AnonOps – CyberGuerrilla Announce Joint Data Leak Effecting FBI, CIA, DGSE & MI6

In support of Julian Assanges ongoing legal battle and the spirit in which Wikileaks was founded, researchers working for AnonOps and CyberGuerrilla announced a major leak this morning, implicating major intelligence agencies worldwide. More specifically, the leaks effects the Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation in the US, as well as MI6 in England and the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE) in France. Perhaps most importantly of all, hackers labeled it “Leak 1,” perhaps indicating that this will be part of a much larger campaign with more leaks to come throughout the future.

For now, in the leak provided below, you can find:

  • The contact information of thousands of FBI officials, agents and contractors, including full names, titles, phone numbers and emails.
  • The URL addresses of every major FBI field office across the US, along with each websites IP Address.
  • The location of subdomains, and their IP Addresses, of various CIA and DGSE offices/branches.
  • The personal information of hundreds of French Police officers, including their telephone number, email address, full names and title/rank.

Full Leak (DarkNet): http://3x2h22xxjfjr3ifs.onion/?27e12f36aca6429a#KVqFZMj4nOBG6U2du6/9CifTfM/yUyCBJYuiRhTRwBQ=
Full Leak (ClearNet):

Attached to todays leak, hackers left the following message:

Citizens of the world, you have little time to ACT for your future and freedom. Governments around the world are submitting new laws that threaten to suspend human rights forever. Intelligence agencies are threatening to arrest activists, freedom fighters, peace organizers, hackers and hacktivists all around the world within the next year.

To all activists working for freedom and peace, all hackers who are on the side of internet freedom, all citizens whom do not want to be a slave to their Governments in the future:

Act against them and fight in support of Anonymous and the spirit of Wikileaks. They are threatening to destroy all freedom activists and peace defenders. We have to unite! Take action to free all Anons, to free all activists and to save Anonymous. To free Julian Assange, to save Wikileaks. To save Timothy Justen French, to save James E. Robinson, to free Jeremy Hammond, free Martin Gottesfeld and Matt Dehart.

Save freedom activists for peace and the name of our collective futures.

We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Always expect us.

Dropping The Metaphorical M.O.A.B. – Blowing Up the US’s Long Term Vision/Strategy for Afghanistan

Before I get into the reason why I am writing this article here today, you have to understand the current situation and state of affairs leading up to this moment in time. In 2001 the United States of America invaded Afghanistan in retaliation for the terror attacks of September 11th, as well as to combat Osama Bin Lad and remove the Taliban’s influence from political power in the country. Those were the so called “Primary Objectives” of the War effort in the first place – at least publicly.

I say this because upon landing in the country for the first time in November 2001, the first thing that then Brigadier General and now US Secretary of Defense James Mattis said upon stepping off his helicopter and onto Afghan soil was “the United States now officially owns a piece of Afghanistan” – something that Mattis was later forced to apologize for in front of Congress years after the fact. I bring this up because, in terms of the “Bigger Picture,” you need to start thinking in terms of geography and how this relates to military strategy. For example, do you notice how Iran is sandwiched on either side by Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you think it was any coincidence that within a two year time period the US invaded and establish permanent military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Image result for middle east

While Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein may have been convenient excuses to originally invade these countries, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were also extremely “tactical” in terms of long term War strategy. For many decades running now, Iran has been one of the United States and Israel’s single larges threats. 17 years after the invasions of 2001, the US has now cemented permanent military presences lining/flanking Iran’s Eastern and Western borders – we have them surrounded. Especially considering that the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still ongoing with no foreseeable end in sight, this is why I have always maintained that Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the Taliban were never truly the US’s primary objectives in the first place, they were merely excuses/opportunities.

If you want any more proof of this, look no further than the current state of affairs inside Afghanistan. Despite the US military spending 10x more than any other country on Earth annually, the Taliban has only increased territory, funding and revenue since 2001. By now, it is well known fact that Afghanistan produces over 93% of the worlds opium poppy harvest. However, did you know that according to the Afghan Ministry of Counter Nacrotics, in 2017 the Taliban now controls 271% more farmland than they did in 2002? How about the fact that, according to the Russian Federal Drug Control Center, as of 2016 the Taliban had started making over $1 billion dollars annually from the sale of heroine to ISIS alone? How about the fact that, according to the United Nations Security Council, as of 2017 the Taliban was making upwards of $50 billion from the sale of heroine across Europe? Did I mention that according to the US Center for Disease Control heroine related deaths in the United States have spiked over 600% since 2001?

Honestly, if the Taliban truly were the US’s primary objective for this War, do you really think any of this would be happening?

With that established, lets start breaking down the history of US military involvement inside Afghanistan – shall we? While it can never be entirely proved or refuted, what we do know is that the United States Government, mainly the Central Intelligence Agency, did support/fund Osama Bin Laden back in the day – throughout the late 1970’s and into the 80’s. This was also done to counter-act Soviet involvement/influence in the country throughout the course of the Cold War. While Bin Laden may not have ever ‘been on the CIA payroll,‘ the US did fund him for quite a long time, nearly identical in nature to what the CIA did under President Barack Obama with the Syrian rebels throughout the course of his Presidency.

If you need any more proof of this, look no further than Donald Trumps decision to drop the “Mother of All Bombs” inside Afghanistan on April 13th 2017. Ask yourself, why do you think he decided to drop the bomb at that strategic location, essentially in the middle of nowhere? Any guess?……

Moving onto to 2018, Donald Trump is on public record as stating that he has no intentions of ending the War in Afghanistan any time soon. In fact, Trump has only committed thousands of more troops into the country since first taking office in 2016, with threats to add up to 4,000 more in the future. Perhaps more importantly, Trump has also stated that US soldiers need to experience a “victory” in Afghanistan before we retreat or withdraw, as to “justify” or “honor” all of the lives lost in the conflict over the years – admitting defeat in this War is not an option for this President. Somewhat similarly, did you know that the same month President Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 he committed +30,000 troops into Afghanistan? #FunFactofTheDay #Irony

With that established, lets take a look at the current state of affairs inside Afghanistan and the effects decades of War has had on the civilians living in the country. Despite 15 years of War at that point, 2016 saw the highest amount of civilian causalities inside Afghanistan than in any year prior. While the figures did decline, 2017 still saw the second highest rate of civilian causalities of any year since 2001. Quite literally, the longer the US has stayed involved in this conflict, the worse things have gotten and the more people continue to die. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what a successful War strategy should look like? Welcome to the “Quagmire.

Ending with the reason why I decided to write this article here today, perhaps most troubling of all, on December 5th 2018, following the success of the Afghanistan Peace Conference in Moscow last month, news officially broke that the Government of Afghanistan had officially sent an offer to Taliban leaders, inviting them to the negotiating table to begin editing/drafting a new Constitution governing the country headed into the future. In statements to RIA Novisti, according to Ehsan Taheri, spokesman for Afghanistan’s High Peace Council,the talks in Moscow marked the first time the Taliban has publicly appeared in the international arena since they were removed from power in Afghanistan following the US-led invasion in 2001. The meeting, brokered by Russian diplomats, helped pave the way for a future dialogue between Kabul and the Taliban,” Taheri said. Adding that there will be “no preconditions” for Taliban’s input in the negotiations when the time comes.

Considering that the Taliban was in control of 70-75% of Afghanistan at the time of the US invasion of 2001, and that Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qeada then joined forces with the Taliban to fight the US influence shortly thereafter, and the three sides have been at War with one another ever since, for obvious reasons, it is extremely troubling to now see the Afghanistan Government, which the United States helped put in place, reaching out the Taliban to begin negotiating an alliance/partnership headed into the future. Tens of thousands of deaths later, with millions more displaced displaced by the violence and trillions of dollars spent, 17 years into the conflict now, we are essentially right back where we started on day 1. So, what the hell is the US even still doing Afghanistan and what exactly is their path to so-called victory there?

Unfortunately, the US never set out to “win” this War in the first place, which is why we continue to fight a “War of Attrition” on through today. The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were nothing more than strategic/tactical planning as part of a much broader, long-term War strategy/initiative for the Middle East – gaining control of critical assets and infrastructure, including oil fields, lithium mines and natural gas reserve’s, whilst simultaneously setting up permanent military bases flanking Iran’s Eastern and Western borders. In doing so, also cutting of Russian influence inside the region. Tragically, the humanitarian disaster and conditions as they have existed inside Afghanistan and Iraq since the end of 2001 are merely just “Collateral Damage” in the implementation of this strategy.

That’s only a small part of whats ‘in my head‘ as I sit here today…..

Columbia University Files FOIA Lawsuit Against US Government Over Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder

According to a press release from the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, researchers are filing a joint Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Lawsuit against the the US Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Department of Justice, Office of The Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and US Department of State. They are essentially seeking the immediate release of any and all records pertaining to Jamal Khasgoggi, in order to determine if the US intelligence community derelicted their duty to inform Khashoggi of the risks he faced entering into the Saudi consulate before his murder.

Columbia University is attempting to argue that the US intelligence community and/or different agencies affiliated with the US Government had a “duty to warn Khashoggi what he was up against, as well as any threats to his life, liberty or persons. According to their release, “U.S. intelligence agencies are obligated to inform potential victims of a kidnapping or murder if the agencies become aware of such a threat in the course of collecting or acquiring intelligence. Prior to Khashoggi’s murder U.S. intelligence reportedly intercepted communications in which Saudi agents discussed plans to kidnap him and forcibly return him to Saudi Arabia.

As fate would have it though, as the entire world is now aware, on October 2nd 2018, a team dispatched by the Saudi government assassinated Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Moreover, according to the CIA’s own analysis, it is now believed that the assassins acted at the behalf of none other than Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself.

As Columbia University argues in the complaint provided below, “under Intelligence Community Directive 191, when an Intelligence agency aquires information indicating an impending threat of intentional killing, serious bodily injury, or kidnapping directed at a person, it must warn the intended victim or those responsible for protecting the intended victim as appropriate.” Therefore, “the US Government must explain what it knew of the threats to Khasgoggi before his killing, and what, if anything, it did to warn him of the threat.

The Knight Institute’s lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on November 18th 2018, seeking the following records:

1.) All procedures or guidance for determining whether to warn, or for delivering a warning to, an intended victim or those responsible for protecting the intended victim, pursuant to Directive 191;5
2.) All records concerning the duty to warn under Directive 191 as it relates to Jamal Khashoggi, including any records relating to
duty to warn actions taken with respect to him.
3.) All records concerning any “issue aris[ing] among IC elements” regarding a determination to warn Jamal Khashoggi or waive the duty to warn requirement, or regarding the method for communicating threat information to him. See Directive 191, § G.1.

Full Complaint Filed in D.C:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

Wikileaks Vault 7 Source Releases Letter from Prison, Gets Two Additional Charges

Joshua Adam Schulte, whom is currently in Federal prison facing charges of unauthorized disclosure of classified information and other offenses relating to the theft of classified material from the Central Intelligence Agency, has just released a letter from prison accusing the New York State prison system of un-Constitutional behavior and inhumane living conditions. Among the allegations, Shulte accuses the prison guards of regularly carrying out assault, says that prison cages are regularly sprayed with cold water, that he has been forced to endure freezing cold temperatures without blankets or adequate clothing, has been forced into solitary confinement without charge/explanation and denied the right to make contact or visit with his attorney.

Interestingly enough, approximately two days after his letter was drafted/released to the public, on October 31st 2018, the US Justice Department announced it would be adding two additional charges to Shulte’s case, charging him with “additional violation of 18 U.S.C. § 793(e), based on his unlawful transmission and attempted transmission of classified national defense information from the MCC, and (ii) Count Eleven charges the defendant with a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 401(3), based on his contempt of the Protective Order. In light ofthe new charges, and for the additional reasons set forth in the Government’s ex parte, classified submission.

According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, whilst incarcerated, Shulte was found to have been in possession of multiple cellphones, including one which was “significantly encrypted,” as well as 13 social media apps/accounts and an encrypted email account. Using these accounts, apps and tools, the FBI claims that Shulte “Clandestinly” contacted/colluded from prison with sources on the outside to further leak more classified information.

DOJ’s Motion for New Charges Can Be Found Here:

Joshua Shulte’s Letter Leaked from Prison:

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D