All US embassies post requests for quotations and job listings on their websites when they need to purchase goods or services. In some cases, these requests may hint at covert activities performed by US agencies in the country. For example, in an August 2018 procurement request forTactical Spy Equipment,the US embassy in El Salvador asked vendors to provide 94 spy cameras, most disguised as everyday objects such as ties, caps, shirt buttons, watches, USB drives, lighters, and pens. Similar spy cameras were also requested by the US embassy in Colombia.

The majority of the procurement requests focus on mundane activities required for the day-to-day operation of embassies and consulates, such as construction projectslaundry service, and gutter cleaning. In one case, the US consulate in Guayaquil, Ecuador lost track of the number of fish in its fishpond and needed someone to count the fish and clean the pond. Interspersed among these banal requests are documents that provide insight into the priorities and agenda of the US Government abroad. For example, to promote trade interests in China, the US consulate in Shanghai requested the production of “three marketing and promotional videos that highlight U.S. beef quality”.

Even the banal requests may be worth scrutiny because numerous secret programmes are operated out of US embassies. WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 publications showed that the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence runs a covert hacking base out of the US consulate in Frankfurt and the documents disclosed by Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA and CIA jointly operate a covert signals intelligence programme called the Special Collection Service, which uses US embassies around the world as bases for interception of communications and clandestine operations. These procurement documents do not appear to include details related directly to these programmes, but they do include information about the actual activities of the divisions used as cover for CIA programmes, note which jobs require security clearance, and provide clues about the existence of infrastructure that may be potentially useful to US intelligence services operating abroad, such as the data center at the Frankfurt consulate.

While these procurement requests are public information, they are only temporarily linked to from US embassy websites while the request is open. But even after the links to the requests are removed, the files remain online. This is because all US embassies use WordPress and the procurement documents are stored in their WordPress uploads folder. So although older procurement documents may not be obviously available, the WordPress uploads can be searched via both the search function on the embassy’s website and third-party search engines. The US Embassy Shopping List preserves these requests and makes them more accessible by collecting the documents uploaded to US embassy websites, filtering for the procurement-related files, and presenting them in a searchable database.

Browse Entire Procurement Database Here: https://shoppinglist.wikileaks.org/