International Internet Censorship Care Package

For those of you who might be unaware, last month Egyptian voters allegedly passed new Constitutional Amendments that will allow Egyptian President Adbel Fattah al-Sisi to remain in power, unchecked, until at least 2030 – when the next round of national elections will take place. However, what has largely gone under reported is the fact that those same constitutional amendments also allow al-Sisi to block Egyptian based Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) from allowing access to over 34,000 websites – adding to countless other cyber/internet crackdowns enacted by the President over recent years.

Learn More – NetBlock Report of Egyptian Internet Censorship May 2019:

In response to these new amendments, and in addition to several other crackdowns against internet freedoms and freedoms of the press/information in and around Egypt, I’ve decided to release an internet based “Care Package” to the people of Egypt to better help them learn how to circumvent internet restrictions imposed by their President. Please share.

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