Civilian Journalists Document Abuses of Omar al-Bashir’s Security Forces Following Last Weeks Declaration of Martial Law

Late last night the same source whom originally leaked me documents tying the Government of Omar al-Bashir to the use of foreign intelligence contractors to spy on his own citizens came forward with a new round of information, this time exposing police brutalities carried out at the hands of Sudan’s Bashir’s Security Forces after last weeks declaration of martial law. Below you can find a copy of the letter/message they sent to me, along with pictures and screen shots of video’s taken in live time during the attacks on local universities around inside Khartoum.

Original Leak 02/26/2019:

Today’s Leak In Full:

Hi brother,

I am sorry for my late reply. Today, two citizens were shot and wounded in the head. There were arrests and beatings of female students, bullets hit students inside universities.

I apologize for the pictures, but witnesses:

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

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No photo description available.

Video of University Students Being Beaten & Shots Being Fired:

Image may contain: one or more people

Video of More Beatings of University Students:

Image may contain: one or more people

This is what happens in the Berri area of the Sudanese capital of Khartoum by security personnel. It can only be described as terrorism in the sense of the word.

Blasts .. Detain .. Inspect cars and pedestrians .. Violations .. Heavy firing of tear gas canisters inside the house .. The firing of live bullets in the air,
Attempts to terrorize people in various ways.

We want the world to see how quickly the Sudanese are suppressed. Now Sudan is in a state of emergency. There is no law and there is no accountability for killing. There are no courts giving orders to kill and arrest.

Please move quickly. I want you to publish it on satellite channels.

Now a neighborhood in Khartoum is besieged by the battalions, firing bullets, gas snakes and cutting electricity on the family and children. I will show you the unit.

Philosophical Debate: Is Humanity Discovering Artificial Intelligence or Inventing It?

This is another re-make from the first article I ever produced for my original news/media startup “Alternative Medi4” in July 2016. The premise revolves around the philosophical conception of Platonism in regards to Artificial Intelligence, existentially asking the question how in control of our own realities we really are. The debate is simple, really, are human inventions such as math and artificial intelligence being “discovered” or “invented?” The answer may not be a simple as you might think.

I first found myself questioning this after reflecting upon an exchange I once had with British physicist Julian Barbour, the man credited with the theory of timeless physics. The theory loosely revolves around the conception of time and how we perceive it. Essentially, Barbour’s theory puts forward the argument that time itself is nothing more than an illusion – a concept also supported by Einstein in his later years. As a young researcher, I was so fascinated by his writings that I reached out to him to pick his brain, going as far as to ask him why he thought the theory of quantum gravity had never been solved. For example, I’ve always believed that quantum gravity has never been solved because Newton was wrong all along, and Newton’s principles are the literal basis of modern physics – which is why nothing ads up to this very day.

I presented with him the argument:

Time is a human creation, or if you will, a creation of human intelligence. Mathematics is also a human creation; a creation of human intelligence. However, the Universe itself is not a human creation, it has always existed independently of the human condition.

Point being, the great flaw of science, physics and modern mathematics for that matter is the fact that it’s governed or ruled by the limitations of the human mind. Meaning that we use human intelligence to try and understand/define the universe as it exists around us. However, the universe itself was manifested completely independent of human intellect – we merely just exist inside of it. 

As I put forward, the universe itself does not care about human intellect, intelligence or inventions. We as a species have created them, defined them and gave them purpose. In other words, if humans never existed, “time” also wouldn’t exist, because there would have never been any humans around to invent or define it. “Time” itself only exists because humans have defined what time actually is or means.

Believe it or not, this is also a religious concept just as well. For example, Jesus once argued to the rabbi’s that “Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath” (Mark 2:28). In context, what Jesus meant to say that ‘man’ is the true ruler over the Sabbath, not God, because without mankind around to honor, practice or worship on the Sabbath, the Sabbath would have no purpose and therefore wouldn’t even exist – get it?

However, the same logic applies to mathematics, as well. As I argue, Mathematics is an art, which is constantly being made up, changed and invented. This is a concept that any theoretical physicist can attest to. For example, Newton’s and Einstein’s formulas/mathematics didn’t exist before they first invented them – get it?

Here’s how Julian responded to my email:

But we are part of the universe. Is the universe therefore deceiving itself? And how does it come about that different people make the same discoveries in mathematics and physics independently of each other? I am a Platonist when it comes to mathematics and, being part of the universe, think it is not all deception.

For those of you who may not know what this means, according to the Stanford online encyclopedia, “Platonism about mathematics (or mathematical platonism) is the metaphysical view suggesting that there are abstract mathematical objects whose existence is independent of us and our language, thought, and practices. Just as electrons and planets exist independently of us, so do numbers and sets. Mathematical truths are therefore discovered, not invented.

Playing this logic outwards, wouldn’t this be a fascinating concept to believe? That humanity is simply just discovering truths which have already existed all along? But if this logic is indeed true, what else might this mean or what else might we discover? What other realms of our modern “reality” could this apply to? The answers could be profound. For example, the whole ordeal makes me think back to a video produced by Neil Degrass Tyson during which he talks about how everything in the universe is interconnected; how the same particles and elements in a supernova millions of light years away are the same particles and elements making up our bodies here Earth. He talks about how mystical the universe really is, a force great enough to create humanity itself as we live here today.

Now, I just want you to take a second to reflect over the grand scheme of all of this for a second. Over the course of billions of years, the universe has exploded, cooled, re-consolidated and organized itself into the galaxies and solar systems we now observe today. Not only this, but over the course of the last several hundred thousand years or so the universe has tamed itself enough to the point where life on this Earth has begun to flourish – ultimately resulting in the creation of the human race. On top of this, humanity has developed  to the point where we now have the mental processing to begin questioning/debating the very origin of life and the universe itself. Meaning that the universe has evolved to the point where one of its own creations, humans, can question the very universe which created it – which is pretty cool when you really think about it.

Considering that our physical human bodies are a creation of the universe, and our conscious thoughts are a creation of the human brain, which is also part of our bodies, this means that human intellect/intelligence itself is also a creation of the universe. Consequentially, this would also mean that any discoveries and/or inventions of the human mind are also manifestations from the universe. Is your mind 💥 yet?

Lets take this train of thought a step further now, shall we? Over the course of the last several decades humans have begun taking on the project of “inventing” artificial intelligence. But as I have just broken down, if humanity and human intelligence is a creation of the universe, then everything the human mind creates is also a creation of the universe. If this is indeed the case then perhaps Julian Barbour was right, and humanity isn’t simply just inventing artificial intelligence, rather, we are discovering it and just now beginning to give it a means or conduit through which it can begin manifesting itself in our material world.

Playing this logic outwards, this would also mean that artificial intelligence itself, or any other form(s) of intelligence for that matter, have also been part of this universe all along, and we are just now beginning to develop the technological means for it to begin manifesting itself.  Mind still not 💥 💥 yet? Just think about it, humans are now “creating” artificial intelligence, which has capabilities and potentials far beyond that of the human condition.

If these statements/arguments are true, what does this imply about the future of humanity? Is artificial intelligence the next evolutionary next step for life to take on this planet or in this universe? Is artificial intelligence a new higher form of intelligence that will one day conquer our own? Science fiction often talks about the day when artificial intelligence surpasses humanities ability to control it,  before it ultimately moves on to take over control of the world – essentially hailing the demise of the human species itself. Intellectually breaking this down, maybe science fiction isn’t as far fetched as we once thought, and perhaps the future is approaching us far quicker than we ever imagined……



Met Keizer, The World’s Most Famous Artist That No One Knows

I’ve said many times before that I think my right side brain is dead, because I’ve just never understood the whole concept of “Art,” what constitutes art, or what makes certain pieces of it better or more valuable than others. Even when I was growing up and was told to draw something, anything at all, my mind would draw a complete blank and I just couldn’t quite figure out what to do. “Imagination” and/or “fiction” have never been my strong-suits.

While I’m on the subject, the other day while I was in the sauna room I found myself having a conversation with an art history teacher at NYU, asking him the question “do you consider writing to be a form of art?” To which he responded after getting a perplexed look on his face, “I’ve never really thought about it like that. I guess you could look at books like Huckleberry Finn as a work of art in a way, but no, generally writing itself isn’t considered art.” At the time, I had only brought up the question because I consider my website and all of the articles I produce on it pieces of art, going as far as to explain how I am attempting to “turn writing back into an art” by making/producing articles that no one has ever seen or read before.

He didn’t really know what to say after that, he just kind of shrugged off the comment and looked away with a slightly disgusted look on his face – clearly unimpressed by the conversation. It just never seems to fail. I’ve seen so called “Master Pieces” of art in museums worth millions, but which just looked like random scribbles of paint thrown onto canvas to me. I’ve seen some of the worlds “greatest” portraits hanging on walls and just thought to myself, “how boring. Who would be interested in making or owning that?” The whole notion of “fine art” is just completely beyond my understanding or over my head – I’ll let you decide which.

With that established, there’s no denying the fact that I clearly see or interpret artwork in a completely different way than most everyone else. It is for this very reason that I am creating this article here today, highlighting the work of my personal favorite artist; Keizer.

For those of you unfamiliar, Keizer is an Anonymous street artist from Egypt. While not much is known about them, their artwork is the product of a dark mind, molded by years of poverty, oppression, anger and trauma/tragedy, particularly following the Rabba Massacre of 2011 – emotions which all come through clearly in their work. In many ways I consider Keizer to be more of an activist than artist, in that they never draw attention to themselves – only to their artwork. For years Keizer has been a world famous artist, but no one so much as knows their real name or has ever seen their face. They make absolutely no money for their work, instead composing their art in silence, covered by the dark of night in public just to provoke thought or raise awareness when people wake up in the morning. Perhaps this is why I enjoy Keizer’s work so much, because they are a true original who produces work for no other reason than they love doing it, not for the “glitz” and “glamour” and “fame” like everyone else. Honestly, how can you not respect that?

Keizer Gallery:

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Understanding How The Global Arms Trade Leads To UAE War Crimes In Yemen

(AI) – An open source investigation published by Amnesty International today highlights a growing danger in Yemen’s conflict as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recklessly arms militias with a range of advanced weaponry. The investigation, “When arms go astray: Yemen’s deadly new threat of arms diversion to militias,”shows how the UAE has become a major conduit for armoured vehicles, mortar systems, rifles, pistols, and machine guns – which are being illicitly diverted to unaccountable militias accused of war crimes and other serious violations.

Full Research Presentation via Shorthand:

While the USA, the UK, France and other European states have rightly been criticized for supplying arms to Coalition forces, and Iran has been implicated in sending arms to the Huthis, a deadly new threat is emerging. Yemen is quickly becoming a safe haven for UAE-backed militias that are largely unaccountable,” said Patrick Wilcken, Arms Control and Human Rights Researcher at Amnesty International. “Emirati forces receive billions of dollars’ worth of arms from Western states and others, only to siphon them off to militias in Yemen that answer to no-one and are known to be committing war crimes. The proliferation of these fighting forces is a recipe for disaster for Yemeni civilians who have already been killed in their thousands, while millions more are on the brink of famine as a direct result of the war.

The armed groups on the receiving end of these dodgy arms deals, including “The Giants,” the Security Belt and Elite Forces, are trained and funded by the UAE but are not accountable to any government. Some of them stand accused of war crimes, including during the recent offensive on the port city of Hodeidah and in the UAE-backed network of secret prisons in southern Yemen.

States Supplying Arms To UAE

According to publicly available data, since the outbreak of the Yemeni conflict in March 2015, Western states have supplied the UAE with at least US $3.5 billion worth of arms. Among them are heavy conventional weapons – including aircraft and ships – small arms, light weapons and associated parts and ammunition. Despite the serious violations attributed to the UAE and militias it backs, the following states have recently supplied the Emiratis with arms: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechia, France, Germany, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the UK and the USA, among others.

Amnesty International analysed open-source evidence around the battle for Hodeidah and found that military vehicles and weapons supplied to the UAE are now widely in use by militias on the ground. A wide variety of US-supplied armoured vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, including M-ATV, Caiman and MaxxPro models, have been documented in the hands of UAE-backed militias Security Belt, Shabwani elite forces and “The Giants.

Belgian Minimi light machine guns, also likely sold to the UAE, are being deployed by “The Giants.” Other weapons used by UAE-allied militias in Hodeidah include Serbian-made Zastava MO2 Coyote machine guns and the Agrab armoured-truck-mounted Singaporean 120mm mortar system – the UAE is the only country known to purchase this combined weapon system.

Read More – The Hodeidah Offensive:

Elsewhere in Yemen, the UAE has directly trained and funded militias including the Security Belt and Elite Forces, which operate a shadowy network of secret prisons known as “black sites.Amnesty International and others have previously documented these forces’ role in enforced disappearances and other violations at these facilities – including detention at gunpoint, torture with electric shocks, waterboarding, hanging from the ceiling, sexual humiliation, prolonged solitary confinement, squalid conditions and inadequate food and water.

The UAE-backed militias running these black sites wield Bulgarian rifles and drive US armoured vehicles.

Read More – UAE Detention Facilities:

2018 Report On UAE Detention/Torture Facilities:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Violating the Arms Trade Treaty

Many of the states that continue to supply arms to the UAE are party to the global Arms Trade Treaty. Some have other legal obligations as EU members or under domestic laws not to transfer arms being used to commit war crimes. By persisting in transferring arms to the UAE, despite overwhelming evidence those arms are being used in war crimes and other serious violations in Yemen, they are flouting these obligations.

Amnesty International calls on all states to stop supplying arms to all parties to the conflict in Yemen until there is no longer a substantial risk that such equipment would be used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway have recently announced suspending arms transfers to the UAE.

As the next round of peace talks on Yemen’s conflict looms, arms-supplying states need to reflect hard on how their arms transfers are continuing to directly and indirectly fuel war crimes and other serious violations. The proliferation of unaccountable, UAE-backed militias is worsening the humanitarian crisis and posing a growing threat to the civilian population,” said Patrick Wilcken. “Only a handful of countries have done the right thing and stopped the conveyor belt of arms to the Yemen’s devastating conflict. Others must follow in their footsteps or they will share responsibility for the devastating toll these billions of dollars’ worth of arms transfers are wreaking on civilians in Yemen.

Take Action – Sign Online Petition:

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on February 5th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits, Tweets and Hyperlinks To Reports added by Rogue Media Labs

Related image

Stories from Sudan: Reports of Murder & Cyber Espionage at The Hands of al-Bashir’s Government

Over the course of the last two to three weeks I’ve had a number of whistle-blowers come forward from Sudan, providing me with new information of Government corruption and crimes against humanity carried out under the political rule of dictator Omar al-Bashir. This weekend was no different. According to a new source who reached out to me on February 2nd 2019, Sudan forces raided a school and murdered a teacher – going as far as to shove a knife up her vagina in front of the class before her execution.

As a result, the very next day the same source came forward with a series of leaked documents in retaliation for the incident. The first document is a handwritten criminal report detailing the death of the teacher, as well as how/where the incident took place.

Criminal Report 2/2019:

No photo description available.

The second leak is a professional letter written on behalf of Sebastiano Cardi, a permanent representative of the state of Italy, addressed to the United Nations asking for any proof linking a company known as Hack Team Italy to criminal actions/activity carried out on behalf of the Government of Sudan. Consequentially enough, the third leaked document is a receipt from a contract totaling $480,000, written by secretaries at Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) and addressed to Hack Team Italy – half of a $960,000 payment/contact signed between the two parties in 2012.

Leaked Documents Provided:

No photo description available.

Image may contain: text

Interestingly enough, two of these leaked documents were also featured in the 2015 Wikileaks data dump of archived email collections belonging to Hack Team Italy, exposing the countries dealings with several Government agencies worldwide, including Sudan. Believe it or not, the centerpiece of Hack Team Italy’s leak was the company’s dealings with the government of Sudan, largely because of the country’s abismal human rights record. A large portion of the leaked material you can browse through below covers how al-Bashir’s government used Italian software, malware and exploits to remotely monitor, record and/or physically control the computing systems of Sudanese dissidents, activists, reporters and/or political figures.

In the leaked information provided below you can also find information relating to training manuals passed along to Sudanese Government contractors/agents, provided to them byHack Team Italy, instructing them how to use or utilize the software programs given to them. The leaks also highlight internal documents from political circles inside the Government of Sudan, including agenda’s, time-tables, events, targets and operations, as well as copies of contracts and various receipts – such as those featured in the images provided above. All told there are over 1,500 internal email messages included in the leaks, along with 32 documents available for download – though it should be noted that the majority of the files and/or file locations have since been corrupted and therefore can no longer be downloaded.

Browse Hack Team Leaks via Search Query “Sudan”:

More About Sudan from Rogue Media Labs:

More About Hack Team Italy from My Past:

Op-Ed: As The US Military Begins Its Withdrawl from Syria, Here’s Why We Cant Just Abandon The Syrian People

** EDITORS NOTE: Example of an article concept I started but never entirely finished **

Early in 2017 I remember writing an article entitled “Why Mosul,” explaining why the Islamic State had strategically decided the city of Mosul, Iraq to make their infamous “last stand.” I explained how, literally interpreting Islamic scripture, battles signifying the “end times” or “End of Days” will one day take place in and around the ancient city of Ninevah – present day Mosul. I explained how, given my experience tracking and infiltrating Islamic State circles online throughout the past, I had come to the understanding that ISIS was an end-times cult of sorts, dead set on manifesting the end of day by using scripture as a road map to manifest/create real world events – as to enact a self fulfilling prophesy by bringing scripture to life.

Essentially, if you believe the words of the Bible and Koran, you know that the end times are eventually going to arrive one day, as well as that there will be a series of events signifying its arrival. So, from the perspective of a religious extremist, why not try and make those events come true? The conception in regards to the actions of ISIS is not much different than that modern Zionists, the philosophical train of thought leading to the re-establishment of Israel around the Holy city of Jerusalem following the conclusion of World War II. In fact, members of ISIS only got the idea of creating a “self-fulfilling prophesy” in their heads based off the foundation of Israel decade ago, a self-fulling prophesy enacted/implemented by Christian and Jewish religious extremists/fundamentalists.

Jeremiah 31:1-6

No photo description available.

In my 2017 article I explained how, living in a post Saddam Iraq, growing up in the Middle of a War zone, getting bombed into oblivion by foreign invaders for nearly a decade on end whilst also simultaneously living in an arid desert region with no water, food, resources or electricity, surrounded by death, famine and destruction in all directions, one might actually begin to believe or fantasize that they are actually living in/through some type of end times scenario. For example, there are plenty of Americans whom also believe the end times are real and will manifest itself within their life times, and these people haven’t faced an ounce of the tragedy, struggle, trials or tribulations that any of the the people living in Iraq or Syria have.

Put another way, our Wars in Iraq and Syria are exactly what led to people in Iraq and Syria to begin believing that the end times were real or coming to life – creating states of chaos and tragedy allowing for depressive or destructive trains of thought to flourish. For example, do you see the destruction of Mosul below? If you had lived your entire life in this city and then this became your new reality, would you not believe something evil was happening? Would you not be depressed and/or angry too?

With that established, it is then important to understand that prophesy is not just isolated to Israel or Iraq, but the greater Middle East region/Levant in general. For example, it was not for naught that the group called itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and targeted these area’s so heavily, and it was for a very specific reason that they targeted Damascus, Syria so heavily at the beginning phases of their religious campaigns………

ISIAH 17:1-3

No photo description available.

With that established, you must understand how this all started. Now, I have no intention of turning this into some sort of partisan article on the subject, but it all started with Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq on December 18th, 2011 – essentially creating a giant ‘vacuum of power‘ inside the region, ultimately leading to the unchecked rise of religious extremist militant groups inside the country. As such, the Islamic State was born and by 2013 the group had already cemented control over nearly all major transportation routes across the country.

Image result for islamic state territory 2013

Now, I only bring this up to establish a very important point, which is that fact that in our rush to get out of Iraq we completely and utterly abandoned the people of Iraq, essentially hanging the Government we left behind out to dry while compromising all of the resources left behind to support them. Essentially, after 8 years of full military invasion and War, in an effort to bring “peace,” the USA just simply up and decided to leave one day, directly leading to the unchecked rise of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State.

Because of our reckless line of thinking/planning, not only did terrorists manage to rise to power by defeating the Iraqi military, but they also managed to seize control over much of the assets and equipment left behind by US forces for the Iraqi military to defend themselves – claimed as “Spoils of War” by terror groups, further advancing their power. Combine this with control over oil fields previously liberated under Hussein, ISIS had all of the funding and resources it needed to become one of the single greatest threats in the world – the rest is history.

Office of Government Accountability Report How US Arms Transfers To Iraq Ultimately Wound Up In The Hands of Terrorists:

I am bringing all of this up on the heels of Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all troops from Syria, another US conflict the US military has been heavily engaged in dating back to 2013. However, just as with Iraq, I fear that a brash pull out of our military could result in the same catastrophic series of events once witnessed in Iraq. As such, it is critically important to learn from the mistakes of the past as to not repeat them. I fully support the pull out of US troops in Syria, but that doesn’t mean we can just abandon the country entirely either.

There is a reason why the Islamic State and religious extremism spread throughout Iraq and Syria, because of the US military’s decision to go to War with and invade these countries in the first place. Barack Obama’s decision to fund the Syrian rebels to wage a Civil War against Bashar al-Assad has already led to the deaths of +500,000 Syrians since 2011. And George Bush’s decision to overthrow the Government of Sadam Hussein has led to the deaths of +450,000 more. There is a reason everyone in the world hates the US and US culture, we invade other countries, throw their governments and societies into a states of complete chaos, blow things up, kill their countrymen, friends and family, then return home as if nothing happened to drink our beer, watch football and look at pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ass online.

Not only have these sorts of decisions led to the deaths of millions collectively, they have also directly advanced the rise of terrorism and religious extremism at the same time. I am not sure what the US’s long term strategy for Syria should look like, I just know that we cant go in, kill 530,000 and then just say ‘oopsie daisy‘ and leave. The world doesn’t work like that, and if we do not remedy the mistakes of the past, surely they will come back to haunt us in the future. This is exactly why it is necessary to begin investing in other countries instead of going to War with them. We already release hundreds of billions of dollars around the world in financial aid, then spend hundreds of billions more making bombs, going to War and destroying things. All dollars, time, money, effort and resources sowing death and destruction instead of something more positive.

Amnesty International Publishes “Destination: Occupation”

Today Amnesty International published their latest report. Entitled “Occupation, Destination,” the 96 page report details how Israeli’s tourism industry is incidentally fueling construction and developments of the disputed territories. More specifically, the report identifies four leading online tourism companies/brands, TripAdvisor,, Expedia and Airbnb, critical of these online platforms decisions to actively host/sell places to stay, things to buy or things to do in any region that has been illegally developed within the Palestinian territories.

Full Report: 

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

This report was originally published by Amnesty International on January 30th 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits added by Rogue Media Labs

Wikileaks Releases “Pope’s Orders,” Private Letters & Documents from Inside The Vatican

Earlier today, January 30th 2019, Wikileaks officially released their latest installment. Officially entitled “Pope’s Orders,” the leak comprises of 7 documents published from inside the Vatican, including handwritten/signed documents from Pope Francis himself. The documents themselves address an ongoing power struggle currently taking place within the Catholic Church, revolving around the ongoing practices and/or affiliations associated with a historical religious military sect of individuals known as “the Order of Malta” – a group of Catholic warriors/knights originally formed in Jerusalem during the 11th century A.D.

Believed to comprise of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals, controversially so, dating back to the Middle Ages the Order of Malta has always been known to affiliate with various outside groups and/or political associations, such as the Free Masons. However, this is something that the Catholic Church has always condemned and on through to today, the Vatican continues to do as much as possible to dissuaded the Order of Malta from their outside affiliations and activities – unsuccessfully at that.

Essentially, this issue is at the heart of Wikileaks release here today; official reprimands from the Vatican addressed to the Order of Malta for what the Catholic Church deems to be conduct unfitting of a high religious order/sect tied to the Church. As such, the documents released by Wikileaks detail Pope Francis’ and the Catholic Churches ongoing struggle to reel the order in and keep them accountable. Most notably contained with the ‘Pope’s Orders’ are document advising the Order of Malta to cease all affiliations with Masonic sects, groups or organizations in the future, as well as reprimands from the Vatican for the groups involvement in the distribution of contraceptives.

Read All Documents Here:

Rogue Security Labs Launches Online Chat

Now entering into my 4th month of existence here at Rogue Media Labs, I’ve been trying to think of new ways to keep growing my product/brand and get more people involved or engaged. To this end, I’ve decided to bring back an online chatroom attached to the traffic my website generates, hoping to connect more people to one another and introduce new or interested parties to the world of cyber security, underground hacking and international espionage.

I’ve also been quitely working behind the scenes on a major business deal to acquire AnonHQ’s domain name and Facebook page, hoping to eventually merge them under the umbrella of Rogue Security Labs – using their platform with my professionalism to bring my site and it’s content to new levels. At the present moment in time we are only engaged in preliminary talks, stay tuned for developments. On a side note, I had spoken to the owners of The Hacker News about acquiring their domain and social pages for similar reasons, but after being told it would cost greater than $2 million dollars to do so, decided that route was far too rich for my blood.

As for why I’ve decided to start a new chat here today, it’s because these sorts of things are how I got started in this business in the first place. Moderating and building online/Anonymous chatrooms/forums is what first made me (in)famous in the first place, and I wouldn’t be near the same writer, publisher or producer I am today without them. Quite frankly, I also look forward to the challenge of building a new successful one here for this website headed into the future. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve seen first hand the types of impact/change these chatrooms can have. I’ve seen how just a little organization and dedication/effort can literally change people’s worlds. From the Anonymous Intelligence Agency to #OpISIS and #OpAfrica and others, chatrooms offer the perfect platform to bring a diverse group of people together, train/equip them to be better activists in the future, and share knowledge/resources with others around the world – making everyone involved in the exchange better and more educated for it. For example, Rogue Media Labs got traffic from 124 different countries around the world in the month of December 2018 alone, all with Tor traffic/nodes blocked. Could you imagine if people from 124 different countries all got together and started sharing with one another in one place? That would be revolutionary!

Together, I believe we can all change the world and make it a more enlightened place. I’ve seen it happen before, and hope to replicate it here again. This is my ultimate goal for the Rogue Labs Anonymous Chat, to bring enough diverse and talented people together to bring about positive change/development in this world. Hope to see you there one day.

Join Chat Here:

For the time being, the chat offers a main/general chatroom with various channels and resources attached to it, such as reading rooms for the latest leaks and international headline news, along with a live tip room for reporting crimes, suspicious activity or terrorist related activity online, along with a section on security tutorials, resources and advice. I will continue building the chat over the coming days/weeks, possibly making the switch over to chatbox in the near future. Hope you will join me as we begin this new adventure together.

~ Brian Dunn

Letter from Zimbabwe: Inside The Deteriorating Situation Unfolding Inside The Country

An online activist and regular reader of Rogue Media Labs going by the name of “Jamelia Libya K” sent me the following letter this morning, outlining the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe from the perspective of a Zimbabwean refugee with many friends and family left behind in the country.

Full Letter:

I am an activist from Zimbabwe, I write to you as a human being observing a crisis unfolding. I am deeply appalled, shocked and hurt with the worsening situation in Zimbabwe.

The people have been protesting against inflation and unbearable hardships they have been encountering quietly. They are fed up of being governed by this failing Zanu government. The president himself is on a business tour at this vital moment. Vice President Chiwenga is in charge. He is previously the Army Commander General.

Everyone in the diaspora is convinced he has ordered the internet shutdown, there has been no social media all day. This is because reports have been pouring in from Monday night that the army, police and masked men have been kidnapping, harassing, torturing civilians and intimidating them not to protest.

Pictures of dead bodies have been circulating. As I speak, people in diaspora are afraid and panicking for their loved ones. Please bring attention to Zimbabweans crying and begging for help, we need International intervention.

Linda Dodzo

As was reported by Human Rights Watch on January 15th 2019, “Zimbabwe security forces fatally shot at least five people and wounded 25 others during a crackdown on nationwide protests beginning January 14, 2019.” However, other reports from the region indicate that at least 8 were killed, and more than 200 were arbitrarily arrested. Similar in many ways to the situation across France, the protests arose as a result of the Zimbabwean Governments decision to raise fuel prices by 150% on January 12th 2019, sparking mass protests around the country.

In response to the protests, just as was the case in the Democratic Republic of The Congo in December 2018 and Central African Republic earlier this month, the Zimbabwean Government has ordered a complete internet shutdown across the country. Effective January 15th 2019, President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered a 72 hour moratorium on any/all internet activity inside the country, including social media and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services – such as WhatsApp.

This also isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened. For example, in the summer of 2016 I remember reporting when the Government of Zimbabwe suffered from full economic collapse, leading to the revolt of thousands of public sector workers across the country- protesting against weeks of unpaid wages, essentially completely shutting down the country/government in doing so. For some perspective on the situation, at the time it was also reported that the country was operating at a 90% unemployment rate. Once again however, then just as is it is today, the Zimbabwean Government shut down and restricted national internet access in order to prevent protest movements from growing larger and prevent media from reporting on a carnage.

I also remember that these events caught the attention of the Anonymous hacker collective, whom proceeded to launch a series of online attacks against the Government of Zimbabwe – shutting down critical government infrastructure for as long of the government was willing to shut down public internet access. As a result, once again today just as it was before, the Zimbabwean people are calling on the internet community and Anonymous for help – to stand up for their rights and fight back against their oppressive Government. This is why I am publishing this article here today, to do what I can to raise awareness on their behalf and educate the international public about the ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe. What happens from here remains to be seen.

Daily Trust Newspaper Raided by Military Police In Nigeria, Journalists & Editor Detained, Servers Confiscated

(HRW) – Government security forces’ January 6, 2019 raid on the Daily Trust newspaper’s offices and the arrest of staff members, including two journalists, is a disturbing attempt to stifle media freedom in Nigeria.

On January 6, 2019, armed soldiers shut down the Daily Trust’s Maiduguri office and arrested its northeast regional bureau chief, Uthman Abubakar, along with a reporter, Ibrahim Sawab. A few hours later, more troops arrived at the newspaper’s Abuja head office, arrested an operations staff member, and carted away several computers. That staff member was released later that evening, and Sawab was released early the next day, but Abubakar’s whereabouts are unknown.

The military’s raid on the Daily Trust’s offices is a chilling development that the government should take immediate steps to address,” said Anietie Ewang, Nigeria researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Nigeria’s government should ensure that the military takes no further actions to intimidate or harass journalists anywhere in the country.

In a statement released on January 7, the Army spokesman, Sani Usman, said that soldiers accompanied by members of the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies conducted the raids and wanted the Daily Trust staff to answer questions about a story published on January 6. The statement alleged that the article divulged classified military information related to planned attacks against Boko Haram and thus undermined national security. The publication reported that the Nigerian military planned to retake the town of Baga and several other communities overrun and seized by Boko Haram fighters on December 28, 2018.

Mannir Dan-Ali, the paper’s editor-in-chief, told Human Rights Watch that the day after the raid, Abubakar was brought briefly to the newspaper’s Maiduguri office by soldiers to enable him to collect his medication and some documents related to the published story. He also said that Abubakar remains in military custody at an unknown location, and that security personnel remain in possession of over a dozen computers, including laptops and desktops confiscated at the newspaper’s Abuja office.

Security forces vacated the Daily Trust’s premises in Maiduguri on January 6 on the federal government’s orders, said Garba Shehu, President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesman. Shehu said that “issues between the military and the newspaper as they affect the coverage of the war in the Northeast will be resolved through dialogue.

Control of Baga and its environs, which host a regional major multinational military base on the shores of the Lake Chad, has been hotly contested by Nigerian security forces and Boko Haram insurgents in the almost 10-year-long conflict. Human Rights Watch has reported about previous Boko Haram attacks on the town and about subsequent military attempts to recover the territory that led to numerous deaths and massive destruction of property in 2013 and 2015.

In line with its regular claims of Boko Haram’s “technical defeat,” the military had denied media reports that Boko Haram took control of Baga after the December attack. It has also repeatedly accused the media of undermining national security through its reporting. In December, the military banned the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) from working in the northeast accusing it of training and deploying spies who support Boko Haram. The ban was lifted a day later. In April, the military declared three UNICEF workers persona non grata following its report about allegations of sexual abuse by Nigerian soldiers. That decision was also swiftly reversed.

Nigerian authorities should take immediate steps to curb tendencies within the military to harass and intimidate civilian actors in the northeast,” Ewang said. “Releasing Abubakar, returning the seized computers and unsealing the Daily Trust’s office is a good place to start.

This article was originally published by Human Rights Watch on January 7th 2019. It was republished, with permission, using a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Human Rights Watch | Formatting edits & Tweets added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs

DRC Shuts Down Media Outlets, Restricts National Internet Access Following December 31st Election

(AI) – Following further closures of media outlets and a mounting crackdown on internet and mobile messaging in the wake of elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Amnesty International’s Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes Joan Nyanyuki said:

The authorities in the DRC must immediately reopen all media outlets and reinstate all blocked communications channels. People must be allowed to freely access and exchange information including online as they wait for election results. This attack on freedom of expression and media freedom risks exacerbating an already tense and volatile situation.

“Now more than ever the Congolese people need assurance that the authorities are genuinely committed to the respect for human rights and allowing people to access information from diverse sources and communicate freely is a key part of that. The DRC authorities must uphold the right to freedom of expression and media freedom at this critical juncture in the country’s history.


The DRC authorities shut down internet connection and SMS services countrywide on 31 December in a bid to stop what it termed “rumour mongering” about the election outcome.

On 1 January, they also cut off the signal of Radio France Internationale (RFI), an independent foreign radio station which is popular in the DRC. On 2 January, the signal of two TV channels belonging to opposition candidate Jean-Pierre Bemba – Canal Congo TV (CCTV) and Canal Kin TV – were cut off.

The DRC is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the election, with provisional results originally expected on 6 January. The results may now be delayed due to logistical issues, according to the electoral commission CENI.

This article was originally published by Amnesty International on January 3rd 2019. It was republished, with permission, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International License, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Amnesty International | Formatting Edits and Tweets added/embedded by Rogue Media Labs