I don’t write poetry, but have. The last 2 nights, 6 separate trains of thought, 6 different moments – random.


Don’t take me personally
I pretend to be nice when I’m holding malice
I will have my revenge
I pretend to speak good when I want to destroy
The status quo cannot remain forever
I pretend to like you to make you think I do
I pretend to be grateful for things I despise
I’ll play dumb to make you feel smarter
I’ll fake weak to make you feel stronger
I’ll inflate your ego to make you feel superior
It’s all a lie
It’s all a show
I am not what you think
I want to be everything you want to fear
I want to be unexpected
To be underestimated
But how much longer must I hold back?
Its just the way my life has come to be
Does it make me hate myself more than you?
I have to use you how I can
It’s the only way to get by
Your psychology is putty in my hands
A weapon to be wielded
I wish I never had

You ask?

You want to know what’s on my mind?
Sometimes better not to ask
Sometimes better not to think
Are you sure you really want to know?
Or take it back as soon as you can?
Sometimes things are better left unspoken


I’m weak
I can see my body breaking
The skin
The hunger
The loss
My mind?
How much left to lose?
How much wisdom can be gained?
Maybe it wasn’t so much of a waste all along

Wasted Relaxation

I wait for the summer wind
For what?
What’s there to find?
Is there anything to lose?
I see no escape
Sitting wide awake
Always alone
Does forever always last?
How does it end?
Will I?


I’m too intense
I feel the rage
The hate
The pain
The struggle
The tragedy
Or is it motivation which consumes me?
To know what I’m fighting
It’s clear to see
Clear to me
Yet goes unnoticed in plain site
Forever hidden from the sheep
Stay asleep…


Everyone’s always watching
Eyes constantly on me
I see them
Do they see me?
What’s there to be noticed?
To be noted?
In darkness it should pass
So just I continue walking my path
None of this is ever meant to last

70 Years After Its Formation, Is The United Nations Just One Giant Failed Experiment?

(AI) – The UN Security Council must mark the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions this year by ending its catastrophic failure to protect millions of civilians around the world whose lives and livelihoods are routinely ravaged by violations of the laws of war, Amnesty International said today. Tomorrow (23 May), the Security Council will hold an open debate on the protection of civilians in armed conflict – 20 years after this goal was first added to its agenda.

Twenty years after the UN Security Council pledged to do its utmost to protect civilians in armed conflict, and 70 years since the Geneva Conventions sought to shield civilians and others from the types of atrocities committed during the Second World War, the picture is incredibly grim,” said Tirana Hassan, Crisis Response Director at Amnesty International. “The great military powers cynically boast about ‘precision’ warfare and ‘surgical’ strikes that distinguish between fighters and civilians. But the reality on the ground is that civilians are routinely targeted where they live, work, study, worship and seek medical care. Parties to armed conflict unlawfully kill, maim and forcibly displace millions of civilians while world leaders shirk their responsibility and turn their backs on war crimes and immense suffering. Russia, China and the United States continue to abuse their veto power by blocking draft resolutions that aim to prevent or stop atrocities from taking place. Every time this happens, they are putting innocent people living in these danger zones at grave risk.

In recent years alone, Amnesty International has documented a blatant disregard for civilian protection and international humanitarian law in armed conflicts where four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council are parties – Russia, the USA, the UK and France. The fifth, China, has actively shielded neighbouring Myanmar as it carried out war crimes, crimes against humanity and possibly genocide.

The disastrous failure to protect civilians has been evident in the US-led Coalition’s blitzing of Raqqa, Syria, that left more than 1,600 civilians dead; in Russian and Syrian forces’ wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure and lives in Aleppo, Idlib and elsewhere – forcing mass displacement of millions and amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity; and in the war in Yemen where the Saudi Arabia/UAE-led coalition, backed by Western arms, has killed  and injured thousands of civilians in unlawful attacks and fuelled one of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Somalia remains another of the world’s worst human rights and humanitarian crises. All parties to the conflict, including the USA, have violated both international human rights and humanitarian law. Despite ramping up air strikes in its secretive war in Somalia over the past two years, the USA failed to admit a single civilian casualty until an Amnesty International investigation prompted it to.

Israel has repeatedly targeted civilians and civilian objects during military operations in Gaza since 2008, causing great destruction and loss of human life. Between March 2018 and March 2019, Israel used lethal force against Palestinian protesters, killing at least 195 people, including medics, journalists, and children. Palestinian armed groups have fired indiscriminate rockets into civilian neighbourhoods in Israel, causing several fatalities.

In South Sudan and elsewhere, conflict-related sexual violence and gender-based violence are occurring at shocking levels. Witnesses and victims of a brutal government-led offensive in April-July 2018 in the north of the country described how civilians, including women, children, older persons and persons with disabilities were deliberately killed by gunfire, burnt alive in their homes, hung from trees and rafters and run over with armoured vehicles. Civilians were hunted down while fleeing into nearby wetlands, or rivers, as soldiers shot indiscriminately into areas where people were hiding and carried out attacks on islands where they had sought refuge.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported a record high number of civilian casualties in 2018, with 10,993 people killed or injured

Just last week, in Libya, Amnesty International documented how a fresh offensive on Tripoli has been marked by indiscriminate attacks and assaults putting the lives of civilians, including vulnerable detained refugees and migrants, at risk.

Nor is the record of the United Nations itself unblemished. In South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and elsewhere, UN peacekeepers have failed, on multiple occasions, to protect civilians facing deadly violence. A particularly reprehensible problem is that of sexual exploitation and abuse, with civilian women and girls being raped and assaulted by the very peacekeepers who are supposed to protect them.

Especially vulnerable people like children, older persons and persons with disabilities have also been targeted in particular ways in conflict – such as militaries and armed groups recruiting child soldiers or brutally assaulting those less able to flee during attacks on civilian populations.

Despite international treaties prohibiting their use, some states and armed groups continue to use inherently indiscriminate weapons like cluster munitions and landmines, which have been banned under international law for their impact on civilians. Others, such as Syria and Sudan have also used chemical weapons, which have no place in warfare.

Last year, the UN Refugee Agency decried the record-breaking figure of 68.5 million people displaced worldwide by armed conflict and other forms of violence.

Seventy years on from the Geneva Conventions, to have almost 70 million human beings displaced by wars and other violence reflects the catastrophic failure of world leaders to protect them,” said Tirana Hassan. “World leaders have all but abandoned civilians to the ravages of war. This week’s open debate in the Security Council must yield more than just posturing and empty promises. Concrete action is needed to reverse course, effectively protect civilians, stop war crimes and end impunity.

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on May 22nd 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and Tweet added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

France Threatens to Jail Journalists Behind Yemen Papers Leak

(Red Revolution) – The war on journalism has sunk to yet another new low with France threatening to jail journalists who exposed their nation’s complicity in the Saudi-led war on Yemen.

Last month, a series of documents were leaked to the investigative news website Disclose that exposed that French military equipment supplied to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was widely being used in the war against Yemen, a war that many commentators have called a genocide. The documents showed that top military brass was well aware of how the equipment was being used, despite the use in offensive operations being a breach of a 2014 arms treaty.

Learn More – Yemen Papers Release: https://roguemedia.co/2019/04/16/the-yemen-papers-classified-military-documents-from-french-ministry-of-defense-published-online-implicating-frances-role-in-yemeni-war-crimes/

The General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI) questioned the co-founders of Disclose this past week and accused the duo of “compromising the secrecy of national defence.” The DGSI are threatening the two journalists with five years in prison and a €75,000 fine for handling classified documents under a 2009 law that outlaws “attacks on national defence secrets.

They want to make an example of us because it’s the first time in France that there have been leaks like this

Geoffrey Livolsi, co-founder of Disclose, speaking to The Intercept

Disclose co-founders Geoffrey Livolsi and Mathias Destal, alongside Radio France reporter Benoît Collombat have all refused to reveal their sources, despite the pressure and threats of jail time, a situation with chilling echoes of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

While France has laws protecting the freedom of the press, these laws don’t extend to “state secrets” and critics have contended that press freedoms are under sustained attacks in the country, embattled President Emmanual Macron signing a law in 2018 that allows the French government to shut down any news agency deemed to be under “foreign influence,” a move that was seen by many as an attempt to silence international critics such as Russia Today and al-Jazeera.

There’s a chilling effect. It’s a warning for every journalist – don’t go into that kind of subject, don’t investigate this information.

Virginie Marquet, Disclose lawyer, speaking to The Intercept

A recent report by the United Nations revealed that the Saudi-led war on Yemen has been responsible for the deaths of a staggering 233,000 people, almost 1% of Yemen’s entire population and a number far higher than previously thought. Findings from the study include significant rises in the number of civilians killed through the side effects of war, with 131,000 having perished from starvation, thirst or disease since 2015. One child is currently dying in Yemen every 11 minutes and 54 seconds.

The leaked information led to calls from Amnesty International for France “to immediately suspend all arms transfers that could be used by any of the warring parties in Yemen – once and for all.

Browse Yemen Papers Release 4/16/2019:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Yemen-Papers-1.pdf” title=”Yemen-Papers”]

This article was originally published by Red Revolution Media on May 18th 2019. It was republished, with permission, through a mutually agreed upon publishing partnership between Rogue Media and Red Revolution. Formatting edits and pdf added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs.

#OpWhales: +200 Emails Accounts Across 15 Norwegian Companies Dumped Online In Protest of Faroe Islands Annual Whale Slaughter

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for something, anything, to start happening again with “Operation Whales” (#OpWhales), an international hacking operation largely led by the Anonymous hacker collective. In the past, particularly throughout the course of 2015 and 2016, #OpWhales was at one time considered to be 1 of the 10 most active/influential Anonymous operations worldwide, with several major hacks, leaks and defaces of multinational corporations – such as Nissan, whose country of origin (Japan) has historically been one of the worlds foremost exploiters of commercial whaling.

Learn More – #OpKillingBay: https://twitter.com/search?vertical=default&q=%23opkillingbay&src=typd
Learn More: #OpWhales: https://twitter.com/hashtag/OpWhales?src=hash
Learn More – #OpWhales Hacktivism History: https://anonhq.com/?s=%23OpWhales

However, at least from the perspective of a hacking news writer, #OpWhales has essentially been dead in the water for the better part of the last 2-3 years running – no pun intended. That was until I stumbled upon a leak tonight, originally posted online March 30th, by an activist going by the name ofJazzy Dolphin.

While it is uncertain what their motives were or what the common thread between all the companies implicated the leaks are, what we do know is that well over 200 emails across 15 Norwegian companies were named in the data dump. Presumably, the companies were named because of their close connections to the international fishing industry, in retaliation for #OpKillingBay which takes place on the Faroe Islands every year. As such, you are asked to spam bomb/email all of the individuals named in the leak, letting them know how disgusted you are with Norway’s annual “tradition” – demanding that the country put an end to it.

Companies Implicated Across Email Dump:


Full Email Dump: https://ghostbin.com/paste/jw9xr
Document Backup: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/jw9xr.txt

#OpGreenRights: LulzSecITA & Anonymous Italy Hack 7 Local/National Government Agencies & Businesses Across Italy In Protest of Industrial Air Pollution

Yesterday, March 3rd 2019, “LulzSecITA” and “Anonymous Italia” released a massive string of hacks, leaks and defacement effecting 7 local Government agencies and environmental corporations throughout Italy. Chief among them was a hack and leak of FederFarma, Italy’s National Federation of Italian Pharmacy Holders, a data dump strung out across three separate leaks, well over 600 pages in length, exposing the unique identifications and login’s of every registered pharmacist across Italy. 

Also implicated in this weekend leaks were Hydro Energia, an Italian company incorporated in 2011 with the acquisition of the hydroelectric business branch of CO-VER EnergiaMedio Novarese Ambiente, a company managing the services and transport of solid urban waste in the province of Novara, Nuova Salento Energia, a subsidiary of the Province of Lecce responsible for checking the combustion efficiency of heating systems, ABC Napoli, a water quality control service operating out of Napoli, PromoFarma, a sub-division of FerderFarma tasked with the collection of data on prescriptions of drugs sent from pharmacies to the National Health Service, as well as the Consiglio per la Ricerca in Agricoltura e l’analisi dell’Economia Agrarai (CREA), a National agency tracking intellectual property and research conducted by Agricultural industries across Italy.

Original Press Release 03/05/2019: https://anon-italy.blogspot.com/2019/03/opgreenrightsmai-stanchi-di-difendere.html

Not only were the hackers able to breach to databases of all of the institutions listed below, but the also managed to take down some of the sites and deface them with a cover photo of their operation. The leaks below are substantial, perhaps the largest release from the group since November 5th 2018. In a message attached to their leaked data March 3rd 2019, Anonymous Italia left the following:

Hello Citizens of the World,

Anonymous was born as an idea, an idea which unites the people of this world in our common struggle for human rights and freedom. Those same ideals also led to the birth of this faction of Anonymous.

Operation Green Rights is a summary of our frustration at seeing the human race subjugated by money, for which people commit to murder, exploit and oppress others, which undermines all principles of democracy and human decency, which should be the foundation for every modern civilization.

We have witnessed Wars for oil, methane, precious metals or simply just to control vast fertile areas and pastureland, subjugating people only for convenience, through commercial agreements for billions of Euros.

We continue to spend millions simply just to research nuclear wars, thus taking away funds for research on renewable energy. All this while oil tankers sink into the sea causing untold and irreparable ecological damage to our planet. Furthermore, we should all be aware of the ongoing global warming caused by the agreements under these policies. Glaciers are melting faster than we first expected decades ago, increasing sea levels. This is not to mention the ozone hole, which accelerates climate change, making it worse for the globes population, extinguishing hundreds of animal species.

The current policies of big corporations and governments, in exchange for money, are not only oppressing our rights, but also those of every other living being. We, like Operation Green Rights, want to say no to this!

But today we are not here to only talk about these issues, but also about how necessary it to begin improve the quality of the air we breath, and for this we must make further efforts, among which is the reduction of ammonia emissions – 95% of which is caused by the agriculture industry. We all know that the fight against air pollution is one of the cornerstones of environmental policies over recent years. However, the only sector which hasn’t demonstrated any progress is area is that of agriculture, which has taken no steps forward.

However, today we do not just bring attention to this, we are also fighting to raise awareness over air the very air we breath and further international efforts to improve its quality. For the purposes of our latest rounds of attacks, we fight to reduce ammonia emissions, 95% of which are released by commercial agriculture industries. However, while air quality has been at the forefront of international efforts over the years, one of the only commercial sectors yet to make a significant improvement or contribution is the worlds agriculture industry.  

It is not enough simply enough just to reduce industrial and vehicular emissions, we are now asking the same of agricultural lobbies, or at least the breaking down of or reduction in the use of nitrogen fertilizers, all the same as the other sectors demand.

It becomes futile to try and clean the air when companies continue to fill rivers and soils with tons of manure, medicines, fertilizers, disinfectants, nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates and other forms of waste byproducts from modern agriculture. We the people hope that all large lobbies, not only the industrial ones, but also the agricultural and intensive farming ones, all become aware of the serious damage they are causing to the lungs, heart and life-blood of our planet.

Operation Green Rights aims to create a safer and better world for our children, in a more civilized and cleaner world, with full respect for mother nature, which everyone can embrace with open arms. We want Mother Nature to continue living in a healthy way, promoting life with her beauty.

We do not stand for oppression, nor the blood shed in our streets in the name of greed.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forget.
We do not forgive.

Hydro Energy:

Target: hxxp://www.hydroenergia.it/
DUMP: https://privatebin.net/?2b62d41afde6dc34#Ygm0Jg2ftlWKpUoVQOp5gqUb9Aeg6o/5XMEUUwqPNsM=

Medio Novarese Ambiente:

Target: hxxp://www.medionovareseambiente.com/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?e2088c34a67a26ec#MBnUEiD11DXMu00L6ZbOsZA3cKu+2nGOmz4Xa4ZJixo=

Salento Energia:

Target: hxxp://nuovasalentoenergia.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?3b47363ba9fa8ca2#7MfpC7egsQT/Fl6fpQxbMcX1us2z8ltGQzRoN3PCEh4 =

Water Naples:

Target: hxxp://www.abc.napoli.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?8c6ed80589699412#hDGfe0R18R3S9KITtDTA3DgzgpKBKtb/c93WJT06t1U=


Target: hxxp://intranet.promofarma.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?aaea3bd50652d1c9#rNx0hLqrIDZq8N/fVCAM3UihjMUf0RgTRiHogakUihg=

Entecra – Italian Agency – Research Council on Agriculture and Agricultural Economics:

Target: hxxp://sito.entecra.it/
Data Dump: https://privatebin.net/?ba40b3987ac63a17#1e0U0rnQ8ujzwMy5J2X5Tg5VpFJpIpmKzs1AhROowSU=


Target: hxxp://messina.federfarma.it/

Data Dump 1: https://privatebin.net/?edfa86c0a3b52918#GwWtu9XzWoZ89b2T1STXyFXP0HGt+lZKck+HYz94Y4Q=
Decryption Key for Data Dump 1: ^/8HbK3w’d?IRk&+

Data Dump 2: https://vim.cx/?20329f2856c3a7ad#8WWcaVtBk+Kk67O7KdaNCcNbZtUgmYiZzCnvooA2i10=
Data Dump 3: https://privatebin.net/?dd6f1d64efac26ec#q10KpGB0nr+AFhcd7sd/Y7e2o+kXUV0Z6miI3NipJS8=

Prefeitura do Município de Apucarana Hacked by Al1ne3737, Access To Sites Internal Messaging Servers Leaked Online

This morning, February 19th 2019, “Al1ne3737” of the international hacking group known as “M1n3 B0ys” announced a hack and leak of the Municipal Council of Apucarana, Brasil. Not only did Al1ne3737 manage to breach the site, but they were also able to download and extract sensitive data from it- which was then uploaded to a 3rd party data hosting service (AnonFile), before being released to the public. For example, below you can find a file stolen from the site containing approximately 901.17 KB of data.

In screen shots of the leak posted to Twitter, Al1ne3737 provides proof that they were able extract the login username and passwords of 125 registered website administrators, granting full access to their internal messaging servers through the government’s online web portal – exposing god knows how much personal/sensitive information from there.

Alvo: hxxp://apucarana.pr.gov.br/
Site Login: hxxp://sys.apucarana.pr.gov.br/apucarana-pr/
Database Download (901.17 KB): https://anonfile.com/pe67rcu9bc/apucarana.pr.gov.br_txt


City Council of Rio de Janeiro Hacked by Shawty Boy, Access To Thousands of Records Released Online

Earlier today, “Shawty Boy” of Pryzraky announced a hack of the website belonging to the City Counsil of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, managing to leak the credentials belonging to dozens of site administrators online. In a press release dated December 6th 2018, Shawty Boy explains how the Council website was vulnerable to SQL Injection, allowing him to gain administrator level access to the website back end – though the specific URL effected was not disclosed. Exposed in the leak featured below, you can find the account username, email address and password for 34 website users/administrators, providing access to 58 site databases containing thousands of records.

Interestingly enough, browsing through the contents of the leak, it appears as though this was not the first time this particular website has been hacked. I say this because under one of the exposed databases I found a user name and data table belonging to a different Anonymous hacker that I used to do business with throughout the past. For the purposes of this article, I am choosing to keep their name “redacted.” In a conversation with a member of Pryzraky, they claim to have no knowledge of the Anonymous hacker implicated, indicating that they must have hacked the website and set up an account tied to the back-end of the City Council website at some point in the past, essentially serving as a de factoWorm” to access the website at any time they want throughout the future – lulz. Perhaps it goes without saying, but I think the IT director for Rio de Janeiro should officially consider himself fired.

Website Effected: hxxp://camara.rj.gov.br
Raw Leak: https://ghostbin.com/paste/ugmbz/raw