Here’s A Look at Leaked Passports from MI6 Agents

Unfortunately, you will not find James Bond on here or any other 007’s, but interestingly enough a hacker by the name of “neptuneX3c,” the same hacker behind a leak of MOSSAD emails earlier this year, has released another batch of leaks, this time exposing agents known to have worked with MI6 – England’s version of the Central Intelligence Agency. For those of you whom might not be aware, MI5 refers to any agents of England’s Government working on National Intelligence, on the island. On the other hand, MI6 refers to a group of “private” or “secret” agents working in the field of international intelligence gathering and espionage. Trust me, as someone whom has worked with many international intelligence agencies and offices over the years through the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, I’ve found MI6 to be by far the most impenetrable – or least responsive to any outside assistance.

As for the back drop to the story, there really isn’t much to tell, so I’ll just get on then with the leaks – enjoy!

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#OpFunKill: Anonymous Activists Raise Awareness for Exotic Animal Hunting, Trade & Smuggling w/ Cyber Attacks Across Laos & Zimbabwe

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For those of you whom might not be familiar with me or my past, I very much used to be a member of the Anonymous hacker collective. In fact, my first ever operation was known as “Operation Cheetah Trade” (#OpCheetahTrade), a unique operation designed to track Cheetah smugglers out of Africa and into countries such as the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East – I assume because at the time I had just adopted my first baby kitten. However, while the operation was initially designed to track Cheetah smugglers out of Africa, before long enough the operation had quickly grown to encompass dog fighting rings and all other forms exotic animals smuggling, trade and exploitation in general.

Before the operation was over, through the Anonymous Intelligence Agency, hackers from around the world had managed to report 36 illegal animal trade web sites and their subscribers to INTERPOL and the FBI, closed 3 illegal dog fighting rings in Lebanon, Turkey & Czech Republic along with their websites and social platforms, and had even managed to set up a internal servers for people to report all kinds of animal abuse directly to international organizations such as PETA.

Learn More – Origins of #OpCheetahTrade:

I don’t bring any of this up to brag or relive my glory days, but rather because I just stumbled upon a new leak which reminds me of my previous work. The new operation is officially referred to as “Operation Fun Kill” (#OpFunKill), and essentially appears to the natural evolution of the operation I created many years ago. Today however, the operation appears to focus almost exclusively on the hunting/killing of animals around Africa and Asia for sheer sport by rich Caucasians or European tourists, as well as to raising awareness on behalf of animal exploitation/cruelty for the sake of money making – such as the serving of shark fin soup in Asia, elephant tusk ivory trade in Africa, seal skin clothing in Canada/Iceland – et cetera.

For the purposes of this website at least, I was first inspired to write about this operation after coming across a hack and leak of 12 websites across South Asia and Africa. While the hackers decided against releasing any data, at least for the time being, to serve as proof that they were there and the sites infrastructure was compromised, the hackers did release list of domains along with their IP Addresses, along with a list of open ports attached to each website. Additionally, to prove that they could leak the data if they really wanted, the hackers also listed the names, makes and version numbers of each sites internal databases.

As for why Laos has found itself such a high priority target in this operation, it stems as the result of a recent investigation carried out by the Environmental Investigation Agency. For example, the investigation quite literally calls the country of Laos a “lawless playground” for animal smuggling, exploitation and consumption, which doesn’t even pretend to have “even a pretense of law enforcement or regulation.” It is for this reason that vigilante hackers have started taking matters into their own hands. You are invited to learn more about the situation through the resources provided below.

View Full Investigation:

Targets of Hacks:

Data Leak:

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Browse Environmental Investigation Agency Report from Laos:

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The Art of Human Hacking: How A Firm Grasp of Mentalism & Social Engineering are Two Intangible Tools for Every Modern Hacker

Most people would be surprised to learn that often times the most valuable tool in computer hacking isn’t a program, tool or exploit at all – but rather the human mind. For the purposes of this article I would like to discuss two invaluable strategies employed by some of the worlds most dangerous hackers as a means of compromising and/or tracking their targets online. These would be the psychological practices of “Mentalism” and “Social Engineering.” Before moving forward, you should understand the differences between the two.

Mentalism is the skill of getting people to tell you information about themselves without them realizing they are providing you with information. It’s a skill or talent most commonly associated with “Cold Readers” and/or “Psychics,” but has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of magical abilities – imaginary or otherwise. Rather, they are purely logical and psychological talents/techniques. Social Engineering on the other hand is the art of making people to execute your will or do things for you – usually under false or manipulative pretenses.

Below you will find a brief strategy guide and overview of these two tactics/techniques, utilized by some of the worlds best hackers to infiltrate different circles online – be it the KKK, Islamic State, CIA or anyone else for that matter. These are also techniques I’ve personally taught to hundreds of individuals on underground forums and online chats over the years – allegedly. Good luck proving it, anyways 😉

How Does It Work?

It may or may not be common knowledge at this point, but starting in 2015 I started my own international intelligence/espionage group known as the “Anonymous Intelligence Agency” – an organization which accepted a broad range of tips, leaks and other sensitive information from hackers all around the world. Over the years, through the moderation of online forums and chatroom’s, part of my dealings have involved the instruction of various techniques, strategies and styles to go about extracting information from others, and/or acquiring information about specific targets online. Strategies at the very heart of social engineering and mentalist theory.

Learn More – The Anonymous Intelligence Agency:

Say for example you are starting from scratch and want to narrow down someones location online. You might open a conversation with something like “man, it’s so cold here, I can’t stand the cold weather!” To which someone might respond something like “yeah, its cold here too” or “well, sucks for you, its warm here.” Might sound like an innocent exchange – right? But the person you’re talking to just identified they are currently residing somewhere in the southern hemisphere. Continuing the conversation on a little further or at a different point in time, you might then bring up the weather that day by saying something like “man, its such a nice day out today, not a cloud in site!” To which someone might respond “well, its raining here” – vice versa. Cross referencing a weather map from that day, there’s only a few places on Earth where it’s raining at the present moment in time – further narrowing down their geo-location. See where I am going with this?

This is what is refereed to as mentalism, getting people to provide you with information/intelligence without them having a clue they are actually doing it. You can do this with almost any conversation as well, be it through politics, personality, sexual interests, hobbies, food preferences – et cetera.

For example, take a bold stand on a political issue in one director or another and see how people react/respond to it, I guarantee it’ll tell you a lot about their personality, ideals, personal beliefs and behaviors. Just by “triggering” someone with a controversial statement, which doesn’t necessarily even have to be something you personally believe or think is true,  allows you to uncover so much about a person or group of people. This is also something you can do quite easily with sexuality as well. Just pretend to make a candid statement about your own fantasies, fetishes, interests or desires and people will almost certainly react or respond to it with their own. With the proper level of skill and over a long enough period of time, you can begin putting together full psychological profile on individuals or even fully compromise our target, without said target even realizing you’ve done so.

Dealing with Scammers or Fraudsters

When you are not trying to track someone or uncover their identities online, there are other techniques you can utilize for separate purposes – say for use in law enforcement. For example, I always instructed people to play as dumb as humanly possible when dealing with fraudsters, scammers or the like – techniques which have resulted in dozens of tips worldwide, presumably dozens of arrests at the same time.

For example, say you become aware of a phone, email or internet scam asking for money, donations or any other financial information. When dealing with these people you should pretend to be as open as humanly possible about getting them money. For example, say you are dealing with a charity fraudster. Tell them something like,”you know, I’ve been meaning to get involved with a charity for quite some time now. Yours sounds like the perfect opportunity! If I wanted to write a check is there a physical address I can mail it to?” Or, “do you have a bank account I could wire a bigger sum of money to?” Or “do you have an email address or web address where I can ask questions or learn more about what your trying to do?” See where I am going with this? If they give you any of this information, then this is all tangible evidence authorities can use to compromise the individual(s) behind the scam. By playing dumb and being as open as possible to cooperating with them, without actually giving them anything, this is how you can trick them into handing you more information than they otherwise should or would have given upfront.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is quite literally referred to as “the Art of human hacking” and it’s  essentially the art of manipulating others to execute your goals or do something for you – essentially making others work on your behalf. Unlike mentalism which is purely psychological, social engineering usually refers to any physical action carried out by someone else under the guise of your manipulation, guidance or direction.

Believe it or not, in most circles around the world social engineering itself is considered to be the single largest threat to cyber security worldwide – not any sort of malware, computer program, exploit, Operating System or otherwise. If you’d like a demonstration of why this is, look no further than an interview with the hacker behind the breach of CIA Director John Brennan’s personal emails in 2016 – a hack almost exclusively pulled off through their the use of social engineering to trick a low-level corporate employee. As the old saying goes, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Or at least in this instance, you are only as secure as your dumbest or most clueless employee……

Social engineers are also infamous for penetrating different hacking circles or groups online, simply just to compromise their members. For example, look no further than ZHacker and what he did to Nama Tikure of Anonymous and different members of Pryzraky within days of ‘joining’ or assisting them. For those of you not aware, ZHacker is a state sponsored hacker given protection by international law enforcement authorities to go undercover as a “Black Hat,” simply just to try and infiltrate some of the worlds most active or top hacking groups.

To set himself up, ZHacker pretends to write malware samples or manipulates screen shots to make it appear as though he has carried out certain hacks, or is in possession of information he’s actually not. This is done for no other reason than to boost his so called ‘street cred,‘ to falsely gain the admiration or attention of others. This is how he and others like him attempt to infiltrate groups or lull them into a false sense of security. Then, once their guard is down, he compromises them before exposing their identities to the world. Simply by just pretending to be a black hat, he socially engineers actual black hats into trusting him before ultimately compromising them. This is how people/hackers like them work.

Honestly, this article could go on like this for quite some time, but I think I’ve given you a base understanding the basic principles involved here? It should go without saying, but the human mind is the most dangerous weapon anyone can wield – plan accordingly.


Investigative Report: United Cyber Caliphate & Islamic State Making Returns To The Hacking Scene In 2019?

Going about my normal online routines over the course of the last several weeks I keep picking up more and more “chatter” surrounding the alleged return of a group of hackers known as the United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), a group largely thought to have disbanded dating back to July 2016. Once comprised of a much larger group of international hackers including Anon Ghost, Ghost Squad Hackers, E-Security Team, Caliphate CyberArmy, Sons Caliphate Army and many others, the group has traditionally had a mixed reputation amongst the digital underground or individual hacking circles around the web.

I say this because the group largely splintered and broke apart from one another over allegiances to the Islamic State and terrorism, which was largely supported by some members of the Caliphate whilst others were simultaneous fighting to destroy them/it. Ironically, whats particularly interesting about the alleged rise or return of the UCC in 2019 is that, once again, there appears to be two different factions fighting over control of the group and its official title – one side fighting for terrorism and the another against. As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more things basically say the same.

For example, already this month in the United Kingdom and the Washington Post in the United States have both covered new reports featuring the UCC – hinting at the groups possible return to the hacking scene this year. Even the international Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) is coming out with new warnings about the group, going as far as to post a newly received message from the Munashir Cyber Section of the new UCC reading “MESSAGE TO KUFFAR IN THE WORLD. You were the first to fight us so we will soon fight. Fight you from all fronts and we will fight you, with cyber attacks and real attacks, remember this O Salibris!! There is no safe place. The whole world is threatened. Wait and we are waiting. Soon.

Comprising information from a number of various international sources, allegedly, the 2019 version of the United Cyber Caliphate comprises of the following factions/groups: Islamic Intelligence, Caliphate Cyber Army, Ghost Caliphate Section, SONS Caliphate Army, Anon Terror, Fighter Muslim Cyber Caliphate, Team System DZ and Anshar Caliphate Army. The groups is now also flying operations under a new “flag,” a bouillabaisse of all the aforementioned groups logo’s put together into one…

UCC Logo 2019:

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Before I continue, what makes me qualified to cover this article here today? Well, I am glad you asked! Not only was I heavily entrenched in #OpISIS throughout the course of 2015 and 2016, but I am also the founder of the Anonymous Intelligence Agency (AIA) – an intelligence gathering organization formed to pick up the slack and take on tips after Ghost Security Group sold out to the FBI to make their millions. I was also to original publisher of the doxx of the UCC in July 2016 and have had regular contact with several of the groups former and current members over the years.

Learn More – Anonymous Intelligence Agency:

With that established, before writing this article here today I had been doing some research into these matters dating back to November 2018,  after publishing the identities of ISIS members in Yemen for S1ege of Ghost Squad Hackers. What I have discovered since this time is that dating back to Donald Trumps declaration of victory over the Islamic State at the tail end of 2018, Islamic State propaganda, chatter and online activity has once again started exploding as we’ve entered into 2019. I am also certain that this is no coincidence, and knowing full well that all US Government agencies hunting/tracking ISIS’s online presence would be shutdown also didn’t help matters. For example, Trump declared victory over ISIS on the 19th, then the Government was shutdown on the 22nd, and by mid-January 2019 reports about ISIS related terror activity spreading online had began circulating all around the world – such as was documented in the stories provided above.

Before moving forward, in 2015 Anonymous hackers launched something known as “Operation Ice ISIS” (#OpISIS) – going as far as to publicly delete hundreds of thousands Islamic State Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, YouTube pages and websites offline, ultimately forcing the group and many of its core members off the ClearNet and onto more encrypted/private lines of communications. I bring this up because as I was going about investigating ISIS accounts and terror related activity at the time, I remember coming across thousands upon thousands of ISIS web pages, accounts and online profiles that hadn’t been used in years – seemingly abandoned dating as far back as 2012 and 2013. At the time I guess I just assumed that their creators had either been killed in the War or deserted the profiles entirely, and therefore didn’t register them as “active threats” – instead choosing to only focus on reporting/closing more active accounts and users.

Learn More – #OpISIS 2015/2016:

Tying this back into events currently unfolding in the here and now, intelligence researchers around the world have begun discovering that ISIS members are once again jumping back online, using many of the old terror accounts created/abandoned and left ignored by international authorities years ago. Not only this, but ISIS hackers have also begun hacking old accounts belonging to random Twitter users whom haven’t used there accounts in years, some dating as far back as 2009, simply to use the accounts to Anonymously spread propaganda and/or recruit new members online. However, it remains unknown if these tactics are merely opportunistic or designed as part of a much larger, long term online strategy for the terror group.

Regardless, as was first reported by TechCrunch on January 2nd 2019, “Hackers are using a decade-old flaw to target and hijack dormant Twitter  accounts to spread terrorist propaganda.” Explaining how “the recent resurgence in hijacked accounts appears to be hackers exploiting Twitter’s legacy lack of email confirmation,” allowing for “many older Twitter accounts to be easily hijacked by creating the email address used to initially register the Twitter account.

Outside of that, more in depth research into the matter has revealed that some of ISIS’s most elite or core members have primarily shifted all of their communications over to a peer-to-peer networking system/application known as ZeroNet, which essentially allows users to create web pages as if they existed on the “DarkNet,” but which are actually hosted on the “ClearNet.” Researching the design a little further, ZeroNet works by assigning the location of a web page with a unique “Bitcoin Address,” rather an a custom “URL Address” – something typically/historically standard on the ClearNet. This is done to assure that only the people who know the proper sequence of letters, numbers and symbols contained within the Bitcoin address will ever be able to find or access the website. In other words, to paraphrase Pirates of The Caribbean, it is essentially a website which can not be found except for those whom already know where it is 😉.

The application itself is also built in Python, something incredibly unique for a website or web hosting client, further allowing users to route all of their activity through Tor network relays to obscure their activity and identities.

In a private message, a former/founding member of the UCC dating back to 2015 and one of many parties currently attempting to re-establish the group headed into 2019 told Rogue Media Labs that “the UCC is making a return.” Explaining that “some of tour members support ISIS, but most of us do not. We do not work for or with ISIS directly.” They explain how it is their mission to defend Muslim communities around the world and empower them to fight back against Zionism and retaliate for open displays of Xenophobia. However, they want to make it crystal clear that they “do not support terrorism.” Another hacker once loosely affiliated with the UCC and some of its former members also told  Rogue Media Labs that many of the modern partners attempting to re-establish the UCC are “all just skids.” Adding that any of its members whom actually possessed any real skills were all doxxed by Ghost Squad Hackers back in 2016 – the same event ultimately leading to the groups demise.

It is also important to distinguish that there are two entirely separate groups of people fighting for the naming rights belonging to the United Cyber Caliphate in 2019, and the groups listed by the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) only tell half the story. The other groups fighting for control of the group are not related to or with these people, instead comprising of various independent Muslim hackers once affiliated with other groups – though primarily AnonGhost. Consequentially enough, they are  far less extremist than the groups published by TRAC and there are far less of them, though its suspected that they are much more skilled.

For the time being, the “Anonymous Intelligence Agency” is continuing to monitor the situation, and in light of the recent surge in UCC and Islamic State activity across the web has officially decided to re-open our international tip line. If anyone reading this article comes across or knows anyone whom has or will come across any suspicious or terror related activity online, please submit any/all information via the email address provided below. The emails will be forwarded to a secure location, obscuring the source/end destination, ensuring that all sources remain anonymous.

Submit Tips/Information: Tips@AnonIntell.Org

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