Oxford Study: Do Teenagers Whom Play Violent Video Games Go On To Lead More Violent Lives?

I don’t exactly consider myself a video game connoisseur, in fact I haven’t played a single one in maybe 8 years now? But in carrying out research for my previous article I accidentally stumbled down a small rabbit hole and found the following study from Oxford University dated February 2019. In it, researchers attempted to establish a correlation between violent video games played in youth to acts of violence, aggression and/or crime rates in civilian populations. Essentially, the study set out to discover the truth behind an age old question; do violent video game makes people inherently more violent?

Despite the hypothesis stating that “violent game play is linearly and positively related to carer assessments of aggressive behaviour,” much to the surprise of researchers, the “results did not support this prediction, nor did they support the idea that the relationship between these factors follows a nonlinear parabolic function.” Going on to directly state that “there was no evidence for a critical tipping point relating violent game engagement to aggressive behaviour.” The study itself followed the career paths and social behaviors of over 1,000 teenagers across the United Kingdom and Unites States whom openly admit to regularly playing violent video games on a regular basis. The study in its entirety, along with its abstract, is available via the resources provided below – enjoy!

Hypothesis: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.171474

Download Full Study: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/pdf/10.1098/rsos.171474

Browse Full Study:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/rsos.171474.pdf”%5D


Popular Video Game Players Unknown Battleground (PUGB) Simultaneously Banned from Two Countries In Less Than One Weeks Time (India & Iraq)

On April 17th 2019, the Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism, and Archaeology of Iraq’s Parliament unanimously voted to pass a new piece of legislation banning the popular video games known as Players Unknown Battleground, otherwise referred to as PUGB, as well as another online video game known as Fortnite. According to Iraq’s Culture Committee, the games are believed to be “inciting violence amoungst children” whilst also simultaneously “taking away from family time” – thus negatively impacting/threatening “social security, morals, civics and education” across Iraqi society. Believe it or not, PUBG has also previously been ruledHaram” (Forbidden) by Islamic authorities in the Kurdish controlled regions of Iraq last October, following the death and arrests of Kurdish citizens taking part in a role play of the game.

Similarly, less than a week before Iraq’s vote on April 17th, the Government of Nepal and India’s Western Gujarat also passed a vote to ban Players Unknown Battleground on April 11th 2019. Much in line with Iraq’s Parliament, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) stated that “we have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers with its violent content and negative impact on children.

Leaked Photo of Proposed Legislation from Iraq’s Parliament:

No photo description available.

However, it must be noted that while Parliament has voted unanimously to ban the two video games, the law has yet to be passed into law by Iraq’s Cabinet – which has yet to be fully established following last years elections. Meaning that, at least for the time being, gamers are still technically allowed to play the video game if they desire. Additionally, Iraq’s youth is now protesting the decision of their Government to ban these games, making memes and taking to social media to mock the priorities or ethics of the Iraqi Government for banning video games depicting War, whilst simultaneously engaging in actual War.

Meme Mocking Parliaments Priorities | Iraq Before & After Ban Goes Into Effect:


Iraqi’s Pose for Picture In PUGB Role Play:

Four Iraqi women pose in PUBG clothes to protest ban (Twitter)

Sign Petition To Block South African Government from Legalizing The Sale of Rhino Horn Next Month

Ahead of the May 2019 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Convention) in Sri Lanka, also referred to as the Washington Convention, international wildlife activists are sending out a petition in hopes of influencing the South African Government against legalizing the sale of Rhino Horn next month- which many expect them to do.

As the petition is quick to point out, the Government of South Africa “are curators of an enormous Rhino Horn stockpile.” Explaining that “the black market value of Rhino horn is £51 000 per kilogram – making Rhino Horn more valuable than Gold, Platinum for Diamonds per gram.” As a result, “Rhinos in South Africa are still facing extinction and South Africa has lost half its rhino population since this crisis began. Conservationists have confirmed that, on average, poachers kill three rhinos per day.” At the time of this article the petition has generated 368,852 signatures, short of its 500,000 goal. If you would like to contribute to this cause, you can add your e-signature via the link provided below.

Sign Petition Here: https://www.change.org/p/ban-the-south-african-domestic-trade-in-rhino-horn-and-the-global-trade-in-endangered-species-parts?recruiter=72128957&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition&recruited_by_id=ad709aed-5e91-4e84-bc6f-f00de1823f6d


Declassified Documents from CIA Reveal US Political Interference South America Throughout The Cold War

So, this article is going to be a little bit difficult to piece together and involves a lot of information you were never technically supposed to see, but now can. This is because, for those of you whom might not have been aware, the US intelligence community just finished wrapping up a declassified document dump 3 years in the making last Friday – April 12th 2019. Officially entitled the “Argentina Declassification Project” and originally ordered by Barack Obama in 2016, the now browse-able archive is home to literally tens of thousands of declassified documents centering around Argentina and Argentinian history – including up on through the end of WW2 and into the Cold War.

However, what makes these documents particularly unique, and just as equally controversial, are direct references to operations carried out by the US Central Intelligence Agency, US military and our allies abroad – including France and England. What I mean to say is that the documents almost accidentally reveal/outline US War strategy throughout the course of the Cold War, and chronicle top-secret CIA missions that no one has ever heard or seen of before – because these documents have remained classified for the better part of the last 5 decades! In a weird way, the documents released last week almost throw the US and some of our closest allies completely under the bus – something I don’t believe was Obama’s original intention – or maybe perhaps it was? 🤔

Browse Full Archive – Argentina Declassification Project: https://www.intel.gov/argentina-declassification-project/records

Interestingly enough, in 2016 President Obama initially referred to the directive to release these documents as a “humanitiarian gesture” extended towards Argentina, hoping to expose and/or shine light on human rights violations which have crippled the country/region throughout the past. Taking a look at these documents first hand here today, in retrospect, while Obama wasn’t necessarily wrong in his inclinations, he may have wildly under-estimated what would be revealed or how bad it would make the US and CIA look. But then again, maybe Obama did know all along, and this is exactly why he ordered the release – who knows, really?

I bring this up because what appears to be catching the eyes/attention of some of my fellow “comrades” are details surrounding something referred to as”Operation Condor” – a delf describeda cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion,” spearheaded by US intelligence with help from our counterparts in “France, United Kingdom, Western Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Learn More – Operation Condor from CIA Reading Room: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/%22Operation%20Condor%22

As you can read for yourself within the newly declassified document below, and as was explained in more detail by Chilean reporter Whitney Webb, “Operation Condor was a plan by the CIA that targeted leftists, suspected leftists and their “sympathizers” and resulted in the forced disappearances, torture and brutal murders of an estimated 60,000 people, as well as the political imprisonment of around half a million people. Around half of the estimated murders occurred in Argentina.” However, what caught my attention was the CIA’s use of the term “Psychological Warfare” to describe what they were attempting to do in South America as a means of subverting their enemies. This is because I have previously covered the US Governments use of psychological warfare as a means of combating Russia under Donald Trump.

Browse 4 Page Document – Operation Condor Strategy 08/22/1978:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/780822cia.pdf”%5D

Regardless, Web then goes on to explain how “several other documents in the recent release discuss a decision made by Condor member countries in May 1976 to train and send a military unit to “conduct physical attacks” against left-wing Latin American exiles and their supporters in France, in what was codenamed “Teseo.” Adding that “several Condor countries, aside from Brazil and Bolivia, were eager to participate and the training of the “Teseo” unit did occur, though the CIA was apparently unaware whether the unit was actually sent to France.” However, further research by Rogue Media Labs confirms the movements of these very operations in and around Europe – as you can see from the FOIA CIA reading room documents provided below, a resource I do not believe Web had access to at the time.

Learn More – Operation Teseo from CIA Archives: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/search/site/%22Teseo%22

Browse 10 Page Release of Teseo Agreement To Enter Europe:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/combinepdf.pdf”%5D

Unfortunately, I really wish it ended there, but it does not. As Webb goes on to explain, sponsored by the US Military, Central Intelligence Agency and their counterparts in Europe, Operation Condor ultimately went on to overthrow and installed new Governments in 6 South American countries throughout the course of the 1970’s – in Chile, Brasil, Uraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, forever altering history.

Snipet from MintPress News:

Image may contain: text

Read Whitney Webb’s Full Article Here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/declassified-cia-docs-uk-france-and-west-germany-wanted-to-bring-operation-condor-to-europe/257541/

A separate report published by The Guardian on April 15th 2019 called Operation Condora secret programme in which the dictatorships of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador conspired to kidnap and assassinate members of leftwing guerrilla groups in each other’s territories” – implying that all those killed or imprisoned were all terrorists, militant members or enemies of the state. However, as The Guardian also points out, “many — and one could convincingly argue the majority — of those killed, tortured and imprisoned were not members of guerilla groups, as there are thousands of documented cases of college students, musicians, writers, journalists, priests and nuns, pregnant women, teachers, indigenous leaders, union members and others who were subject to the extreme prejudice of Operation Condor despite not being combatants in any capacity.

According some reports, as many as 60,000 people were killed and/or assassinated as a result of these very operations – nearly half of which came from Argentina alone. Once again, as was previously stated in the lead to this article, President Obama released these documents as a favor to Argentina to help them understand their past and the human rights violations which have occurred their throughout their checkered past – though it is anyone guess how aware Obama was at the time of just how great/large of a role the United States actually played in those same human rights violations. I guess that is what you call “irony.

Regardless, thanks to multiple document dumps released by the CIA and US Intelligence community over the course last two years, together with some good ole fashion research, even though we already kind of knew these sorts of things happen, it’s just a little weird/eerie to see literal proof of it all – showcasing the very documents/treaties/back-room agreements we drafted and signed to pull it all off. Imagine if this information was made public at the time? How different would our world look today? Now that they are all out in the open for the world to see, how pissed off do you think people will be? How much will these sorts of documents influence future US relations? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lastly, when I look around at the world today, I see the US active in “regime change” in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and North Korea throughout the course of the 21st century. Moreover, we have carried out these operations/War efforts in the name of “terrorism” – quite literally fighting a “War On Terror.” Looking back at CIA documents from the 1970’s and seeing the same terminology of “terrorism” and “regime change” frightens me, quite frankly, and makes me feel a whole lot less proud to be an American as I sit here today. I just cant help but wonder, when will the US’s luck run out? The proof is on the table, we have meddled in the affairs of and seemingly overthrown half the worlds leaders just to suit our own political interests. Surely it is only a matter of time before all our “interference” and “meddling” in other countries political affairs will come back to haunt us – right Russia?

The Yemen Papers: Classified Military Documents from French MoD Published Online

Earlier this morning, April 15th 2019, a non-Governmental Organization (NGO) going by the name of Disclose released a small cache of classified military documents outlining the French Governments role in the Yemen Civil War and the tragedy currently unfolding there. Officially entitled “The Yemen Papers” and comprising of 15 pages of classified material, the leaked documents outline France’s role in providing weapons and munitions to Saudi Forces and the United Arab Emirates for use in Yemen, whom have then turned around and used these weapons in countless War Crimes in the country.

In addition to publishing the documents, which have been consolidated and reloaded through this site to be accessible/browse-able to the public, Disclose has also set up an interactive website called “Made-In-France” to give readers more perspective on the leaked documents and the circumstances surrounding them – including the documentation of War Crimes carried out in and around the country over the course of the last several years. Both the website and leaks are world class, so I have made accessing them easy – see the information directly below.

Made In France – Yemen Papers Release: https://made-in-france.disclose.ngo/en/chapter/yemen-papers

Download/Own Yemen Papers Docs: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Yemen-Papers.pdf

As was previously explained by Julian Assange in 2017, following the release of other classified documents known as The Yemen Files, “Yemen is of significant strategic interest as Yemen controls a narrow choke-point to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal through which 11% of the world’s petroleum passes each day. In addition, Yemen borders Saudi Arabia (to the north) and Oman (to the east) and has access to the Arabian Sea, through which another 20% of the world’s petroleum passes from the Strait of Hormuz (including the oil of Saudi Arabia and Iran). Saudi Arabia seeks to control a port in Yemen to avoid the potential constriction of its oil shipments by by Iran along the Strait of Hormuz or by countries which can control its other oil shipment path along the Red Sea.

Adding that “the Yemen Files offer documentary evidence of the US arming, training and funding of Yemeni forces in the years building up to the war. The documents reveal, among other things, procurement of many different weapon types: aircraft, vessels, vehicles, proposals for maritime border security control and Yemeni procurement of US biometric systems.” Similarly, the documents released today outline the true extent to which France has gone about arming different militant groups/factions currently fighting in the Yemen Civil War.

Learn More – The Yemen Files (11/25/2017): https://wikileaks.org/yemen-files/document/

Browse Yemen Papers Release 4/25/2019:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Yemen-Papers-1.pdf” title=”Yemen-Papers”]

As was also reported by Amnesty International earlier today,

“These leaked documents provide clear evidence that French military equipment supplied to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is being widely used in the conflict in Yemen. Despite overwhelming evidence, Western arms supplied to the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led Coalition are being used to commit or facilitate possible war crimes and other serious violations of international humanitarian law in Yemen, states such as France have shamelessly flouted their international obligations by continuing to supply arms to Saudi Arabia and the UAE in violation of the Arms Trade Treaty.

Amnesty International’s repeated calls on the French Ministry of Defence to be transparent about French arms transfers since the conflict began have fallen on deaf ears. The information made public today should spur the French government to immediately suspend all arms transfers that could be used by any of the warring parties in Yemen – once and for all.”

Amnesty International has previously published an investigative report entitled “When Arms Go Astray,” outlining the destruction caused by US and European weapons shipments into Yemen at the hands of UAE and Saudi forces.

Read Full Investigation – When Arms Go Astray: https://arms-uae.amnesty.org/en/

As Amnesty International is also quick to point out, more than a quarter of a million people have signed Amnesty International’s petition calling on their governments to immediately stop arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Sign The Petition Here: https://www.amnesty.fr/controle-des-armes/petitions/yemen-stop-aux-ventes-darmes-francaises

You can also learn more about the situation in Yemen and other international efforts to stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE through the links/resources provided below.

Rogue Media Labs – Yemen Results: https://roguemedia.co/?s=Yemen&x=0&y=0

Learn More – Court Rules Criminal Complaint Against UK Parliament for Arming Saudi Arabia In Yemen Civil War Can Move Forward: https://roguemedia.co/2019/04/10/court-rules-criminal-complaint-against-uk-parliament-for-arming-saudi-arabia-in-yemen-civil-war-can-move-forward/


Recently Declassified Files from The DoD & CIA Paint an Interesting Portrayal of Middle Eastern History & The Bible

This article isn’t really “news,” so to speak, but rather an opportunity to consume some recently declassified files from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). More specifically, below you can find declassified files which contain information on ancient historical buildings, landmarks, infrastructure and mythology – including the Bible itself. Honestly, who isn’t interested in that? And if that doesn’t draw you in to want to read more then honestly, what are you even doing on my site?

The first document I would like to share is a release from the Department of Defense  yesterday, actually, showcasing aerial footage and photography of historical architecture and world heritage sites across Iraq – ancient Babylon. While the photos were originally assembled in the 1950’s to track enemy ground movements across the country, they do provide an interesting and unique perspective in terms of Middle Eastern history. Perhaps some of this is even more interesting given the fact that many world heritage sites across Iraq have since been lost forever – destroyed by the Islamic State over the course of the last decade.

Download Full Declassified Release/Study from DoD: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/near_eastern_landscapes_and_declassified_u2_aerial_imagery.pdf

Browse Release:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/near_eastern_landscapes_and_declassified_u2_aerial_imagery.pdf”%5D

The second release of documents I would like to share were included in a treasure trove of leaked documents released by the CIA in 2017 – the result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit. However, the subject of these particular documents is extremely peculiar. For example, they discuss the stories of Genesis, Adam and Eve and the Great Flood of Noah in terms of both history and climatology. Honestly, I have never come across anything like them in all of my years of academic study or online activism. Consequentially, this is why I am featuring them here today – simply to share interesting information with the world – you’re welcome!

Full CIA Reading Room Database: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/home
Download Release from CIA: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf

Browse Documents:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf”%5D

Plain Clothed Police Officers Raid 263 Chat Media In Zimbabwe – Teargas Staff & Confiscate Electronic Equipment

(AI) – A police raid on the offices of online news site 263 Chat after one of its journalists filmed the removal of street vendors in Harare is a blatant assault on the right to freedom of expression and media freedom, Amnesty International said today. Police fired tear gas into the newsroom after chasing reporter Lovejoy Mtongwiza to the website’s offices. The journalist had been taking photos and videos of the police forcing out street vendors in the Zimbabwean capital.

Today’s attack on the 263 Chat offices was designed to send a chilling message to journalists and shows the lengths the Zimbabwean police are prepared to go to muzzle media freedom,” said Muleya Mwananyanda, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director for Southern Africa. “The authorities must end the attack on the media and launch a prompt, thorough and effective investigation into this attack and ensure that all suspected perpetrators are identified and brought to justice.

263 Chat is an online news site which reports on political, economic and social issues in Zimbabwe. Reporter Lovejoy Mtongwiza was deployed to the city centre to take pictures of a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Harare City Council operation to remove street vendors.

When a group of police and council officers pursued Mtongwiza, he ran away to his employer’s office. The police followed him and fired tear gas into the 263 Chat newsroom, where 14 other journalists were working. Officers also seized a mobile phone from one of the reporters.

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on February 19th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and Tweets and videos added and embedded by Rogue Media Labs

As Palestinians Celebrate The Great March of The Return Again Tomorrow, Here’s A Remembrance To Israeli War Crimes Dating Back Nearly One Year Ago To The Day

(HRW) – On Saturday, March 30th 2019, Palestinians in Gaza will head to the fences with Israel that effectively serve as their prison walls to mark one year since they began weekly demonstrations against Israel’s more than decade-long closure of Gaza.

The protests, known as the “Great March of Return,” commemorate the expulsion and flight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees when Israel was established in 1948. Today, the majority of Gaza’s population are these refugees or their descendants, all of whom the United Nations considers refugees.

Israeli forces fire tear gas towards Palestinian demonstrators near the fences separating Gaza and Israel, as seen from the Israeli side, on March 30, 2018. © 2018 Reuters

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on the 2018 Gaza protests determined that Israeli forces had killed 189 protesters in 2018 and wounded more than 6,000 with live fire between March 30 and December, “many while standing hundreds of meters from the snipers.” The snipers, as one commissioner put it, “shot at unarmed protesters, children and disabled persons, and at health workers and journalists performing their duties, knowing who they are.

Download Full Investigative Report From United Nations Here: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/HRCouncil/CoIOPT/A_HRC_40_74.pdf

The commissioners concluded that, while demonstrations were “at times violent,” 187 of those killings were unlawful ­ cases in which protesters didn’t pose an imminent threat to life or where force was “neither necessary nor proportional” ­ and that Israeli forces may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Human Rights Watch did not investigate every case, but found that Israeli forces repeatedly fired on protesters who posed no imminent threat to life, pursuant to expansive open-fire orders from senior officials that contravene international human rights law standards, acts that may amount to war crimes, since international humanitarian law applies given Israel’s continuing effective control over Gaza.

Every protester has their own story:­ a footballer I spoke with who was shot in the leg and was awaiting treatment outside of Gaza so he could again play the game he loved. A photojournalist friend struck in the eye by a teargas canister while covering a demonstration in December and unable to work since his injury. But there were common threads: barely getting by economically, never having left Gaza, yearning for the chance to live in a dignified manner. Will anyone listen?

This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on March 29th 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits, Tweets and videos added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

Pakistani Journalists/Activists Whom Publicly Expressed Support for Slain Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi To Be Investigated by Pakistan’s Cybercrime Division

Last night I came across an interesting piece of information from Pakistan, a copy of a letter from the the Federal Investigation Agency, Cybercrime division, informing its recipients that they are all being investigated for publicly expressing support for slain Saudi dissident/Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi during Mohammad Bin Salman’s visit to Islamabad, Pakistan in February 2019. Sent to 6 journalists and 4 different political parties earlier this month, the letter informs its recipients that the Government of Pakistan is now officially investigating the incident, and asks for all involved to privately/confidentially submit their enquires/correspondences to the FIA for review.

As was explained by Middle East Eye yesterday, March 28th 2019, the journalists and political activists are being investigated for launching a coordinated social media campaign that conveyed disrespect to the Presidents guest; Mohammad Bin Salman – a guest who also visited to sure up a $20 billion dollar investment package with Pakistan. Regardless, the aforementioned journalists refuse to stand for allowing their freedom of speech and expression to come under such heavy scrutiny, and have leaked the letter below to serve as proof of the injustices of their government.

Download Copy of Letter: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/PK_Warning.png

Copy of Letter:

No photo description available.

Family Whom Housed Edward Snowden In Hong Kong Granted Asylum In Canada

(HRW) – Vanessa Rodel and her young daughter Keana are finally safe, some six years after they opened the door to a scared young man who was seeking shelter in Hong Kong. That man was Edward Snowden, introduced to the penniless refugee family by their shared lawyer, who needed his soon-to-be-famous client to disappear for a few days while they worked on the US National Security Agency whistleblower’s legal case.

Vanessa had wound up in Hong Kong after fleeing a violent and powerful sexual abuser in the Philippines. But her act of kindness, and her location in Hong Kong, unfortunately became known – to the world, and to her abuser – at some point after Oliver Stone released his movie on Snowden. Hong Kong then rejected her asylum claim, effectively giving the green light for her to be deported back to a place that offered no protection against her abuser. Fortunately, Canada accepted Vanessa and Keana, now 7, as sponsored refugees, ensuring she would not be returned to the Philippines.

But five more kindhearted people who also sheltered Snowden for a few days face the same danger that Vanessa and Keana just escaped.

Supun Kellapatha and his partner Nadeeka separately escaped death threats and politically motivated abuse in Sri Lanka, and met each other as they waited – in vain – for Hong Kong to grant them asylum. The couple now have two children, Dinath and Sethumdi, who are stateless. Ajith Debagama Kankanalamage escaped horrific and repeated torture by the Sri Lankan army, but his asylum request was also rejected by Hong Kong, which is ready to deport him to where his life is at risk. His family was threatened and harassed by police once his connection to Snowden, and location in Hong Kong, became known. Sri Lankan Criminal Investigation Department officers were spotted in Hong Kong searching for these five in late 2016, making the prospect of retaliation should they be repatriated all the more likely.

These five people, who live in daily fear, have sponsors ready and waiting in Canada. Their path to a secure life is clear. Vanessa and Keana have been saved by Ottawa’s decision to admit them. The authorities can save their friends from peril by allowing them entry to Canada.

This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on March 26th 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits & Tweets added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

Remember NASA’s Alien Mega-Structure ‘Discovery’ A Few Years Ago? Here are The Results of Years of Study Into It

I am writing this article today to serve as vindication of an article I presented many years ago while working as a ghostwriter for AnonHQ.com. For those of you whom may not remember or never heard, back in 2015 scientists discovered a mysterious object roughly 1,500 light years away from Earth, an object which has continued to fascinate scientists, astronomers, cosmonauts and theoretical physicists alike ever since.

At the time, no one was quite sure what to make of it. Some people, including some of the worlds top minds, argued that it might be the world’s first definitive proof of 👽 life! A premise I always shook my head at, but which they peddled nonetheless.

Given my scientific inclinations however, I always believed thoughts of 👽’s to be nothing more than bullshit – quite honestly. Moreover, I felt so strongly about this that I wrote an article about research into the discovery, an article that actually went on to be on of my top 5 most read articles of all time – at least up until that point in my life.

In August 2015 I remember writing how:

NASA is indeed witnessing something never before seen or recorded, a star is actively being consumed by the forces of gravity. Meaning that the orbit of a planet has gotten so close to the mass of the star it orbits that the star itself has begun consuming the planet; the forces of gravity upon the planet have gotten so strong it has begun physically break apart its mass. Over the past few months many scientists have been studying this mystery object, with NASA researchers not quite sure what they were looking at. This is because the object appears to fluctuate in size, in shape and mass irregularly/unnaturally as it orbits the star. Some people claim it’s so unnatural that it must be aliens! But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that NASA discovered what’s really happening. The planet only appears so chaotic on our sensors because it’s physically being broken apart by the forces of gravity from the star on which it orbits – the planet is literally being cannibalized in front of our very eyes. 

Read More About This News from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4743

Despite NASA’s conclusions at the time however, those scientific quacks, I mean “geniuses,” like Michio Kakli above just couldn’t let the possibility of alien life go. In fact, they believed in their convictions so strongly that they dismissed all evidence to the contrary and launched years more investigation into the star. We know this because within the very near future, the Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Academic Journal is set to publish the results of years of scientific investigation into the star.

However, wouldn’t you know it? Those clever Russian’s have already intercepted the research paper and published it online first. Good thing I downloaded it so quickly too, because the original location of the study has already been scrubbed offline. Officially entitled “The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Searching Boyajian’s Star for Laser Line Emission,” the 13 page research paper details how the scientists scanned the celestial object for traces of laser radiation of more than 24 megawatts, the lower limit of laser light detectable by the Lick Observatory‘s Automated Planet Finder telescope in Mount Hamilton, California, in a bid to find alien life.

Then, developing an algorithm and performing a “pixel-by-pixel analysis of each spectrum to identify spatially unresolved emission lines that meet the criteria for an artificial laser signal,” astronomers identified 58 signals which they believe could have been caused by alien civilizations. However, 53 were quickly discarded as false positives. As for the other five, these “can all be explained as either cosmic ray hits, stellar emission lines or atmospheric air glow emission lines.” Long story short, the researchers concluded the signals were not alien in origin. Rather, the irregular dimming of the star was most likely caused by a thin cloud of dust or other celestial body of natural origin – exactly the same conclusion NASA reached nearly 4 years ago. So, no aliens, no mega-structure, no Dyson-Sphere, just years of mental capacity and millions of dollars wasted.

Download Full Study Here: https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/1812.10161.pdf

Browse Full Study:

[pdf-embedder url=”https://roguemedia.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/1812.10161.pdf”%5D

Introducing The Rogue Publishers License International Version 1.0

I decided to create/publish this license essentially to null any and all changes to existing Copyright Laws or Directives currently being undertaken by the European Parliament. Officially called “The Rogue Publishers License,” it is my best attempt to free up content and circumvent various existing international Copy Right Laws, whilst also ironically complying with the terms and conditions of pending changes to existing Copyright Law due to be added by the European Union next month – namely Article’s 11 & 13. In many ways, it can also be considered a simplified alternative to Creative Commons Licenses.

Read Full The License: https://roguesecuritylabs.ltd/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Rogue_Publishers_License.txt

While I have included a file copy of the license for users to attach to their sites and/or content above, the official language of the Rogue Publishers License contract reads as follows:

1.) A Rogue Publishes License relinquishes a publishers claim to any and all rights afforded to them under the Berne Convention, the European Parliament’s Directive on Copyright In The Single Digital Market, or international Copyright Law.

2.) So long as this license is directly attached to or accompanying the website, page, posting, article or picture accompanying it, a publisher can not deny you your right to freely republish, refurbish, edit or alter their original content.

3.) By attaching this license, the original publisher, artist, owner or creator of a given piece of digital content can not deny you the right to full editorial control over their original content for re-publication.

4.) By attaching this license to digital content, the Rogue Publishers License constitutes a – de facto – mutually agreed upon contract between an original publisher and anyone whom would like to use their content, which neither party can ex post facto revoke without the consent of the other.

5.) A Rogue Publishers License applies only to the content it is directly attached to, and does not apply to every literary work, publication, picture or content contained within a website, social platform, online portfolio or the like of the contents original owner/publisher.

6.) The original creator/owner of any given piece of online content reserves the right to edit their original content at any time, without notice – completely independent of whatever anyone else has decided to do with their content.

7.) In order to use/fulfill this license, you MUST give credit to the original creator or owner of the content you are sourcing, along with a direct hyperlink back to their original content. Failure to comply with clause 7 constitutes intellectual property theft and negates any other rights afforded to you under this license.

How To Use?

Simply Attach, or Copy & Paste The Hyperlink To The License As Such: Rogue_Publishers_License.txt

– or –

Attribute Your Content As Such:

This content, (Insert name of article, photo, website or digital work), is free and open source, published under an internationally recognized Rogue_Publishers_License. You are hereby free to republish, re-edit or re-use this content at your discretion, so long as this license is directly attached to it and my original work attributed.

That is just a sample or example, obviously, but if you have anything to add, or that you think I am missing, or any feedback/criticisms in general, you are welcome to submit it to me at: BrianDunn@RogueSecurityLabs.Ltd

And remember folks, everyone goes Rogue every once and a while 😉