Op-Ed: Boomers v Millennials (2019 US Presidential Election Version)

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve done everything humanly possible to distance myself from the US Presidential election and all of the hoopla surrounding it – at least while we are still in the calendar year 2018, that is. But riding back from work the other day I couldn’t help but hear the man on the radio say “Bernie Sanders is now fully recovered from his heart attack.” To which I made the remark to my boss, “Bernie Sanders had a heart attack?” Not so sarcastically adding, “well that must have finally put a nail in the coffin of his political career?” My boss responded with a laugh and “you’d think.” To which I responded “I’d hope. I mean that makes his Vice Presidential pick particularly important, doesn’t it?

Now, I may not ever vote for Sanders once day but that doesn’t mean I look at him as the enemy or hold bad feeling towards him. My social commentary was specifically in regards to age and how it effects work performance, such as in the most stressful job in the entire world; the US Presidency. Bernie Sanders is 78 now and the November 2019 election is not even 1 year away at this point, yet he is already having heart attacks over stress in the Democratic prelims to the elections? How the hell can any voter, even his closest followers, now justify voting for this man to become the Nations next President for the next 4-8 years? I mean, he literally almost just died of old age – not so far away from John McCain’s death either. In this instance, Bernie Sanders Vice Presidential pick might just be who you are voting for in the 2019 election, not for the man (candidate) himself – which is a dangerous thought/notion, and not an unjustified one either.

For the life of me, I just can not understand. How long has Bernie Sanders served in Office? How long have some of his counterparts like Joe Biden? Almost 50 years now! When will enough be enough? When will they ever retire or step away from their power trip? I mean, you only have to be 35 years old the run for the Presidency, so why are all of the leading candidates and the current incumbent more than twice as old as that? It just madness to me. Regardless, it reminds me of an old opinion editorial I wrote a few years back as an onlooker to the US primary election season, leading up to the 2016 US Presidential debate. I believe its sentiments hold equally strong then as they do today, which is why I am releasing it here for this website again today.

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Boomers v Millenials (4 Pages)

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The Modern Facsimile of Subjugation

Ever since humans have been humans we have always attempted to subjugate ourselves in some form, shape or way. But ask yourselves, why do you think that is? I begin thinking about the origins of the Fascist Party of Italy under Mussolini in World War II, neighboring the Vatican and remnants of the great Roman Empire – perhaps the two most powerful forces of subjugation humanity has ever realized. Regardless, whether it be politics or religion, or both, everyone all seems to come to the almost subconscious understanding that humans need to be controlled in some way, we need to be conformed, herded, subjugated or otherwise controlled in some way. But why?

I believe it’s because it’s the unspoken truth that humans are inherently or naturally, bad, negative, self destructive, evil or some other facsimile. Humans need to be told what to do (laws), what not to do (Bible), how to behave, how to dress, how to learn, how to do everything. Without structure, it appears as though humanity would literally tear itself apart. I mean, we’ve already been at this a few hundred thousand years now and still look at all our Wars and conflicts – humans just cant be controlled or tamed, even by ourselves. Even God himself was so disgusted with humanity and how it behaved that he once tried to drown us all off the Earth for all time – in vain.

It just begs the question, why are humans the way we are, why are we such a cancerous and vile organism? If your religious, even your own God can’t answer – he’s already tried to kill you for being you. And if you’re political, just keep making new laws – I’m sure you’ll solve humanities problems there one day, just sign one more bill into law buddy!

But it makes me think about how things change, or how people try to change things. I mean, look at World War II again and why it was fought, why the Fascist Party even rose to begin with. Over population, poverty, inflation, food shortages and anarchy. Whether it be breeding or consuming, humans and humanity can not be stopped – so they much be controlled, right Mussolini, Hitler, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Churchill? I don’t know why, but when depopulation agenda’s, War and fascism don’t work, what’s really left? What’s the next evolution of subjugation of humanity to take?

For me at least, the answer is far more obvious than anyone may care to realize…..

When War and depopulation don’t work, what does? Contraception and Planned Parenthood? One is certainly less violent that the other. Empire after Empire has taught humanity that you can not control society or humanity by attempting to hold it down or constrict it forcefully, so what else can be done? What if we began controlling society with vanity, materialism, or luxury than austerity. Give the people a little bit more, make the people happy and in return slowly coerce their silent obedience, rather than proactively demand or force it upon them outright. Such is a much less violent means of controlling a population than Fascism and War isn’t it? It is quite sedation, rather than a forceful exercise – all accomplishing the same means as the other ends.

They say modern slaves do not exist in chains, we exist in debt. That from the time we are born we are born into a slavery we cannot see, but all still experience everyday. We are quite literally owned by our Government and stamped with a Social Security Number, CPF (Brasil) or some other facsimile upon birth. Owe too much child support? Owe the US Government too much money? Good luck getting a Passport, you’ll never be allowed to leave these borders. Still think you are free, or living in the land of the free?

Related image

We are not living in the Matrix. The greatest secret of modern time is that the global elite, or whatever you want to call “them,” are no longer farming crops on plantations, they are farming economies from Governments. It’s not just Jews or Africans doing the dirty work anymore, its each of us and it is all of us.

Obey. Consume. Reproduce and Pay your taxes. Stay ignorant, dumb and lazy. Don’t learn to much, don’t question anything or ask too many questions, and we’ll do our best to keep you happy, fat, entertained and distracted from the realities of the world.” – The Puppeteers –

Go to school, learn, grow up, get a job and start earning money, pay your taxes. Your whole life/survival is not longer about your basic instincts, it is about playing by the rules, obeying the system and making money. Without money, you’ll never survive. But regardless of your survival, at all times your life/existence is making someone else money .Your job, your paycheck, your taxes, your children, your life; your very existence makes your Government money. It is why you exist here, it is why you are an economic slave – to produce for your country. Don’t conform, obey or play by the rules and have to be discarded from society by going to prison? Your still making your Government money. The US Justice Department gets on average over $40,000 per person it locks up, all stolen from the taxes of people it doesn’t lock up. Ever wonder why the US has the largest number of incarcerated citizens on planet Earth?

Your life is nothing more than an economic prison, whether you obey and play by the rules or not. The elite no longer care about forcing people to do something the hard way to make a profit, they’ve moved on to coercing them to to it voluntarily, secretly, slightly, mechanically. Sure it may be a little more “expensive,” short term profit margins may go down, but isn’t that worth the toil fighting and bloodshed Communism and traditional slavery has sowed for thousands of years? Capitalism is the new slavery.

A Schizophrenics Take on Philosophy, Politics, Contemporary Societal Issues and Other Nonsense

Here’s the complete, rough draft, version of the book I have been working on ever since getting out of the psych ward the last 64 days. Please note I have to have an editor do final edits, but it is all there, nothing will be added or taken from it. The book can kind of get random in some places and maybe no all of it is pure, traditional philosophy, but it gets the job done. It’s a compilation of the last 5 years of my life and I hope you enjoy, you will never ready anything like this every again so…..

Download Full Book: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Schizophrenics_Take_On_Society__Philosophy.pdf

Browse all 153 Pages:

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A Brief Look Into My Mentality Right Now & Motivations Over The Years

So, this article will be short and sweet. I wanted to write it after listening to a song I never heard before, because I wanted to share the lyrics somewhere and didn’t have anywhere else to put them. The opening part of the song is like my own emotions right now, that I couldn’t write any better if I wanted, so I’m including them below. Just to make this article a more unique experience, I’ve included a couple other videos that have inspired my ongoing mentality on through to today – because they make me angry and want to change things/people. Hope they may inspire you too.

Almost all my life they told me that I couldn’t
Dreaming every night, they told me that I shouldn’t
That I’ll never reach the top, no one knows I exist
But I kept fighting, kept grinding every day
And I kept writing everything I had to say
Now they wanna shut me up, shut me in, shut me out
But it’s different when you never had a voice
When no one ever listened, so you never had a choice
Never had a path, only people in your way
Never had a mask or a reason to be fake
All you had was you and a reason to succeed
All you had to do was keep believing in the dream
All you ever knew was being weak and on your knees
But you’re only gonna lose if you don’t learn from your defeats
Yeah, gotta make the world know my name….

….I wish I could go back, back when we were kids
When everything had passion with everything we did
Everything was honest, everything that we were promised
And the thought of what we wanted is what makes it so ironic
That it’s different than the shit we were told
How the rules were written, how the story really goes
“Everyone’s your friend, everyone has a chance”
So everyone pretends that they really give a damn
Man, fuck that, nothing’s ever what it seems
People stepping over people, people preying on the weak
‘Cause it’s business and we’re feeding the machine
Time is money, money’s living, so we live with the disease
What happened to the magic? What happened to the thrill?
What happened to the passion, the way we used to feel?
All we see is fashion, fame, and dollar bills
And now I’m looking back, I wish the world I saw was real….

….I woke up one day
With the world outside telling me I should walk away
But I can’t, I won’t break
I’ll make the world know my name

The ‘Rosenburg Files’ Tell The Tale of Why Anti-Fascist (Anti-Nazi) Servers Were Seized by German Ministry of Justice

So, I’m not trying to turn this next article into some masterpiece or spread any disinformation, but what I received in response to a recent legal request in Germany was certainly interesting. For those of you whom might not be aware, a couple weeks ago my anti-virus software would not let me connect to a website I visit nearly everyday – https://cyberguerrilla.org/. As a result, I reached out to some of my fellow “comrades” working there are received the following message:

Local Court Bamberg seized our hard drives from CyberGuerrilla Autonomous Nexus without notifying us or giving any reason. If someone in Germany could help us it would be appreciated we need reason why they seized our hard drives.

Local Court Bamberg for IP
File number: 1 Gs 2117/19 (710 AR 178/19)
Link: http://justiz.bayern.de/gerichte-und-b

Not asking for money but maybe you can find a lawyer (collective) in Germany to represent us (free of charge) to ask information on why our hard drives where seized on Friday 19 July. Basically only trying to figure out, that is why we started from scratch because court has all data concerning password hashes, key’s, certs, etc.

– With revolutionary greetings, General Secretary, Central Committee of the Meowist Party of the Soviet CyberGuerrilla Autonomous Nexus

International CyberGuerrillA Column

Well, it took me a couple days, but I decided to take on the task myself and proceeded to send out multiple messages to Germany Ministry of Justice in Bavaria where the files were seized. When that didn’t work, I then proceeded to try and reach out to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service – Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz – because I’ve worked with them several times in the past with much success. However, even they too denied any comments on the matter. Researching everything a bit further, I found that same error message posted by the webmaster of https://cyberguerrilla.info/ dated 2017. So, was it a mistake from my contact, did the webmaster date the material wrong, or did history repeat itself? Probably the first.

Interestingly enough though, the only thing I did get from all my exchanges was the document provided below. What makes it so interesting is that it’s a document which tells the tale of how World War II era members of Hitlers ruling Nazi Party were not only given Amnesty for their crimes after the War, but were then hired after the fact to serve in Germany’s Federal Ministry of Justice in the decades following the end of the War. As the report even eludes to, as of the mid 1970’s, more than 90 senior level members of the Federal Ministry of Justice, former members of the Nazi political party, were still serving office.

The document also tells the tale of Germany’s history of Nazi influence on the countries justice system. Once again, which was still occurring well into the 1970’s. Indubitably, these footprints or influences/impacts still exist to this very day. The document was published in reference to something called the “Rosenburg Project” – that’s the correct spelling. What’s interesting about that is the fact that you can search the Rosenburg Project on Google and absolutely nothing pops up, which means this information isn’t exactly mainstream or readily available – which is why I’m publishing it here today.

Lastly, tying everything together now, and this is just a guess, I think the reason why I was provided this exact information was for me to fill in the gaps? What I mean to say is that CyberGuerrilla is perhaps the single most visible and powerful Anti-Fascist platform in the world right now – at least on the internet anyways. As I’ve also previously explained, Anti-Fascisist’s are Anti-Nazi through and through, which is the whole reason why the Anti-Fascists movement even emerged in the first place during the years leading up to and through World War II – because of Nazism and peoples/countries allegiances to its ideology.

So, as I maintain, I think I was given this information to read between the lines – so to speak. Germany is seizing these peoples servers, Donald Trump is leading a movement to classify Anti-Nazi’s terrorists, and all around the world actual Nazi’s are the ones committing acts of terror – especially recently here inside the US, probably because of our, at best, Nazi-sympathizing President. Make no mistake, Nazism is alive and well in all corners of the world and has remained so ever since the end of the War – as the Rosenberg Files chronicle. As I’ve also already stated, the War is already here – choose your side wisely mi amigos.

Download Rosenburg Files Research Report: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Akte_Rosenburg_EN_Geschichtsband_1.pdf

Browse Full 46 Page Document:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Akte_Rosenburg_EN_Geschichtsband_1.pdf”%5D

Behind The US’s Use of Hacktivists Groups As Cover for Cyber Campaigns Targeting Brasil

As someone whom has covered hacking news and hacktivists quite heavily for the last 5 years now, I found many events which took place between the later half of 2018 and beginning of 2019 particularly interesting. For those of you whom might not have been paying attention, over this time period the country of Brasil came under heavy fire from seemingly every direction – with many local, state and federal political/Government agencies and organizations getting hacked/leaked.

However, as a hacking news journalists whom got many exclusives over this time period, what was particularly interesting to note were the people whom were behind at least some of these attacks. While some were Brasilians, such as Pryzraky, the longer all of the hacks went on, the more different groups began outing themselves as internationals – particularly Americans. Such as was the case of the group known as “Shadow Squad Hackers” whom were Americans and claimed they were targeting Brasil because they were “disgusting and dirty people.” They claimed they were targeting Brasil for know other reason that they “hate Brasil and Brasilians.” Many also claimed to the be former members of the US Department of Defense at the same time.

While those are just some examples, they were far from alone. As you can see by following the tag below, the number of new or previously unknown hacktivists groups targeting Brasil in 2018/2019 were almost too many to count.

Read More – Brasil Tag on Rogue Media: https://roguemedia.co/tag/brasil/

Why Is This Happening?

This is a two part answer. The first is the fact that Brasilian Government and political websites are far behind the rest of the world when it comes to sound cyber security practices. For example, the vast majority of hacks were all pulled off via SQL injection (SQLi) – because their website’s IT staff apparently doesn’t know how to block bad query strings. Upon further investigation, many political websites leave their login pages out in the open, on the front end landing page, making themselves an easy target for brute force attacks. Still even further, many of the smaller, local government websites don’t even utilize a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) – making them easier targets for DDoS attacks and defacement campaigns, of which there were many.


However, the second reason is far more interesting – geopolitics. What you may not know is that Brasil is a member/signatory the the BRICS Alliance. Built by an international outreach campaign by Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years, what you should know is that BRICS is built on a long term economic/military strategy to lock the United States out of South Pacific and South Atlantic trading routes, opening up trade routes for developing countries and emerging economies – such as Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

If you think about it logistically or tactically it makes sense, Brasil has potential for the largest economy in South America and sticks the furthest out into the South Atlantic, which gives them the best chance at controlling the South Atlantic and sealing out countries from doing business in those waters. South Africa, for example, can control the Cape of Good Hope – the only route for Western Countries to cross over the African continent and reach Eastern markets by sea. Moving further East, India could have full control over the Indian ocean and has already begun sealing out the US from shipping rubbage to their country. And still yet, further East, Russian and China have the military power necessary to completely lock out the US from reaching all Eastern countries if they really wanted – with an all out attack on Japan not withstanding (RIP).

With that established and with countless coverage of all the Brasilian attacks, along with interviews with each of the hackers and hacking groups behind the hacks, it is my firm belief that the United States Government was using “hacktivist” groups as a cover for the hacks of major political parties and Government websites across Brasil, as revenge for the Brasilians having signed new alliances with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government. Moreover, do you believe that all of these cyber attacks targeting Brasil occurring over the same exact timeline of the US’s attacks against Venezuela were any coincidence?

It is my firm belief that the US Government used these groups and these tactics not only to expose information on the Brasilian Government and its members, but also to show them how weak their cyber security practices were. As we already know, the USA does also have a long and extensive history of “meddling” in South America as well. Many of these attacks were no different, they just didn’t have computers in the 60s and 70’s.

Read More – Declassified Documents from CIA Reveal US Political Interference Throughout South America During Cold War: https://roguemedia.co/2019/04/20/newly-declassified-documents-from-cia-depict-interesting-timeline-of-us-political-interference-meddling-in-south-america-throughout-the-cold-war/

Here’s A Look At an Active Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit Against The US Government In Live Time

Sometimes I wonder why the US Government is so afraid of me? I mean, I applied for Clandestine work with the CIA, openly worked with the CIA on different occasions for various DarkNet operations, sent maybe 5 dozen+ reports to the FBI, worked with countless intelligence contractors and pieces off my old website were read to the US Senate Intelligence Committee. I just don’t get it, how did I become the bad guy all of a sudden?

I mean, is it the fact that I was trained/paid by German intelligence? They are “allies” – right? Is it the fact that I left the country, defected my citizen ship and became a political refugee in the Bahamas? Is it that I’ve been inside the Russian consulate and Visa centers three different times, each – the first time as a political refugee? Is it the fact that I uncovered a Russian staff member secretly working for the US while in there, and then sold them out to the FSB to show my worth? Is it the fact I’ve been in the French consulate twice and embassy once? Is it the fact that I can become a Russian citizen any day I want? Is it the fact that I’ve published about 100 leaks globally in the last 9 months alone? I mean, all of that is totally normal – right? Who hasn’t done that? 🤔

All humor aside for a moment, it literally can’t be any of those things. Well, at least the defecting, refugee stuff and political asylum parts that is – because I did all of that “ex post facto.” Unfortunately, the sad reality of my situation is that the US Government is quite literally spending millions observing me and sabotaging everything I do, chasing me from country to country, state to state, instead of just paying me thousands to work for them in the first place! Makes complete sense – right? I guess that would just be too simple a solution for them. But what do I know?

Well, after more than a year and a half now, with no end in site, I decided to begin the process of filling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the US National Security Agency (NSA) earlier this year. Of course, this began with a simple FOIA request which was expectedly denied – see below – and is currently in the appeals process. Once that appeal gets denied a second time, as I’m certain it will, I will then file a FOIA lawsuit to one up the request and put some more heat on them. Please note that I’ve redacted some of my own personal statements to the NSA in the copies of their response provided below.

NSA FOIA Denial Page 1:

Image may contain: text


NSA FOIA Denial Page 2:

Image may contain: text

NSA Denail Page 3:

Image may contain: text

Any of this sounding familiar to you? Sort of sounds like Tom Cruise’s “Rogue Nation Mission Impossible” spin-off perhaps? 😂 I swear, you really can’t make this stuff up!

Once again however, all humor aside, this is actually a very serious matter. I bring all of that up because you have to read between the lines here. If the technology or program didn’t exist in the first place, they would’ve just flat out denied everything outright and probably try and ship me to a psych ward for 32 days – oh wait! The fact that they can neither “confirm nor deny” the existence of the program/technology and can not “confirm nor deny” any of the people(s) targeted by it is actually a defacto admission that the program does exist – which I already know. They just use classification guidelines to hide their violations of article’s 4 and 8 of the US Constitution from the public’s eye. I know, such Patriots – right? 😏

Quite frankly, I don’t care if it all fails. I just want to share intelligence with the world/US, and show people the truth about things they may not have ever been aware of or heard of before – funded by their own tax dollars. After-all, even I know there is a reason the Government is doing this to me, my mind is a weapon and I pledge my allegiance to no one! This country was just to stupid to hire me.

🎆Merry 4th of July America! Damn Those British Sons of Bitches!!🎆


Russia Publishes Strategy Guide On How To Destabilize Itself, Documents Taken from US Army Research Affiliate

So, here’s an interesting bit of research I managed to stumble upon last night. Produced by the Rand Corporation for the United States Army and entitled “Over Extending and Unbalancing Russia,” the 12 page document details various strategies the US military could partake in to undermine, sabatoge and/or destabilize the Russian Government and its military – both within Russian borders and abroad. Interestingly enough, the documents were first published in Russia, not the United States, and it’s not exactly clear how they go them – but it’s actually kind of funny/ironic, especially given the subject matter.

For example, the Rand Corporation essentially ranks the likelihood of how successful a particular strategy may be. This includes theoretical options like increasing US troop presence in Syria to counter-act Russia’s military presence there, increasing foreign aid to Ukraine, manipulating China to be less receptive to Russian business in Asia, investing more heavily in space-based weapon systems – so on and so forth. Honestly, it’s an interesting look inside some of the private dealings of the US military, and provides an excellent example highlighting how the US Government outsources intelligence to contractors before ultimately making decisions. In a way, it is kind of a rare look behind the headlines – perhaps revealing details/insights into future US military decisions/strategies before they happen.

I could summarize more of the report for you, but why? I would rather just have you waste your time reading the intelligence documents for yourself – enjoy!

Download Document: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/411164498-RAND-Russia.pdf

Browse 12 Page Release:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/411164498-RAND-Russia.pdf”%5D

Russia Today Creates Online Test Asking Americans How Well They Know The US’s War On Terror

Browsing through the headlines this evening I stumbled upon a new test designed by Russia Today, asking Americans how well they know the US’s War On Terror? Interestingly enough, despite being a War reporter for the better part of the last 3 years, I only got 9 of the 14 questions right – a failing score of 65%. The test is simple and straight forward, taking maybe 2-3 minutes of your time. I do not want to give away any spoilers, because some of the information contained within the test is information that every American should know. Despite whatever you may think of the source whom created the test, it is an interesting and accurate way to consume information, facts and statistics you may not have previously been aware of – but really should.

Rogue Media Labs has managed to embed the test inside this article for you to take. If you would like to access the tests original location you can find it here: https://www.playbuzz.com/rtinternational/how-well-do-you-know-the-war-on-terror

Take Test:

Julian Assange Formally Charged With 18 Counts Under United States War-Time Espionage Act

Earlier today the United States Department of Justice made international headlines when it released a copy of a new indictment of Julian Assange, outlining 18 addittional charges against him under the Espionage Act of 1917. According to a statement from the DoJ accompanying the release, “Assange was complicit with Chelsea Manning, a former intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army, in unlawfully obtaining and disclosing classified documents related to the national defense” – ultimately resulting in “in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States.

Statement from DoJ Accompanying Indictment: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-charged-18-count-superseding-indictment?fbclid=IwAR09AGg1cbaYR9Tv5vtvVFfkOOqhrNljugx51tinxTt33B3AF2rgiKohpQk
Download Copy of Indictment: https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1165556/download

However, in response to news of the charges, Wikileaks and The Courage Foundation released a joint statement reading

No photo description available.

Additionally, Wikileaks and The Courage Foundation drafted an open letter to Donald Trump imploring him to drop all charges against Julian Assange – citing 1st Amendment violations which will surely arise from this trail. Wikileaks has released a copy of the open letter to the public, and are asking for all members of the public to sign the letter and show their support for Assange. At the time of this article, May 23rd 2019, there have been a little over 5,200 signatures about 5 hours after the letter was posted online.

Sign Open Letter To President Trump: https://defend.wikileaks.org/openletter/

Lastly, as the man whom provided Lauri Love with a defense ultimately resulting in his extradition to the United States being denied, I firmly believe that Julian Assanges extradition will also be denied – especially in light of these charges. I say this because Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, whom allegedly carried out the crimes he is charged with in Europe. As such, Julian Assange was never at any point in time under any legal burden whatsoever to comply with United States based laws – that’s just not how the world works. As I jokingly pointed out on Twitter earlier today, Italy for example has no underage drinking laws – but the US does. Therefore, Assanges extradition under these charges would essentially be the equivalent of trying to extradite a 16 year old from Italy for under age drinking in Rome – but here in the United States. See what I mean? It’s just never going to happen, no matter how “Butthurt” the US Government is that their classified docs were stolen/published.

Copy of Full Indictment:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/assange_superseding_indictment_1.pdf”%5D

Avaaz Network Discloses List of +500 Websites & New Outlets Allegedly Sowing Propaganda Ahead of EU Elections

Earlier today, just days before the start of European Union (EU) elections, the Avaaz Network released findings from a recent study/investigation, allegedly revealing over 500 Facebook pages and websites used to sow and spread political propaganda around the EU simply just to disrupt the legitimacy of EU election outcomes later this week. However, take the information with a grain of salt. I say this because George Soros, whom funds the Avaaz Network, is an open hard-left socialist – meaning that anything that is center to right-wing is considered propaganda to these people. The list itself is not much different than the now infamous “Prop or Not List” released by the Washington Post in 2016 – which later had to be retracted.

For those of you whom might not remember, my website and 4 of the websites I sourced content for were once originally included on that list 😏. Regardless, if you would like to see all of the propagandists allegedly operating around the EU at the present moment in time, you can learn more via the resources provided below.

Download Study: https://avaazimages.avaaz.org/Avaaz%20Report%20Network%20Deception%2020190522.pdf?slideshow

Browse Full Study:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Avaaz-Report-Network-Deception-201905221.pdf” title=”Avaaz Report Network Deception 20190522(1)”]

Brian Dunn To Sue United States Federal Reserve

While I did not get a chance to do it today, I fully intend on filing a lawsuit against the United States Federal Reserve for illegal lending practices in violation of US law. While the documents provided below are self explanatory and demonstrate my clear path to victory in this matter, you should know why I’m doing this in the first place. Truth be told, it’s because I know full well that the United States Government is on the verge of total and complete economic collapse. Both the people of this country and our legislators have nothing left, all we have is debt – because the wealth of this nation has been stolen from us by international bankers, crippling future generations with unplayable debt.

Perhaps most importantly, never make the mistake of forgetting that even though its technically called the United States Federal Reserve, the Central Bank itself consists of international bankers – whom have no loyalty to this country or its people. I refuse to let this country be destroyed by foreign banking cartels, and fully intend on exposing their corrupt lending practices for the world to see. Andrew Jackson destroyed the first Central Bank, it can and will happen again!

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” – Mayer Amschel Rothschild –

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson –

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